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  1. Jeneki, We have had all our dice chi-squared tested for fairness in rolling. In fact our D14 and D16 are currently being used by Goodman Games as part of their official RPG set for Dungeon Crawl Classics. Tom @ Impact!
  2. Thanks Orlando for the thread! We've talked to a lot of backers and we've found so far that the points system works the best to allow everyone to get exactly what they want without wasting any money on a reward level that has minis they really do not need. And yeah ... we've finetuned it now to be basically 1 for 1 with free points added in as the pledge levels increase. It also allows us to easily give out free miniatures as stretch goals because we can just add on more points to a reward level. As a system we have found it pretty easy.
  3. Son is home from the hospital today. Still very sick and will need to go back 3 days a week to the hospital for follow-up treatments for 4 to 5 weeks ... but he is home and that is a step in the right direction. Finally taking a breath. So let's try and get the rest of these 165 rewards out the door. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and/or prayers.
  4. Thanks for all the positive thoughts ... they are truly appreciated. Son was moved into intensive care facility as of today so we went from bad to worse. Definitely trying to focus on shipping as much as possible to get that weight off my shoulders but only doing so when I'm home. Been spending 5 to 7 hours a day at hospital with him.
  5. Thanks Orlando ... if we can get past crisis point ... I'll start breathing again. They are telling me if he recovers it will still be 6 to 8 weeks before they expect him to be fully beyond the risk of losing him. So I'm getting through everything as quickly as I can with all things considered.
  6. I'm down to 165 left to ship. I'm trying to get through them as quickly as I can. My son has been in the hospital since Wednesday and last night we almost lost him. So I've been out with him a lot lately. But I'm doing what I can when I'm home to keep the rewards going when I'm home and awake.
  7. @Talae ... I love the aged metal finish you are creating on the Clockwork Pony ... very cool!
  8. I am constantly working to improve the molding and castings of the Chibi line. We've really been working with this line of Pony Chibi to try to avoid the issues of the past. If you get a figure that you think is damaged ... let me know and I'll do my best to make sure you are happy with ordering from us. As for priming the figures. All the painted images we show were primed using Krylon Automotive Primer white. We've found that works really well as a primer. We have found that most brush on primers are more difficult to use. @Kangaroorex ... if your experience with our minis so far is the Dragons and the original Pony/Unicorn ... that was our first generation Chibi ... we have really tried to learn a lot since them (including redoing several of those molds). I hope when you get your Pony KS chibi you'll see we've made strides to really improve the miniatures line.
  9. Sorry if the stretch goal list was confusing. That is definitely not the order they will unlock in. Each stretch goal the backers vote on which mold should unlock. Whatever wins is what unlocks. So if the Horrors were the most desired mold ... that would be the one that unlocked first. The list is actually in order by the mold numbers that the original Heartbreaker Earthdawn figures used.
  10. If you did another Chibi kickstarter, I'd be more than a little interested. February is the next scheduled Chibi KS project that we have in the que.
  11. Understood Beagle ... but I've found some people really like the old school look. Also when I was approached by Kevin Bledsoe and asked if I could help him do something with the ZN Games assets from his son ... I promised to do my best to get it all back available to the public. I like doing the new stuff ... but I will admit some of these older figures have a lot of appeal to me.
  12. Ran the numbers as tight as possible. For an extra $15 with your pledge the game will come with one of each of the 10 Airships.
  13. Hi Serpine, I only used 3 of the Airship models for three reasons. 1) Those 3 ships are one piece models and are 3 different sizes which makes it easier for the player and the opponent to tell which figure is a gunship, warship or commandships 2) Reason 2 is a subset of reason 1. By being one piece those ships are less money per a piece to cast compared to the other models of those sizes which allows me to get 20 models with flight stands in the boxed set with a playing mat and tokens for only $50. 3) The shapes on those ships worked best with the size of the board we planned on using compared to the other 7. However ... I do see your point. I figure out an upgrade price for the game so that you could have the Airship side come with one of each Airship model instead of the current mix and then it would be up to the buyer to paint the bases or the ships so that it was clear which of the 3 types each was. I'll post that in an update as an optional upgrade to the boxed set. Tom @ Impact!
  14. I also had a request for a line up of the Airships. So I put them in order by part number. Smallest ship in 27mm long and the largest is 51mm long.
  15. Here you go Sirithiliel. House is a separate piece. 40mm long x 30mm wide x 27mm tall (with house)
  16. I'll work on getting an image for you Sirithiliel. It is a fun figure. It was designed to work with a 6mm scale game but it was made so huge in that scale that it would still work with 28mm game.
  17. It's not so much the material but all the situations surrounding other KSers I've back that use it I know they've delivered yours on time but all others have been delayed because they're delivering yours instead of the others they promised. It's not anything that Impact is accountable for but Trollforge themselves. I won't back another project using their product until they deliver the others I've backed. Hey MonkeySloth, Honestly interested in trying to help you. As far as I knew from talking to Ed ... I didn't think he was behind on any KS other than his own which was more about him trying to get the sculpting done than a casting delay. If you want ... let me know what projects you need to get your stuff for and I will personally check on it for you. This current KickStarter project we have is about me wanting to make sure the memory of a great member of the miniature gaming community is carried forward and I'd like to see nothing mess with that if possible. So feel free to message me and I will see what I can do to assist you and see if we can fix your problem. Tom @ Impact!
  18. MonkeySloth, Fixed that ... sorry for the error. Apologies that you dislike Trollcast so much. We've found it a great material to work with and have been able to send out 4 different KickStarter successfully using it with really great feedback on the quality of the castings. Tom @ Impact!
  19. Project is now live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/zn-games-fantasy-miniatures-and-steampunk-airships
  20. Was able to post an image showing scale for all the figures. The Horned Barbarian with the axe that you see repeating in the image is 28mm to his eyes so he was a good guidepost to 28mm scale. http://www.impactminiatures.com/Temp/ZNGames_ScaleChart.jpg
  21. I need to get the pictures of the Trolls up. Really different. One has a chainsaw and a shotgun ... not really standard Troll equipment.
  22. Thanks for posting Orlando. Points will work the same as the last KS we ran. $1 = 1 point at the lowest reward levels. From there you get extra points with each pledge level up to getting 290 points at the $250 pledge level. Every $10,000 stretch goal reach adds free points to most of the reward levels. Working on getting images for the 11 I'm missing from the above chart. And Dan ... you probably do have the Enlightened Ranger from way back. The figure was originally released in 1994 by Heartbreaker. Chris Bledsoe worked in a key role at Heartbreaker and was given the rights to bring the Heartbreaker line back as part of his ZN Games line. Tom @ Impact!
  23. Final 2 days and we've unlocked a lot of extra sculpts so far. We appreciate all the support. The KickStarter analytics say that this forum was a good source of backers for our project and we thank the Reaper Community very much for that assistance. Here is a quick summary of the extra miniature unlocked since we started (and we also unlocked extra free points for many of the reward levels) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/chibi-pony-adventurers-miniatures Thank you again for your support and feedback! Tom @ Impact!
  24. Happy to have your join the KS smokingwreckage! To address your concerns: Fragility is less a concern now ... Ed improved the formula to have more flexibility in the new figures we are casting. However we've never had anyone reporting fragility issues with the Ponies and Unicorns we previously created even with the old Trollcast formula. As for fullfillment. That is not an issue with us and Trollcast. We shipped out last 4 KickStarters using Trollcast (Asian Chibi, Gaslight Chibi and Urban Achievers) one to two months ahead of schedule or on time (Ogre Fantasy Football). So whatever issues you've heard about Trollcast fulfillment ... they don't apply to our KickStarters. Ed at Troll Forged has been awesome to work with for us. Tom @ Impact!
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