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  1. Wagon Pony comes in 9 pieces. Pieces are: Wagon Cart 4 Wheels 2 Pull Ropes Wagon Pony Wagon Pony tail
  2. Cannot promise it will be your exact Sea Pony concept. But some type of Sea Pony is definitely in the strong running for Goal #5.
  3. We are definitely considering the Sea Pony as a strong contender for Stretch Goal #5 so definitely thanks for that input. Hmmm a Lance accessory for the Paladin/Knight Pony. Let me talk to Chris and see what we can do. The problem is that the cost of making a Lance is pretty much the same as making an entirely new Pony (less the concept art) so I'm not sure we can do it ... but I will definitely consider it. Based on the feedback if we do a Ranger ... we are considering putting the bow and arrow as a glue on piece and possibly adding on a sword option. In Ponyfinder, Rangers need to get advanced or be Unicorns to magically have the extra hands to use a Bow so for the people getting the figure for Ponyfinder ... a sword is a better option so we might try to make it more flexible for use. Great ideas on this thread ... thank you so much everyone! Tom @ Impact!
  4. odinsgrandson ... that is a very scary (yet delightfully wonderful) conversion.
  5. Old thread I know. But I wanted to thank Jordan Peacock for giving us permission to use several of his conversions as concept for our current Chibi Pony KickStarter. Thank you Jordan!
  6. 1) Great to have you on board Thes! 2) We sponsored another 4 rounds this year of Gen Con so if you compete ... good luck! 3) Thank you 4) Thank you again. We are getting there ever so slowly. This is the first year that so far I've not needed to pull money out of my IRA retirement savings from my previous job to pay the bills at some point during the year, If Gen Con is good ... that will make this the first year we finally were large enough to pay the bills ... which will be a very good feeling. After this KickStarter ... we received the licenses we needed to bring back almost 300 Heartbreaker and ZN Games fantasy miniatures into production ... so looking forward to tackling that project after the Chibi Ponies.
  7. @Redambrosia: Could you just convert the Saddle Pony to add on some bags to it? Trying to decide what you are picturing in your mind for Pack Pony.
  8. Thanks everyone! 50% funding on Day 1 is a great way to start.
  9. I missed the divide in the hooves on the art ... apologies ... was focused on the art above the hooves. I'll mention to Lorraine if we have more art needed for stretch goals about the divide. The sculptor has not been sculpting it in so not an issue so far. The Ponies are the most popular sellers at Adepticon and Gen Con so we wanted to try and make some more. No idea if the idea will be successful or not as a KickStarter. We are going to keep it small ... just 6 new sculpts and 2 new accessories to start with. We have 5 extra pieces of art already for stretch goals if we need them. Just waiting to finish shipping the Gaslight Chibi KS before this one starts which hopefully will be next week at some point.
  10. This mould is not yet finished to show that ... but here are figures right out of the mould from my previous KS.
  11. We had a company in the UK that wanted to use them with a game they were working on so we moved them to resin a while back. Able to get get two full teams now with nets for just $35. And I agree Mike did a great job sculpting those. And with a Wappel paint job on them ... I'm love pulling them out of the case when we do conventions. (As a footnote ... I think the UK based hockey game never panned out ... but it did cover the costs of getting the new mould made ... so a win for the consumers).
  12. That was the intent of the text. I have have dropped a lot of cash on KickStarters so if it works for them ... great ... and I do fully acknowledge that while the original product was a pre-order I'm quite sure ... all the freebies and unlocks are most definitely not.
  13. What it is is Cost. This set is less than 1/3rd the price of the metal set in our store. <edit: Orlando answered before I finished typing ... thanks Orlando> I can understand that for some this KickStarter is disagreeable. Trust me ... I rather have run the original KS I was working on where this was one piece of a larger zombie and zombie hunter miniatures game and these were the civilians to be protected in some of the pre-made scenarios. However at the last minute, the guy backed out convinced he could make it big on his own and I had already sent everything to the mold maker to have the resin mold made. So rather than pull everything back ... we decided to just go ahead and run the KS but with just our figures and only ask enough to cover the cost of making the resin mold and fullfilling the KickStarter. KickStarter guidelines allow for covering the cost of making a product in a less expensive material as being okay for their criteria for making something new. Impact! is still just a one man company ... no employees ... just me. And unfortunately while over the last 2 years ... it has become more profitable each year ... it still does not make enough to cover just my own living expenses. So ... every dollar counts and if the great backers on KickStarter are willing to cover the cost of the resin mold so that I can use that money to pay my mortgage in July ... I very much appreciate it. And its not even a pre-order system ... if we had not received the $200 ... I would have asked the mold maker to return the masters ... so it was very much a help us fund making a new product. I get that for some this does not count as a "new" product ... but for us it was. On a different topic ... scorpio616 asked about why the flame warning. Here is that story: One of our very first resin KickStarter projects had one of our backers receive his figures and then he and his daughter decided they wanted to bend an arm on they turned on their stove and put the figure directly into the stove flame to "soften" it for bending. Surprise occurred when the figure caught on fire after prolonged exposure to direct flame. This made him very unhappy and he wrote the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission and asked them to shut me down for selling unsafe materials without a warning. I talked to the CPSC about how any plastic/resin toy would do the exact same thing with prolonged exposure to open flame and they asked me to place a disclaimer on my website and KickStarters going forward and they would consider the matter fully dropped for the future and close the file. So I did and still do. Your cigarette will definitely not light the materials on fire. It is why I make a joke of it at the end that you really should never put any company's toys into fire.
  14. You are? Okay very sorry will get on those tomorrow ... many apologies for the delay. Was redoing several of the molds and must have missed my own notes that you had not yet shipped.
  15. That would be interesting. Yes we have 7 Treemen: Stumpy, Shredder, Dark Sphere, JBDemon, Mini Deadwood #1, Mini Deadwood #2 and the Chibi Treeman mix that with the 2 from Dark Sphere and you have a small forest. Once upon a time there used to be a Blood Bowl Treeman team. I playtested it for Games Workshop when they were revising 4th Edition. I almost scored a touchdown once. Team was 0-12 Treemen only and had a special rule that you could start with less than 11 players as part of your initial roster.
  16. Looking over all the add-on options now available you are covering *almost* everything I wanted subset wise (and I just set up my pledge accordingly). The only major area still missing from my theoretical list are the four "plants" among the line: Basically the two big treemen that come from the core halfling team and the two deadwood that come from the deadling deluxe team. Basically I don't need a pile of football playing hobbits at all (be they living or dead) but I always love to add unique tree / fungus figures to my miniature collection... Ah got it ... we sell the small trees in our online shop in pewter as Mini Deadwoods so if you just wanted the mini Treemen you could get them from our site in pewter. Like wise the two Trees with the Black Army are available separately on their site as well.
  17. Hi Arkady, At this point ... I've pretty much set up all our Sideline stuff up as options for Add-ons ... or as complete separate sets (like our Women of Impact! sets of Cheerleaders). Both the Reptiliad and Halfling add-on packs give a lot of sideline extras and for the Ratmen and the Vampire teams ... I just included some of the Sideline figures directly in with the basic team. I'm always open to ideas though. And Serpine ... if there as a specific subset you like ... let me know and I'll see if I have any options to get you what you are interested in.
  18. We have delivered our last two miniatures KickStarters Asian Chibi and Ogre Fantasy Football on time or ahead of schedule and used Trollcast for both. So whatever reluctance this gives you ... I assure you they do not apply to date for our KickStarters.
  19. Redambrosia ... I look forward to help you with that order some day. Last day for this KickStarter. We are now up to 42 new figures not offered on KickStarter before. Come by and check us out on the final day! http://kck.st/1mi3bzP
  20. Thanks Inner Geek! @Godfather Punk ... international shipping is USPS. To date ... I've never had a backer of any of our previous 14 KickStarter tell me that they had to pay customs on our packages. I also always say ... if you do pay customs for some reason on a KickStarter reward from us ... contact me and I'll fix it.
  21. Trollcast paints the same way as pewter. You just need to make sure you wash the figures with warm water and a drop of dishsoap before priming and let them dry. The mold release compound used by Trollforged can stay on the miniature and if not removed it can make it so the primer doesn't want to stick but a quick wash with a little dishsoap will completely remove it.
  22. Mo posted her unboxing of her order as well straight from the box without clean up... not a close as DaveC but a good focus on the image. http://goblinhall.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/ks2unbox1.jpg http://goblinhall.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/ks2unbox2.jpg Her blog is here. http://goblinhall.com/2014/03/21/impacts-2nd-asian-ks-asstd-pet-toy-store-finds/
  23. That's my fault. I offered the Judge Goblin mini from GoblinAid (which I won the eBay auction for) to Tom and he made it into a Chibi. And thank you because I really like Judge Chibi. (we also made a mould of the original Judge Goblin as well). And Wren ... normally our site if it phases out only stays that way for a few minutes. Looks like it is fine now when I check. IMHosted does a pretty good job of staying with their 99.7% uptime on sites they host. But thank you for the heads up.
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