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  1. Painted this guy up cause I need the practice... I haven't painted a character mini (anything other than scenery and CAVs) since 1-2-05. I'm rusty as hell... What do you guys think of him? *NOTE* He's got a weird smirk on his face, and I painted a goatee on... the left side of his bottom lip disappeared in the photo... cause it's not there in the mini.
  2. I forgot the blacklining!! I knew I was missing something. BTW, Anyone know what the legs under the Rhino came from? It came out of the blister with those legs and I didn't bother getting a different set.
  3. With these and the Khan I posted the other day I'm only one CAV short of 2 sections. I also painted 2 scout cars and 4 tanks, but I haven't based them yet. Here we go!!! Cool... It played Jumble with my pics.
  4. Painted up my first CAV today... I'm going for a high-desert type camo here, my little pirate faction probably lives somewhere crappy, so their CAVs should look crappy too. :) What do you guys think?
  5. I primered it black, then drybrushed it white. Followed that up with propaints walnut (thin coats on all), shield brown, and griffon tan, did a pro-paint wood shade inking, and then did a very light drybrush of buckskin, IIRC. here's a better pic with some guys for scale reference.
  6. I was Qwyk, by "The Man" himself... Ed Pugh. btw, how you been qwyk? I don't know if the Anytown Badasses are gonna be eligible for the leauge this year, there's been alot of rowdy behavior in the fieldhouse...
  7. Appearantly your blessing worked there Qwyk... got through the first time.
  8. I've been doing a bunch of paintjobs for The Fiend Foundry. What do you guys think? Hmm, seems the lighting flattened my shading out some.
  9. Just curious, I have a question about licensing (sorta). But isn't Gen-Con on this week?
  10. SIGIL, I sent you another email to the new address... did you get it?
  11. I love what you've done with the golem.
  12. SIGIL I'd like to talk to you about these miniatures, Please contact me off-board.
  13. Awesome work Eric, I really love the metallics. Good metallics are becoming rare as hen's teeth these days.
  14. as a matter of fact... I do. It's just not ready yet.
  15. By the way, and feedback would be appreciated.
  16. I've had these sitting around for a while, and finally got the time to paint 'em up, they're some of my favorite buildings. These were produced by Armorcast. I have been informed by the sculptor that the medieval buildings line has been picked up by another company, and will be put back into production soon.
  17. It's Bors!! He's a 9 week old brindle boxer. And he's a handfull. Anyway, back to testing out the new camera.
  18. I have used these in the past to make vast treasure hordes for terrain boards. I take one or two and make a mold with clay, then pump out plaster casts by the bucketfulls. Redhand, What you're suggesting is recasting, piracy of someone elses IP, copyright infringement, theft. Surely you're not condoning such activities. If you are, I'm sure there are quite a few people at Reaper, Ral Partha, Games Workshop, etc. who would be willing to give you a stern talking-to at the very least.
  19. Man Hex... You're awakenin' a hankerin' in me to play Deadlands... sumthin' fierce!!
  20. yes, hasslefree's latest chick challenge winner (or was it FU!UK) has awesome smooth hair. and it's good to see a reaper sculptor on the boards as often as you've been lately matt... *applauds*
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