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  1. Any chance anyone who has received their Sophie lives in Toronto? I'm used to my Paizo orders vanishing into some strange vortex at the border of the city, arriving a week after the rest of the country. I'm just wondering if this "Toronto black hole" is across the board.
  2. Hi there, I did a quick browse of the forum, and didn't see anyone asking this (but this being the internet and all, I'm surprised I'm the first one wondering aloud if my order has been messed up). So I got the email on December 4th that my metal Sophie was finally on its way to Canada. I know the history and this post isn't any complaining about that. My problem is that per the tracking link in the email, the package was "shipment accepted" on December 5th and then... it stopped. It hasn't done anything else since then. Is it really still sitting in a Texas mail depot? Is this normal for USPS First-Class Mail International? Should I be writing the Postmaster General of the US? Is it just that Canadian package tracking never works as well as it does for Americans and it'll show up on my doorstep 5 hours from now without the status ever changing? Can any Canadians confirm that their Sophie has arrived? If it matters, this is my link: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input?origTrackNum=LN371609892US Also, there's the small fact that I put an old postal code but my new address into the pledge manager. I only discovered this after I started to wonder what the hold up is (and corrected it immediately!). Will that Sophie now sit in Texas forever since they can't resolve the street address with the postal code?
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