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  1. mistergreenwood

    Cthulhu Wars: the Daemon Sultan - The Final Onslaught

    Well, I just saved some money due to the absence of a French version...
  2. mistergreenwood

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Got my stuff. That wivern is pretty awesome. I did not go for a lot this time, only à la carte items. Gauth is also very nice.
  3. mistergreenwood

    "Fantasy World Creator" a complete support for role players

    ok, can't seem to paste the widget or video thingy from Kickstarter :(
  4. mistergreenwood

    "Fantasy World Creator" a complete support for role players

    http://kck.st/2TAOleX Seems nice. First KS has been fulfilled recently.
  5. Anyone from Canada received their loot?
  6. mistergreenwood

    GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    Yes, Canada.
  7. mistergreenwood

    GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    Same here. Disappointed but refunded. Let us not speak of it again. Now to find a reasonable alternative.
  8. mistergreenwood

    GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    Same here. Three years in the making, and now it is a surprise. Let’s get this over with, I want my money back
  9. mistergreenwood

    Serious Poulp: 7th Continent

    True, but there is a savegame mechanism which is a big plus!
  10. mistergreenwood

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    I really hope we encounter a halforc adventuring party! T'is my only wish for Bones4
  11. mistergreenwood

    Gloomhaven (Second Printing)

    Just recieved my pledge manager. Pledged for 1$, I just postponed my decision. Now do I pick up the game or not... what to do, what to do...
  12. mistergreenwood

    Painter's Block

    Well, now it's my turn. Hit a painter's block 3 maybe 4 months ago, after a quasi-burnout at work which ended up with anxiety. Nice. The collateral damage, my painting project. I'm far from being very good, but I think my work was suitable for tabletop use. The quality of my painting is not the show stopper here, I want to get better, without any goals of competition. It's just for my personnal use. Anywho, maye 2 months ago, I tried to go back to painting, as I do once in a while ever since, but I keep turning back, overwhelmed, without a sense of purpose, lost, almost panicked. Quite annoying really. I want to paint, I want new heroes and baddies and big stompy robots on my table, but I...can't... I'm trying to go one step at a time, without thinking, just take a brush and do it, but I keep quitting... Help?
  13. mistergreenwood

    LTPK1 - first steps

    The paint might have encountered very cold temperatures, which can freeze it and create those flakes. Do you live up north?
  14. mistergreenwood

    "Isometric Gamibg Paper Rolls" by GamingPaper

    Them shipping rates to Canada though :(
  15. mistergreenwood

    Burnt Umber?

    Mine is like that too, I use it like a wash, otherwise it's too oily-like to use like a paint.