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  1. Well, I just saved some money due to the absence of a French version...
  2. Got my stuff. That wivern is pretty awesome. I did not go for a lot this time, only à la carte items. Gauth is also very nice.
  3. Same here. Disappointed but refunded. Let us not speak of it again. Now to find a reasonable alternative.
  4. Same here. Three years in the making, and now it is a surprise. Let’s get this over with, I want my money back
  5. True, but there is a savegame mechanism which is a big plus!
  6. I really hope we encounter a halforc adventuring party! T'is my only wish for Bones4
  7. Just recieved my pledge manager. Pledged for 1$, I just postponed my decision. Now do I pick up the game or not... what to do, what to do...
  8. Well, now it's my turn. Hit a painter's block 3 maybe 4 months ago, after a quasi-burnout at work which ended up with anxiety. Nice. The collateral damage, my painting project. I'm far from being very good, but I think my work was suitable for tabletop use. The quality of my painting is not the show stopper here, I want to get better, without any goals of competition. It's just for my personnal use. Anywho, maye 2 months ago, I tried to go back to painting, as I do once in a while ever since, but I keep turning back, overwhelmed, without a sense of purpose, lost, almost panicked. Q
  9. The paint might have encountered very cold temperatures, which can freeze it and create those flakes. Do you live up north?
  10. Mine is like that too, I use it like a wash, otherwise it's too oily-like to use like a paint.
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