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  1. Is this one still going to go ahead?
  2. Churros rellenos con cajetas...now THIS is good stuff..and not quite as messy as funnel cake.
  3. No worries, Arc. As sergeant, I got your back. ;) mwahaha
  4. Cool. Attack the nearest one melee with pick back up to allow ranged attacks (if any) after that, close to melee again break combat if HP reaches 2
  5. I don't mind being a sergeant...but would rather not be the lieutenant. Also, since we have walked into a company of guards, are their drawn blades considered their held action, or do we post our action priorities now even though they have initiatitve? Also, can we post held-actions as priorities (example "Melee with attacker #4 unless our archer is readying to shoot attacker #4"?
  6. Last posts from Red indicates she's working on her sheet..but if I am not mistaken, Fishnjeeps only posted in the first page of the topic about being very interested and wanting in. Unless you've been communicating with them in email or PM, it might not be a bad idea to send them another reminder. I just reeeally want this game to actually happen.
  7. Whose character sheets are we still waiting for?
  8. Might want to give that invitation one more week or so. I suspect many of the usual forum RPG folks are preparing for Reapercon this coming weekend at the moment.
  9. You got my character sheet, right? I sent it last week but wanted to be sure.
  10. Bummer. :( Seemed like it would've been a fun one.
  11. Chara makes a second attack, all the while trying to determine if the presence of fire is even affecting the rats' willingness to attack her. Attack: 12 Damage: 4 Body Guard attacks as well. Attack: 5 Damage: (as if)...4
  12. There's an orcish word for frou-frou, you know. It's "elf" :D :D :D /internal Wonder-Years-esquel monlogue/ I contemplated those words for a moment, laughed internally at their cleverness, and then began to consider the sound arse-kicking that would most likely be dealt forthwith by this obviously stronger orc!-girl. And as if having ones arse kicked was not already bad enough, she was wearing a very dangerous-looking pair of glass slippers and at no time did it occur to me to purchase a Potion of Cure Kicked Arse.
  13. Could make for an interesting anecdote if Redambrosia accidentally mixed up the file for character history and the file for the resume. Chances are though that it would be the most interesting thing to come across the human resource desk in a long dang time.
  14. I'm working on my character sheet now. It's been a while since I've played anything but "lite" D&D such as S&W so I'm having to sort of re-learn a few things, but it's slowly coming back to me. Do you need us to send you our char-sheets privately when they're finished? Also, are there any special instructions on the rolling of initial hit-points? Finally, I have finished the questionnaire. Name: Gaddur Dialogue colour: Dark Orange 1. Name something your character does not want to lose. small stone amulet given me at birth. It is very rare and is strangely attracted to iron. 2. Name something your character would die for. ..for kin, tribe and homeland, but mostly for the smallest or most helpless. 3. Name something your character would kill for. Food..survival..or because of duty..but not just for sport. 4. What is your character's favorite color? Orange, the colour of the snowy-capped ancestral hills at dawn or sunset 5. What is your character's favorite food? bread...the sort of soft sweetish bread that only humans ever seem to have 6. What is your character's most important current goal? To one day live in a place where there is no need of warfare..one world, united under orcish rule 7. Who is your character's best friend? Klar...because she seems to know everything about everything 8. What is the secret your character does not want others to discover? Nobody seems to know for certain if I am male or female..and I aim to keep it that way. 9. Describe your character's perfect mate. Tall, dark-skinned, symmetrical features, a good cook, able to read, and isn't afraid of dangerous sport or fire. 10. How can I hurt your character? I have this nightmare fear of one day having both hands cut off or broken and no longer being fit to be a warrior, smith, scribe, or much of anything. 11. How will your character die? It will be fiery....very fiery. Klar says it is only a matter of when, where and how much.
  15. I read both books a few years ago and am totally intrigued. I'll have a look at the game system info tomorrow. (Kinda had to double-take when my eyes saw "Orcs (BESM) but my mind saw "Orcs (BDSM)" ;) I was half tempted to call you out on bait-and-switch. :D
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