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  1. Hey! Look! I'm INVISIBLE

  2. Hey! Look! I'm INVISIBLE

  3. ..new and improved with MORE orky cuteness

  4. *tags*

    YOU'RE IT!


  5. *tags*

    YOU'RE IT!

  6. If you die, can we split up your stuff?

  7. Hiya! You are now officially part of my fiend list..mwahahaha!

  8. Q- What did the fish say when he swam headfirst into a rock wall?

    A- "DAM!"


  9. *TAG*

    YOU'RE IT!

  10. MWAHAHA! The jig is up. Now EVERYBODY knows you have at least ONE friend. Have a hug..and ten-thousand punchesintheface!

  11. U R teh RoXoRz dOOd! >:P LOLOL!!!111

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