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  1. Chara is unusually silent after visiting the keep and dungeon of Rufus and Burne. After meeting the two, she finds she has many awkward questions in her head to ask once leaving the renowned duo's lair, but Elmo seems not to be very likely to know the answers. She walks silently on back to the inn hoping to find her friends or perhaps even Body Guard...and if neither are there she is sure she will at least find something to drink that did not recently have fish or frogs swimming in it. OOC If nobody else is there yet, Chara will pick out a spot to wait for them. She will have a drink or two, but not too much to impair her ability to "keep watch" on the entrance(s) to the inn's common room and all the comings and goings.
  2. "Need help hauling them in?", Chara asks Elmo, gesturing toward the train of prisoners. "People like me don't belong in no church." If Elmo agrees to it, Chara will come with him. Otherwise, she will put aside her heathen prejudices and follow the others to the church or wherever they end up going.
  3. "Never been to Nulb..but heard of it.", Chara adds. "I heard if you don't care how you get it there's plenty gold to be made. I done some bad jobs before, but I never want the kind of work I been told about in Nulb." Chara contemplates for a moment the amount of lucrative evildoing that must surely be happening in Nulb right at that very moment. She thinks also about how quick some high-churchish type people are to want to rid the world of things that are 'tainted'..including blood-money, perfectly good arms and armour and ill-begat-but-perfectly-useful half-orcs. "We gonna clean out the place before we burn it down..right?"
  4. Chara suspects the man she just helped save to be yet another paladin; once again affirming her personal choice to walk the path of a godless rogue. "Now you fixed his taint, so you get to be the one carry him back.", she informs the man, not bothering with introductions. "I got no plans to haul off any more dead til I've had a good night's sleep." Taking note of the other four, and the number of her own party, and the fact that she tends to get stuck with the dirty work no matter who she works for, she announces to her new prisoners, "..and don't none of you try me. I don't like hauling dead five-at-a-time neither." "Maybe we turn them in to the watch?" She asks Isha, not wanting to find herself burdened with the additional responsibility of being the one who has to come up with plans. Chara prefers to remain a simple thug.
  5. Chara tries once more to negotiate now that the odds are better. "Man can't be worth dying for..and you hardly worth killing. So...how you want it to be?" She prepares to deal damage if she does not like his answer.
  6. "Biggest one's mine.", Chara states to her friends as she pulls out her sword and starts toward the gang of toughs. "Not much of a fight.", she announces as she approaches the gang. "I can fix that." She readies her weapon, but allows the assailants the chance to break and run before she makes any attack. Init: 5 (Not sure if you need any other roll yet)
  7. Chara will go back to town with the others, and not reluctantly either, being an urban-raised halforc herself.
  8. Chara recalls the giant frogs. "If we go back, we best go right now before it gets dark." She decides it's best not to explain why she's not keen to cross through the woods after sunset. "Dead will still be here tomorrow morning.", she adds with some uncertainty. Somehow, Body Guard had managed to walk up behind her..almost beside her unnoticed. "I gave Sam all I have. But if you stay still, I'll get you paid...maybe something extra even." Chara gets the feeling she is going to regret those words in time, and takes an uneasy side-step to put a little bit of what's left of the daylight between her and the grinning hulk.
  9. Chara listens to Not-Sam go on about how he misses his hearth and kin, and the first thought to pass through her mind was that he was just 'too soft for this kind of work', but then secretly thinks to herself that it might be nice to have a place to live besides two-copper boarding houses and the occasional jail..and even better if her friends lived nearby too...'maybe even the half-elf...so long as he doesn't stay up all night reading his own poems'. "You been good help, Sam" Chara says to the man as she gives him three gold pieces, five silver and eight coppers. "Isn't much for what you done, but it's all I got....and this." She gives him one of her daggers. "Never know when you might need." She suspects she will miss his company far more than he misses hers. Looking around she asks everybody in general, "Where's Body Guard?" Well Haldir,..is he gonna stick around? Never know when Chara might get a hankerin' for a hunk o' human. ;)
  10. Sorry...volcano season seemed over..but now we're in post-season playoffs....or in other words I just got very very sidetracked. Sorry if I held up things. Here's Chara's updated charsheet. I upgraded her Level, XP and HP and put all her combat numbers with total bonii accounted for in [blue brackets] If nothing erupts, I'll have an in-game post up tomorrow afternoon. (Edit - I can't remember..are we doing ascending or descending AC? I jumped the gun and added my "THACO" number into my to-hit bonus, but if you're figuring that in as well, I'll remove it from my calculations. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Name Chara Race Half-orc Class Fighter Level 3 XP 5.000 XP bonus 10% Saving Throw 12 HP 23 Hit Dice 3 (1d8+1/level) Weapons ___Club 1d4 10 lbs [+3 to hit - +2 damage] ___Dagger (2) 1d4 4 lbs [+3 to hit if melee - +2 to hit if thrown - +2 damage] ___Sword, Bastard 1d8 10 lbs [+3 to hit 1-handed - +4 to hit 2-handed - +2 damage] AC 5 [14] [Total armor bonus +4] Armor ___Armor, Ring +3 40 lbs STR 17 +2 to hit mod, +2 damage mod, 1-5 open doors, +30 encumbrance mod, 5% XP bonus INT 10 2 max additional languages WIS 14 CON 14 +1 HP per hit-die, 100% raise-dead survival DEX 13 +1 to hit w/ missiles, +1 to AC CHA 7 3 max hirelings Equipment Backpack 5 gp Bedroll 2 sp Canvas (sq yd) 1 sp Chalk (3) 15 cp Crowbar 2 sp Flint & Steel 1 gp Grappling hook 1 gp Hammer 5 sp Lantern, Hooded 7 gp Oil, Lamp (1 pt) 1 sp Pot, Iron 5 sp Rope, Silk (50') 10 gp Sack, 30 lb (2) 4 gp Shovel 2 gp Spike, Iron (10) 5 sp Tent 10 gp Torch (7) 7 cp Holy Water (4) 50 gp Club Dagger (2) 4 gp Sword, Bastard 20 gp Armor, Ring 30 gp Riding Horse (Winnie) Total incumbrence 65.5 lbs Base Movement 12 {* - all attribute bonii already figured in } Hireling The Potter #17 His youngest son is willing to go; Pottery isn't all its cracked up to be. Samson "Sam" AC 8 (padded armor) Level 0, hp 4, 2, #AT 1 D 1-6 (spear) or 1-4 (light crossbow, ranges 6 "/12 "/18") Body Guard 4gp/day HP: 9 Ring -3 to AC Battle Ax 1d8 damage and is rather a bit TOO happy to carry Chara's gear Weight is 50pounds Speed 12 _______ Accounting .87 gp..5 sp..8 cp..(10.0 lbs) original funds - 5 gp..............(...5 lbs) donation to church -50 gp..............(.5.0 lbs) 4 flasks of holy water -30 gp..............(.3.0 lbs) given to Isha to get supplies in town __________________________________ =02 gp..5 sp..8 cp..(01.5 lbs)
  11. Wow..level up? Sorry to have been AWOL, but I think I fell into a volcano. :D Anyway, I'll get on that tomorrow when I get back from running around the ATL. It's been so long since I've leveled anything up I have to get the book out and reread the rules.
  12. Chara hands over most of the money and other items she finds to Isha, but keeps a "finder's fee" for herself...one of the silver pieces. She makes a mental note that it belongs to Not-Sam, but does not give it to him because she is now thoroughly convinced that if her debts are paid, she will be killed. If an article of clothing fits her well enough, she'll keep it. She's not quite as tall as halforcs usually are, but is just broad enough in all the wrong places to make clothes-acquisition an ordeal...and she has big feet, even by halforc standards. During her search for new attire, she might be overheard to mutter "It's like I cotched the short-wides from that gully-dwarf Golden."
  13. Chara grins. "Hammer, huh? Could be fun." Once patched up she commences to picking the dead hoping for a new shirt, weapon upgrade and money or food. A hammer would be nice too..but she keeps that musing to herself.
  14. "Good enough for me.", Chara replies to Jaden's apology for his sewing skills. "Dead men don't need shirts." Chara looks toward the Lieutenant who she had so fiercely slain. "His might have fit. Too bloody now."
  15. Chara waits until the others have been attended to before she approaches Jaden. "It don't hurt...but..", she begins as she immodestly wriggles a bloodied shoulder out of her torn tunic. "...he messed up my good shirt...the sonovawhore".
  16. Chara offers Sam her waterskin..assuming of course there's any water left. "You wasn't gonna die long as I still owe you money.", she says with something kind of like a laugh. "You hurt? They got a piece of me...all the good it did them." If Not-Sam needs a bandaging, Chara will help him out before seeing to her own wounds. If his injuries are more complicated, she'll ask the others if anyone can see to him before she worries about her own injuries.
  17. Chara moves on to help out Not-Sam, who may or may not be in trouble. She never could tell with humans because they always seemed to be generally scrawny ahd helpless looking and yet usually managed to surprise her... kind of like Isha had. To hit: 12(+2) = 14 Damage 5(+2) = 7
  18. Chara, somewhat destracted by Sam's movement, swings at her attacker and failes to make contact. To hit: 3(+2) = 5 Damage 7(+2) = 9
  19. "Help's coming, Sam!", Chara shouts to her friend, hoping that it won't come too late. Seeing that the leader is looking wobbly on his feet, she gives her new attacker (#3) her attention. To hit: 16(+2) = 18 Damage 5(+2) = 7
  20. Are we still going ahead with this? I am not sure if we're waiting on another post or if we're supposed to post again.
  21. On most p&s cameras, there's a controller that lets you set exposure, and it seems to usually do so by adjusting shutter speed. Then, on some higher-end p&s cameras like my Olympus, you could choose between shutter priority and aperture priority, both of which would let you pick either shutter or aperture AND your exposure level and then adjust the other (either aperture or shutter) to achieve desired exposure. This same feature can be found on all DSLRs as well. However, it is pretty rare to find a lower priced p&s that lets you have full manual control. Such control is something most people find overwhealming or fiddly. It's a great option to have for very specialized shooting like studio portraits or night sky shooting, whereas your average p&s is designed with the snap-shooter in mind. But if you're really serious about getting more specialized with your mini photography or photography in general, search Amazon for some good deals on older model or secondhand DSLRs. I just found a Canon EOS T3 12 MP DSLR with 18-55mm lens included on Anazon for $380 new or $269 used....not shabby at all and a step up from what I'm using at the moment. (Hmmmm.. :) ) Also if you want a real bargain, check out the Olympus C5000 Zoom. (It's the camera I had before with full manual controls). You can get one on Amazon used for under $60...but the intriguing factor is that there is an available underwater housing for it. I loved that old camera and it held up well and let me learn a lot about photography. I never got around to getting the underwater housing though. The only real "down-side" is that the battery life is short by today's standards. The good news, however, is that it can be used with an AC adapter.
  22. My first p&s was an Olympus C series..bought it about 10 years ago. ...so they're out there, but generally priced closer what one might pay for an older DSLR with kit lens. The Coolpix P310 seems to be a modern favorite, with the capability to shoot with a wide aperture and with 1080p HD video too. ... but..it's a Nikon, so we Canon people aren't supposed to say such cool things about it. Canon makes the Powershot SX160...not capable of quite as large an aperture, and video is only 720p, but it has a 16X optical zoom and is on average priced around 60% of what one would pay for the Nkion...... and it's a Canon. ;)
  23. One of the drawbacks to the 50mm f/1.8 for mini photography is that you have to give yourself a little distance between the miniature and the camera. Ordinarily this ought not be a problem, but for in-action gametable shooting, sometimes there's just not room enough to position the camera without disturbing other things on the table. In those cases, I usually fall back on my 18-55 kit lens. It may not be true macro, but I can get it about 3 inches from the mini and still get a good focus. I'm also completely not too proud to truck out my little point-n-shoot and use its macro...especially on those occasions where the on-table action is inside a building or a tight copse of trees.
  24. Slashhamster..that's a dang nice photo...not to mention a good looking mini. I love that style of backdrop because it creates an artificial bokeh. A prime lens is also a nice thing to have if you're using DSLR because if your mini does not require a particularly deep field of focus, you can actually get nice shots of it on the game table "in action" without even having to bring in extra lighting. Most folks will tell anybody who's just bought a DSLR to strongly consider getting that 50mm prime as your second lens. It's typically only around $110 USD and takes beautiful portraits.
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