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  1. Oooookay. *sinister laughter* Do you want to be buried or cremated..or eaten? *giggles* Besides..I gotta wait on Steve "Dice-Man" Page to get his butt home so I can find out how bad a-hurtin' I put on that axeman.
  2. One thing to remember about pixel size is that, while great for delivering large printable photos, can deliver cumbersomely-humongous internet picture-files. Most good cameras come with at least a "lite" photo-editor to load onto your PC, and you should be able to resize and crop out the unwanted background of a high-resolution pic and end up with a nice clear closeup. But be forewarned, if you are anything like Steve Page you will suddenly start seeing all kinds of things "wrong" with your minis. It was not too long after getting our Olympus C-5000-Zoom that we started going through gallons of SimpleGreen.
  3. Spike

    Background Gradient

    If you have a photo-editor like Adobe Photoshop, you can photograph your mini in front of a plain white background, and then use the selection tool to highlight the white area of your image, which can then be "erased" or made transparent. This is a handy trick to try if you want to superimpose your mini into an existing image such as a scene from LoTR or a photograph of Stonehenge. ... or even a gradient of your own (which Photoshop can help you create) Ack I sound like a commercial, but it's a really good software for those of us who enjoy photography and computer graphics. It's not free by any means, but a free 30-day trial download can be gotten online. Free Photoshop Trial Download
  4. Feeling at a slight disadvantage for being attacked by three at once, the archer takes one last well-aimed shot, hoping to improve the odds. Taking advantage of the split-second that the axeman needs to draw back for a second attack, the archer attempts to pay him back for that distracting shoulder-wound with at least a dismemberment if not decapitation, this while trying to avoid being flanked by any remaining attackers.
  5. Hello everybody. Steve's letting me join in (finally) so I'll be jumping in soon, as soon as I finish reading through. just so y'all know, I'm the mysterious archer in the grove who enjoys turning Malvernites into pincushions. Thanks for lettin' me play!
  6. ROMAN'S GROUP: Joe walks up to the terrified goblin, offers it a pull on the potion bottle, and mutters in a languauge that sounds like rocks being broken on a millstone. The goblin squeeks an answer, at great lenght. Joe translates:"His tribe is overcrowded. His tribe came first. They helped defeat the skoli ages ago, and what thanks do they get, The get the desert, and eating scorpions, while you get all the green places. Life isn't fair.....the usual. Now they have a great khan, and will take what should have been their share to begin with. and it would have worked, if not for us...." Rai's GROUP: The less wounded elf speaks:"My friend here is Maldemar. These children are of his family. They were taken in a slaving raid three days ago. We pursued the seven creatures responsible, and fought them, killing four, before falling to our own wounds. When we recovered, we continued the pursuit, little hope that we had. Your courage and kindness will be remembered forever among our village..... Maldemar looks at Ben, who is scratching at his hands....."What have you been in? Ahhh, it looks like the Acid Vine, commonly confused with several medicinal herbs......I have something that will help." He takes out a medicine pouch and from it a small jar.
  7. Spike

    ReaperCon 2005

    After seeing all the open-gaming and scheduled gaming going on, both Warlord and CAV, it might be fun to have an official keeping-score of victories for the various factions. Perhaps the factions could also tie in with the namebadges, kind of like the alignments we all had (I was the only "Chaotic Weird" there). It'd be fun to get a bit of "team" mentality into the open gaming.
  8. I could go on all night about how great it all was, but I'm still trying to get back some of the sleep I lost. Highlightses. Getting my mini from Frosch, and I'm still working on a name for her. Seeing my name in the Warlord book, and still not feeling quite worthy to be listed amoung you other awesome folks. Getting a signed line sketch of Gragg Elfslayer from Talin. That one is going in a frame soon. Meeting so many of the nice folks down at Reaper who work to earn all my Mister's money. You all deserve every bit of it because you work so hard to make each mini the best. Learning how to play in the sand properly from Ed. I have a feeling that my dining room table will soon be covered in sand. Seeing Texas! It's a beautiful state and so big and wide and green and .. FLAT! I've never been so far away from the hills before. Meeting Lady Storm and Orchid and Frosch and Kelcor and Mike TLH and Jestor and Baasen and .. ugh now here I go sounding like Oscar night. ALL the folks who were there are the BEST... and Aegrist too... even though we still aren't sure where he was half the weekend. Eating proper Texas barbeque... ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES! Getting a chance to name the dragon. .. so when do we find out who won? Eh? Using up BOTH of my memory cards in my digital camera. I know next year to bring a third card, praps my laptop and a few disks, and three or four spare lithium batteries so I don't miss a single moment. So.. WHEN is the next one gonna be?!?!?
  9. Okay... if you want to see TONS of pics, go here >> GG's No-Frills ReaperCon Doo-Dah Steven Page and the lovely and talented Orchid, as she presents him with his mini-swap surprise (closeup pic of the mini coming soon I promise) My swap-mini from Oberfrosch, which I love to pieces! Talin (sorry mate but I don't recall your proper name), our number-one artist who flew all the way down to the Con sunday morning and in spite of all the questions, still found time to draw me a nice ink of Gragg Elfslayer. *hugs* I cant' WAIT till next time :) You folks are all AWESOME!
  10. (I've been reading through these for the last ten minutes, laffin' my butt off!) Billy and Bobby were twin brothers who on the morning of their tenth birthday came to the decision that they were now old enough to swear. They agreed ahead of time. Billy would say "[email protected]" and Bobby would say "@ss". They went down to breakfast in the usual way. Mother asked Billy what cereal he wanted. "Gimme some [email protected] Cocoa-Comets!", replied Bily. Father jumped up and ...SMAK! ...backhanded Billy across his mouth. Mother then asked Bobby, "What kind of cereal do YOU want?", to which Bobby answered,... "Well! You can bet your sweet @ss I don't want no [email protected] Cocoa-Comets!"
  11. Yay! Glad to see one more good long-time forum member's gonna be there! Somewhere around here there's a "Who's going" topic, and I check it every time I login to see who's been added. Eeeeep! SIX MORE SLEEPS AND IT'S REAPER-CON!!!! Okay.. so praps it's FIVE or FOUR more sleeps... I won't be able to sleep at all soon for being so excited. :)
  12. Spike


    Hey GREAT idea guys! I was just looking to see if anybody would be wanting photos taken, as I plan on taking Ivy's class and am about to buy one of those little wee memory-storage thingies so I can take even MORE pics while in Texas. Ya know... a body could do alot worse than set up something like those Kodak Face-Place booths at Six-Flags.. you know..the kind where you pay the nice man, sit and grin, and walk home with a printout of your mug... ...only at THIS booth, your MINIE gets photographed and printed... praps even onto a nice cardstock in postcard format :) ..with some crazy "I survived ReaperCon" caption :) Yeah... I'd do it myself IF I could somehow sweet-talk my stepdaughter into loaning me her laptop for one weekend. *hint*
  13. Lemme tell ya I'm glad they came out nice and relatively normal because I've been bugging poor Frosch on MSN Messenger all night about strange creatures and extra-chunky fae-spread .. but in spite of my distracting those came out really nice. I betcha your pharmacist (and I am CERTAIN Herr Frosch has a pharmacist) can give you some of those tiny vials to preserve your faeries in to keep them nice and crunchy. Good work, and keep 'em coming. :)
  14. Since there's to be no wagering, instead of a proper Bleu Max, I'll conjure up some nice certificates for those who earn their Iron Crosses and praps even a Bleu Max certificate... AS IF anybody will win it.. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
  15. Well I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm planning on taking the next two days AFTER the con just to sleep. Like Aegrist said, I'll sleep when I'm dead... or at least when I get back home. Texas better brace itself for the GEORGIA GANG! Oh..and Kevin, Unglef, Aegrist and even Steve... I WILL bring the late-night chunder-cam so I can captuer EVERY bit of revelry you guys have.
  16. I'm SO going to sign up for this class! I'm all beside myself anyway because I just got a laptop which I plan on bringing to the con, and I forsee having to upload TONS of pics through the week-end anyway.. and now to get a chance to learn from a pro... ... I CAN'T WAIT!
  17. I just found out who my swap-mate is..and I'm tickled to death.. but I confess to you all... ... I ain't no painter really. I'd be doing good to get more paint on the mini than on my own hands, but I've got my StevePage doing one for me, so no worries to the nice creature who's got my name. I"ve picked out a luvly mini for him to paint, and I'll at least pick the colours. ..and might I add AGAIN how keyed up I am about May and Texas and swapping minis and meeting alot of you. :)
  18. Well I think I've kind of taken a few of your suggestions and combined them. I took my most recent formal minie-portraits in my all-white-walled guest bathroom..with one lamp overhead..one lamp over the counter..BOTH lamps reflected in the big mirror..and an extra bedside lamp strategically placed on the toilet tank. (I'm sure guests would find THAT odd). I'm burning REVEAL bulbs in all three..and am finding that i can diffuse the light if need be with a sheet of waxed paper (held not TOO near the bulb) I still am learning how to avoid the slight redness that comes from overexposure... and am now trying to perfect the manual focus and using a deeper focus range. It's kind of hard not to end up with a bizarre forshortening effect when a minie has a weapon pointed right at the lens.
  19. I've spent about an hour trying to make some pics of his goblins come out right, and no matter what I do, there's too much shadow. I've tried over-riding the auto shutter settings, tried using fixed exposure, even tried using my editor to fix it. Nothing seems to be working right. When you all take pics, how do you light them. I suppose I'll need to eventually set up like a small studio for his minies... this bedside lamp just don't cut it. Any suggestions and tips are sorely needed.
  20. I've recommended http://www.villagephotos.com to alot of my friends who use the cheaper ISPs who don't provide web storage space to their subscribers. Villagephotos lets you upload up to 25 photos, and there is a size-limit. There is also a bandwidth limit, but I've yet to hear anybody say they exceeded their limit. Their FTP program is easy to understand, and they have a pretty good dummy-proof "help" section for new members. They allow full direct-image linking (you can display an image stored on VF directly on any webpage, weblog or forum you wish to) and their reliability has been 100% fo rme so far. Only catch is that you have to log in to your account every thirty days or so or it'll lapse.
  21. Oh I'm gonna be bothering some of you ALOT with my questions about my new digi! ;) I just got an Olympus C-5000 Zoom and have just only begun to tinker around with all its capabilities and with the photo-editing program that it came with. I made this one without too much effort Now I have the ability to lower the camera's pixel resolution to as low as 640X400, but at that point, the pictures taken using the macro feature still want to be ever-so-slightly pixelated.. but not too badly. What's troubling me is how I should go about converting my big huge crisp close-ups of his miniatures into relatively crisp but much smaller-filesize thumbnail pics. I can use cropping and resizing to compose a very nice thumbnail, but I still think I sacrifice too much quality..even for a thumbnail. I suppose what I need is advice on photo-editing programs. What's good..what's affordable, and what's DUMMY-PROOF? :)
  22. I just read through Hammer's recipes ... and am now really ready to have the lstormhammer world cullinary tour visit my kitchen. My own cuisine is more "ersatz" in nature. I can work wonders with oatmeal, soda crackers and yellow onions.. but would like to try some of those gourpet recipes. I"m looking for a good recipe for home-made tiramisu. Any suggestions?
  23. Steve Page is going to throttle me for being the first to quote from his new book..but .. poo on him! :) "GOLD BRICKS Teach us Your secret, Master! yap my Yahoos. Then for the hardness of their hearts, and for the softness of their heads, I taught them Magick. But...alas! Thech us Your real secret, Master! how to become invisible, how to acquire love, and oh! beyond all, how to make gold. But how much gold will you give me for the Secret of Infinite Riches? Then said the foremost and most foolish; Master, it is nothing; but here is an hundred thousand pounds. This did I design to accept, and whispered in his ear this secret: A SUCKER IS BORN EVERY MINUTE. " from The Book Of Lies, by Aleister Crowley Not sure if the book came from the Philosophy or the Occult department at our local Borders bookstore, but it has to be just about some of the weirdest stuff I ever read.
  24. Hooooray! I can FINALLY post! This may be something other new members would need to know if they use AOL and Spam-filters. I registered two days ago and several times have logged in, yet still was displayed as guest and told I could not post. My husband Steve Page (long time forum member) tells me that there's a confirmation email that is sent to all members when they register to be certain that legitimate email addresses have been used. He told me that it sometimes takes a day or so. Still, when it hadn't come, I got suspicious and checked..and much to my chagrin, there it was in my Spam-bin. Though none of the magic watchwords (enlarge, mortgage, viagra) were in the subject, it still got sorted as Spam. If you're newly registered, but havn't gotten your email, then check your spam folder. HOW TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER If you have AOL 9.0 Optomized, then your Spam folder can be found by opening your filing cabinet (upper left hand tab on the AOL toolbar under MAIL, in the dropdown menu). The Spam folder is one of the folder options just like "sent mail" and "saved mail". If you have earlier versions, and have activated the Spam sorter, then your Spam folder has to be accessed online by going to the MAIL dropdown menu and clicking on MAIL CONTROLS. If your version is like mine, then there will be a link to AOL MAIL ON THE WEB somewhere in the righthand side of the window that pops up. Click that link and you will be prompted to enter your AOL username and password again, and then taken to your mail-online where you can access your Spam box...and hopefully also your long-anticipated Reaper Forum confirmation letter. BTW..I'm very glad to be here, and yes, lstormhammer, I could not resist your charm. :)
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