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  1. In her fury over Not-Sam's harsh treatment by the lieutenant, Chara charges fiercely toward him and attacks him with no mercy whatsoever. To hit: Nat-20(+2) = 22 Damage 4(+2) = 6 (OOC in other news, the blue d20 just became Chara's new bestie)
  2. Oops my bad! I wasn't sure who else was playing either. I'll post shortly.
  3. Are you diffusing your lights? This will further help remove shadow if you do not yet have a suitably large backdrop to let you move it further back while still letting it fill the frame. I used to use waxed paper or very thin tracing paper. I've heard some folks get decent resutls with semi-transparent shower curtain liner too. You would have to get higher wattage lamps though. Just be careful not to let your diffuser get too close to hot bulbs. It's not so much a problem with cool-running CFLs, but even those get a bit hot after a few hours of work.
  4. (Inarah do you want one of us to roll party init, or each of us to roll individual?) Either way, I rolled (d6) a 3
  5. Chara hears the whistle, drops the broom she was still toting, and almost instinctively scans the areas most likely to be used as cover by archers. If she sees anything suspicious, she will point it out to Tiron. If not, then she will warn him of her suspicion. "More hiding..maybe archers.", she warns Tiron and then breaks into a run at the man, her sword ready, hoping to close in on him before any archer allies of his can take proper aim.
  6. On a whim of chivalry coupled with a strange feeling of personal responsibility for the human lad, Chara attempts to bluff. "Thehell you strong-arming him for? He just our watch. He don't know nothing." She hopes to at least find out sooner than later which side of the law Not-Sam's assailants are on. (OOC) Inarah it's been so long since Chara has needed a bluff check I can't even recall how we were doing it..so I'm rolling a d20 Bluff check - 18
  7. Knowing Chara's fate is tied to my dice...I'd say this might be over quicker than you'd think. :D
  8. AND we're off! YAY! (though I forgot to post what Body Guard is up to...poor galoot. I'll think of something tomorrow and post more after work maybe)
  9. With sword in one hand and broom in the other, Chara moves with a quick but deliberate stride toward the noise. She recalls that the floor around her had once seemed suspiciously perilous, so she is careful to choose more-or-less the same route she and the others used when moving through that area before. She never stops to wonder why she's still carrying that broom.
  10. Wow. I was bored so I decided to re-read some of our earliest game posts and fresh up on what all has happened....whiiiich led me to re-read the first few dozen pages of OOC...... and wow. What an "interesting" history this game has had...the comings and goings, the tooth-grinding and headdesking.... wow but we gamers can be a snarky lot when we get going. :D It was almost like watching reality television. :D
  11. If you have a camera that won't let you manually focus and you're afraid the camera will pick up your backdrop and focus on it instead, there's a trick..but you have to almost have an extra hand. When you're all set up and ready to focus, try holding an absolutely blank index card up just an inch or so behind the mini, then press the shutter button halfway. Hopefully the camera should choose your mini as the thing to focus on. Then, before pressing the button the rest of the way, remove the card. This also works with most remote shutter cables and infrared remotes. Not so sure if it'll work wtih your timer.
  12. It's true that moving the camera away from the mini lets you get a deeper field of focus as well as less of that weird fish-eye type distortion that occurs with wide-angle lenses. Another trick that works for portraiture as well as mini photography is to move the background a bit further back and put a light shining on it to kill any remaining shadows. As for stabilizing clamp-lamps, my cheapo solution involves one-gallon soup cans and something heavy like a brick or sand for ballast. If you want even more versatility, get a length of PVC pipe and secure it in the can by packing around it with sand or fastening it to the inside with duct tape. I actually learned that trick on a web site for people who want to make decent amateur movies on the extreme-cheap.
  13. I like that idea Inarah. I remember once years ago our game group was playing Twilight 2000..and the party whizzed through the segment of adventure Steve had prepared...so he came up with the bright idea while the characters were on the way back to their little home-sweet-post-apocalyptic-city-state-home that the players should, while in-character, swap ghost stories. Made for quite an entertaining night of gamimg.
  14. I'm still here..though the next month could get "interesting". I'm about to embark on foot surgery, and depending on what sorts and how much of pain meds I will be taking, my posts could be anything from "Gosh Spike don't you have anything better to do?" to "Has Spike given up the internet and taken up knitting" to "WTF, Spike! Either cut back the doseage or share with the rest of us!" I will hopefully know next Monday what is going to happen and when. Until then, I am totally still on board for this.
  15. Aww thanks you guys and guy-ettes :) It's been a great day so far..and more fun to come this weekend :)
  16. Sweet mix! I ought to join that site and upload some stuff.
  17. "'E's not dead, 'e's restin'."
  18. Hello. My name is Spike, and I'm a RPGholic. *poke* It's been 3 months since my last post in-game. Shouldn't I be getting a token. :D
  19. Spike

    Good cameras

    Another thing you can look for is a camera that lets you shoot "tethered", as in with camera connected to the computer with USB and with the appropriate software to give you a "live preview" on your computer screen. It seems to be more and more the standard for camera software these days, and is great for fine-tuning depth of field and catching flecks of dust and whatnot, saving yourself a lot of fiddling around in photo-editing software later.
  20. No. It is a testament to the apparent magical qualities of the local soil around Alamagordo...because that game was certainly NOT playable back in 1982. By my own estimate, if I head out to New Mexico and bury my old vacuum cleaner, in 30 years I should be able to harvest the Curiosity Mars rover.
  21. Those of you who know me from Facebook know about my "Playback from Wayback" posts. Well, while looking for some other song, this one came on my radar again...and I just had to listen through once or twice and recall a particularly great weekend some time around 1991 (about most of which I either can't recall or plea the 5th). Woww..was that really 23 years ago?
  22. Spike


    I'm glad to see more people using this style of background. The subtle texture makes the whole image appeasr more warm and natural. Also, it's best to shoot the mini with the background. You "can" add in the mini using photoshop, but it takes a LOT of time to do it right and the results still won't be as good as what you might get with a camera on the proper settings.
  23. How many sleeps is that? :D Maybe we ought to just pause this one til after RCon?
  24. Somehow..somewhere..somewhen..I am going to HAVE to have a zomtom stone key in my dungeon too.
  25. Works for me.....even though we all know how much Chara loves keeping sharp with her thees and thous and beseeching around a bunch of stuffy clerics ............ no offence to the healers, of course...but you know the kind of thing she means....right?
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