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  1. Also did you know that you could place a tiny wide-angle lens over the end of the gun and pretty well hit everything on the screen regardless of which direction the gun was pointing? I found this out with a weird-shaped glass bead I found.
  2. Hmm I wonder if the thought behind the zip bag is to encourage reuse.....buyer (likely traveller) removes undies from the package, then uses the package to store all those travel-size toiletries that otherwise go wandering all over the suitcase leaking their contents all over the clothes. (edit) Speaking of...why are womens' underwear often sold individually or even by the bundle..on HANGERS? Sure I guess it's so they can be tried on (OVER the buyer's own undergarments I hope), but even that only makes sense for high-priced dainties like the stuff sold at Victoria's Secret. Why would anybody risk the eww-factor of trying on non-hermetically sealed knickers that are sold at Walmart three to a bundle for $10.
  3. Hmm..interesting thought...but maybe this is a "man problem" Women buy underwear because their old ones are getting a bit tatty..and thus they go to the store, buy a new pack, take them home, open and discard the package, maybe wash them once to make them softer, and wear them. Men, quite possibly (being that I have not yet experienced that walk in life) buy new underwear because their old ones are dirty..like really reeeally dirty, so they go to the store, buy a pack, unzip the bag, remove the new skivvies, remove their soiled skivvies, put on new clean drawers, and discard hopelessly soiled garments in the zipped bag in the appropriate HazMat container. :D :D :D :D
  4. The torn-package thing isn't just a mens' underwear thing. When I worked at K-mart, I saw plenty of womens' undies packages opened too. As for the burrito instructions, about 25 years ago we had a gyro place in the local mall food court that had instructions on the package explaining that gyro can be eaten "with a fork or with fingers, though fingers are better eaten seperately"
  5. Chara wil follow the others, keeping toward the rear of the group so she might listen for anything approaching from behind.
  6. Check the manual that came with the image-transferring software that came with your camera. Many models let you shoot "tethered" (while the camera is hooked up to the computer) so you can get a good large-screen preview of what your camera is shooting. It really comes handy for manual focusing and checking DoF.
  7. I don't think I have ever seen a left-handed mouse before...and I've not seen one that was exclusively right-handed in a long time. Most seem to be left-or-right nowadays I know what you mean about "mad-money" though. These days I'm torn between upgrading my camera or getting a new desktop computer with a processor badass enough to handle HD video editing software without freezing up or melting down.
  8. Chara lets Isha do the talking, all the while keeping an eye on the newcomer for anything suspicious or should he make any sudden moves with that huge hammer of his.
  9. Well while we're getting reacquainted....I'll be here on and off for bit. You can't get rid of me so easily. Well actually you could....but the comet I came here on won't be making any more round trips.
  10. I hope you get a little more off-time this year, Randy. There's nothing like overtime..even paid overtime, to kill the Christmas spirit. Last week, Steve and I both quit our jobs at Taco Bell, crossed the street (rather literally) and got hired right away to work at Bojangles (home-cookin' chicken place) JUST because we're tired of working overtime all the time. Seems that's how companies think these days though...cut 90% of your staff to part-time and save paying benefits...and if the other 10% have to pick up 10+ hours per week, the timeX1.5 is STILL less money than the benefits will cost.
  11. "I can maybe carry him." Chara offers. As the elf is working on preparing the body to be returned to above-ground, Chara is careful to observe the body for signs of undeath.
  12. Roleplay? Is there a stat for that? LOL
  13. Dang I wish I had seen that Lightroom post in time. One thing that has me convinced it's time to upgrade cameras is the articulating viewscreen. I've not had a chance yet to check the various brands discussed here for that feature, but having taken LOTS of photos of miniatures on the gaming table, I can bet you that you will find the articulating viewscreen invaluable. I know the T5 has that feature. I also know that the Canon 70D for a couple hundred more dollars can shoot remotely via your smartphone or tablet via wi-fi. (Hey..if I'm gonna dream, may as well dream all-out, right?) And yes, we camera people have an esoteric nerdy lexicon all our own. Just ask anybody here about their bokeh.
  14. LOL have you been hitchhiking at airports again? I've always heard you're more likely to get a lift if you're attractive. So..how'd YOU manage it? ;D ;D ;D
  15. I used to keep a TXT doc called "post.txt" right on my desktop that I would open and edit whenever I was making any sort of lengthy reply or that required multiple links, text editing or formatting. It came in real handy in the last two years when I was having some real spotty wifi connectivity on our old router.
  16. Also sometimes people get sick for having mold growing in the HVAC ducts. It's always a good plan to get those checked every so often.
  17. Still haven't DLed the free program recommended, but I thought I would give the basic technique a try on what I would call a "problem mini"...a big beefy orc .. .. with a long spear. I don't own a proper macro lens, but the Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens that came with my camera, when set at its widest aperture and maximum telephoto can still focus on a subject as close as 6 inches. And since I don't have a focus rail, I tried setting my camera on a tripod and then shooting in tethered mode. That way I can get a nice large preview of the image on my computer and use the tethered shooting onscreen controller to nudge the focus in precise increments without touching the camera. With the model turned with spear facing the camera, it occupies a depth of almost 2 inches, but using the next-to-smallest focus increment, it took 10 shots to stack focus. Once I get the program downloaded and running, I might also try the process with the smallest focus increment and see just how much steam the process will take out of my poor aging laptop. Also, it would seem to me that a focus-stacking program would be a logical firmware addition to higher end DSLRs at some point in the future.
  18. Chara attempts to brandish the broom like a bo staff, but being that she is not only not trained in the use of such a martial weapon, but has never even actually seen anybody else who is actually trained in its use fight with one, her improvisation is only fit for laughs. "Good plan, Shad.", she replies. "Maybe Not-Sam about to forget we all are down here."
  19. "Broom? Never been used I bet." Chara takes a quick look around the broom for unusually large insects or on the off chance the broom is part of some stupidly elaborate booby trap. "Bet that trader give us fifty gold for a never-been-used-before broom." If she finds no spiders (or bats, wolves, snakes, goblins or dire badgers), she will take up the broom and keep it in her off-hand for spider-web-removing and/or trapspringing.
  20. I came across this video on YouTube today about focus stacking, or taking multiple images of a macro subject at slightly different focii and then knitting the images together to get a single image with incredibly deep field of focus. I've not tried it yet, but I will. There is apparently free software out there to combine the images as well. When I saw the video though, the first thing I thought about was the frustration of photographing a dynamically posed mini and always ending up with at least one part blurry.
  21. I've not tried Wizards lately. It seems to be pretty easy to use if you just don't have dice within reach. I remember playing in one game where we had to use InvisibleCastle, but after getting a suspicious string of rolls with the same results, I put that page's program through a few series of test rolls and found an alarming lack of randomness.
  22. Chara readies her sword as Shad begins to open the door.
  23. Part of me is saying "It's probably still a more palatable story than the book"....and another part of me is saying "WHOA THAT VIDEO GAME LOOKED SOOO COOOL!" .....and that other other part of me is saying "I sure would like a bowl of Frankenberry".
  24. "Probbly do." Chara replies. "Don't make no sense at all...just like all the dead-end tunnels and rooms fulla goblins. If I ever get my own dungeon, wouldn't be no...." She stops her rambling without even waiting for one of the others to tell her to. The subject of 'her own dungeon' had become quite a sore topic with her previous cohorts, even though she herself believed it would be the best lair ever, and perhaps someday even become the stuff of legends. "I'm ready if yous all are."
  25. Chara stares at the doors as if seeking divine guidance, though most who know her know better of her. She mumbles something about a dungeon from her past predating her joining this party, followed by something rude about the dungeon's architect and whether either or both of his parents were trolls. OOC are all three doors similar? Chara is looking for either signs of recent or more frequent use (lack of spider webs or rust on hardware) or she is looking for signs of any sort left behind by previous dungeon looters (such as marks left from attempts to batter down the doors or good old "trail signs" indicating bad stuff on the other side) She turns to Body Guard and heaves a long sigh. "We been down in this dark too long. Getting so I miss daylight even if I gotta look at you in it."
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