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  1. Gaseous form and a frozen concoction? OBVIOUSLY ShadowRaven has been to Taco Bell for a few bean burritos and a Baja Blast Freeze! :D
  2. .....proving that half-orcs have the racial trate "animal attraction" :D Hmm....maybe that explains the flies buzzing around Chara all the time?
  3. And we are thankful the GM isn't such a stickler about weight. I recall a GM who would have probably had Chara running laps and sucking down veggie smoothies before letting her pass that all-important climbing check. (Can I get an AMEN, Haldir?) :D
  4. Okay the rant was a tad over f***y, but the colourful metaphors were good for laughs. As for where I work (no shameless plug here), that's one of the first things we train newbies about...getting a little of every ingredient in every mouthful WITHOUT getting it all over the customer's hands. ...and I've seen more than my fair share of trainees who just couldn't get it. But what's REALLY funny is watching a customer unwrap an otherwise perfectly-constructed burrito to add hot sauce, and then watching them try to roll said burrito back up. I just want to quote the Indian in the Cupboard and say "You should not use magic you do not understand." As for Subway's tessellated cheese, it was a good move, although the original method of arranging cheese made for a more pleasing presentation. But what I always wanted to see change was the v-cut bread. When done by skilled hands, the v-cut bread creates a nice spillproof channel for the ingredients to be nestled...an especially good innovation for the oft messy Meatball Sub, but by the hands of an unskilled worker, the bread splits across the bottom or the top part is so narrow that it scarcely protects the customer's hands from the gooey condiments. Ahh heck...and if Subway is listening, how about getting bean sprouts in all locations? I love me some bean sprouts. (edit) Oh..and hey...I said all that without cussin'. GO ME! PSS Suden you are so wrong for posting that image. It's after midnight and I'm thinking it's time for a long late-night roadtrip...and any of us who've watched Cosby Show know what happens when one eats a sub sandwich after midnight.
  5. I used Reaper's minis for a few years in my web comic, but then I wasn't selling ads. For a few years I had them hosted on the free space provided by my ISP, then moved it over to blogspot's free hosting. If I am not mistaken, it was understood that it was allowable as a creative commons venture. It's always good to ask though..and good luck with it. I look forward to seeing what you've come up with.
  6. Yay! Point of fact after a long LONG hiatus we once again have a F2F game going on at Chez Spike. Turns out we have three guys at work who want to try old-skool gaming. An interesting side effect of late is that the around-the-workplace chatter has become quite nerdy. :)
  7. Considering we're talking about the culture that brought us poutine, I'm not going to question the validity of beer and doughnuts. It would seem to me to be "two great tastes that taste great together"...kind of like s'mores and schnappes.
  8. Then we will accept your generous offer of Tim Hortons doughnuts and Molson. :)
  9. Can you possibly add a USB keyboard to the Netbook to make it workable? http://www.amazon.com/Belkin-Multimedia-Keyboard-Desktop-Netbook/dp/B007CLWLQ6/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1378943496&sr=8-4&keywords=usb+keyboard+for+netbook It isn't too pricy and could get you through til tax time.
  10. Would the progeny of Mamma Bear and Woodsy Owl "give a hoot and not pollute", or would he "s*** in the woods"?
  11. And his name was Winnie the Hoo.
  12. I'm guessing it involved a stolen pickanick basket, a Tootsie Pop, and a payoff to the ranger at Jellystone to turn a blind eye to the dodgy goings-on therein.
  13. Good luck with that upgrade. I'm contemplating getting a more powerful desktop in the next year or so myself. The old laptop is still working as well as ever, but even with dual core processing it can't quite cut it where video editing and modern sophisticated gaming are concerned. At the very least the laptop is ready for a new battery. I've had this one a little over 4 years now and the battery can hold ALMOST enough juice to let it hibernate until I get it to another outlet.
  14. Seems an awful lot of money to throw around just to shave less than an hour off of a commute. While I suppose the theory is sound, I keep imagining the stations looking a bit like the lines for one of those fancy roller coasters...you know..the sort that have only a few dozen seats per train and that require park workers to help get all the passengers seated and restrained....and at the other end of the ride a whole new glut of problems associated with motion sickness. (Ewww) and waiting in line would eat up the minutes shaved off the commute. IMO the real problems (traffic jams, fuel consumption, smog, road-rage) can be far more easily solved by eliminating the need for most people to commute in the first place. There must be a better way to fix the ratio of good-paying jobs and affordable places to live.
  15. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam tincidunt mi facilisis risus varius varius. Proin dignissim metus felis, auctor tempor lacus elementum quis. Cras et suscipit dui. Morbi ac sagittis dui, in vehicula nibh. Praesent eget tincidunt enim. Fusce accumsan elementum elit id tristique. Vestibulum mattis imperdiet sodales. Donec vitae dui eleifend, accumsan nibh et, laoreet leo. Etiam molestie nunc sapien, vel ornare massa vehicula at. Nulla imperdiet nibh est, quis tempus nisi gravida at. Nunc pulvinar lorem dignissim orci ullamcorper, et feugiat leo vehicula.D, ("KID, HAVE YOU REHABILITATED YOURSELF?") Pellentesque pharetra lectus odio, at ultrices orci euismod nec. Nam eros odio, fermentum sit amet nisl eget, tempus pharetra metus. In ut sem sit amet purus ultricies posuere. Nam a augue at arcu mattis interdum eu nec arcu. Nunc pulvinar arcu mauris, a rhoncus orci ultricies ac. Donec interdum pellentesque ipsum et imperdiet. Integer a pretium erat. Fusce ac suscipit orci. Morbi eu odio nec ante mattis pretium. Pellentesque suscipit diam non leo viverra, sit amet cursus est cursus. Ut imperdiet et sem ac feugiat. Donec id neque mauris. Nunc vestibulum magna vitae nulla semper convallis. Ut vel ullamcorper velit.
  16. "Never happen like THAT before?", Chara observes coolly as her numerous wounds heal up on their own as if by magic. "Must be fun being a troll. " She pauses another moment, seemingly deep in thought. "Or maybe not. I seen what happen when trolls do the nasty." That said and out of the way, she decides to post herself as watch-out and let the others worry about the looting and planning. She takes a position to watch the door through which the party entered the room and waits, her hand on her sword's hilt.
  17. I don't update it anymore, but the content is largely about Reaper minis and the Reaper Warlord game setting. The link is in my signature...and here too > http://28mmtheatre.blogspot.com/
  18. Knives? Oh..THOSE knives. I was just making some PB&Js. Nothing like a little PB for protein, jam for vitamins and bread for carbohydrates to get a hafforc ready to finish off some bugbears. I've sworn off manflesh. It's too high in fat. :D
  19. Any chance of a post soon? It's almost been a month and the game is about to drop off the forum again for being inactive.
  20. I've had the same thing happen with my DSLR taking photos at a hockey practice rink (white walls and "ice", plus dozens of overhead flourescents). I thought it was a camera thing too until I messed around with different shutter speeds. It seemed to be most likely to occur at very high speeds (1/1000 sec and higher) and at wider apertures. It also seemed to be more intense on certain surface angles. For what it's worth, your particular effect looks kind of cool.
  21. They spent their own dough to get here, and they came here to see us! All right, let's show 'em what we got, guys! Get out there on the ice and let 'em know you're there. Get that BLEEPin' stick in their side. Let 'em know you're there! Get that lumber in his teeth. Let 'em know you're there!
  22. Chara hears the last painful cry of the cleric and suspects the worst has happened, though she cannot take her eyes off the enemy at hand. She continues the attack with renewed zeal. Body Guard continues his attack also with the same zeal as usual. Chara - To hit: 19(+2)=21 Damage: 8(+3)=11 Bodyguard - To hit: 4 Damage: 2
  23. So, Wildbill, YOU'RE the jackwagon that's been stealing my dice! I keep thinking there can't be anymore snake-eyes in 'em....but the supply appears to be infinite.
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