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  1. Our city just started a recycling program last fall. I think we had to pay a one-time deposit for the two residential bins, otherwise the service added no charge to our regular pickup. So now we have two large bins, one brown one for regular trash and a green one for organic yard trash. Then we have two smaller ones, one for all things paper and the other for containers including glass and plastic. So we're pretty much on board with the recycling. We started our own bin for aluminum cans since they fetch a penny apiece if we take them ourselves to the recycling depot, and we also built two compost barrels that we put all our organic kitchen garbage (except meat, of course) into, which helps out with our garden at planting time. Oh...and we installed two rain barrels to catch roof runoff for the garden. I only wish it was legal to use grey water for toilets around here.
  2. Thanks everybody! :) So far it's been a good one. We're having the more or less official observance tomorrow at Casa Unglef at which we will break bread, cake, pie and wind; as well as celebrate the ongoing peace treaty between the local orcs and dwarves. Wish all of you could be here. A party can always use a few extra henchmen. :D
  3. Some super 20th level goblin-tarrasque hybrid with laser beam eyes and a plasma cannon sphinctor.
  4. I'm hoping that after the TPK the bugbears will be so filled with remorse that they will commit sepukku with the bones of the slain party. Hey Randy! Got any wolves to send our direction while we're getting walloped? LOL
  5. I have one YouTube playlist actually saved as a browser tab... A few hours worth of Sigur Ros. I just set it to shuffle and let it run in the background while I do my work.
  6. Chara helps Bodyguard with his attacker. Chara - To hit: 12(+2)=14 Damage: 5(+3)=8 Bodyguard - To hit: 4 Damage: 4
  7. I've been following his science videos almost from the start and applaud him for talking space in down-to-earth terms. Had he not become an astronaut, he would be one heck of a teacher....or rock star. Canada should be very proud of him.
  8. I think I've found the PERFECT virtual birthday cake for such an occasion. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RASTL!
  9. 40 didn't hit me near as hard as 30 did for some reason. I guess it's because I never remember my mom being in her 20s, so going into my 30s was like entering "Mom-turf". ...and I never felt very mom-ly. 40, on the other hand, has been awesome so far. Hope your 40s rawk for you as much as mine have for me, Randy!
  10. I've only been in a few online games that required an online dice roller. Two of them weren't so bad, but the two that used Invisible Castle raised serious questions in my mind about that site's reliability. The first problem was that the site seemed to be 404 for about 1/3 of the time one campaign was in progress, and during that same campaign I ran a few tests with 50+ rolls and found certain numbers occurred far too often and at some points even followed a pattern. The games I have enjoyed most are the ones that either operate on the honour system, or the ones that scarcely call for dice rolling at all. No doubt Haldir can testify to my honesty in his current game. I have a half-orc who hasn't rolled a to-hit die higher than her CHA score in a solid month. As for face-to-face gaming, I still prefer freeform play...less rolling, more roleplaying. There have been sessions in which the dice are never seen, or sometimes the DM will discreetly roll a die and not even say why. Could be a random encounter coming. Could be a trap that did not spring or a missed listen check, but the players may never know. What's even better is when the players hatch a plan that is completely off the charts and the DM has to make a house-ruling.
  11. If you want to diffuse that front light and soften it up a bit too, see if you can get your hands on one of those cheap semi-opaque theme folders (the frosted sort), you can use the plastic sheet it's made with and experiment with holding it different distances from the light source to achieve different degrees of diffusion. You're on the right track though. Get all of your light sources the same temperature and you're there. It might depend on camera make and model, but I've had real good results with the Philips "Daylight" bulbs. Soft White does well when you shoot in Tungsten setting, but if even a little natural daylight gets into the room where you're shooting, it shows. I'm on a mission to eventually replace all my soft whites with daylights. So far I only have them in "the painting room"
  12. We still on? I'm still game as long as there might still be a good roll or two left in my d20. I'm pretty sure I've used up all the bad rolls in it.
  13. Spike

    Rant on

    It's sad to hear when people have such frustration with Facebook...or should I say with their circle of friends on Facebook. Yeah Facebook itself can be quirky with all the mysterious behind-the-curtains tweaking of privacy settings and whatnot, but why would people ask to be your Facebook friend and then be so publicly catty about your hobbies. We all have our eccentricities. For me, my collection of orcs is just the tip of my eccentricity iceberg and I do occasionally take a little kidding for it. I kind of expect it by now from my friends and it's perfectly okay because it's friendly kidding from people whose friendships I value. Believe me I've had to unfriend more than one face-to-face acquaintance for saying something on Facebook so repugnant, prejudiced, bigoted or hateful that I likewise would have physically thrown them out of my house had it taken place there, but those times have been few and far between. I have a great bunch of online friends. Oh...and since we're all talking about DoB..... June of 1969..back before Woodstock or men on the Moon.
  14. (Sorry I thought I had posted a few days ago. My internet has been patchy lately) Chara and Cory both continue their attacks, neither willing to give up even though good sense tells them otherwise. Chara - To hit: 6(+2)=8 Damage: 3(+3)=6 Bodyguard - To hit: 2 Damage: 6
  15. I am impressed with the low-light performance and it would seem to me that higher sensitivity even in normal light would permit much tighter apertures for video as well as higher framerate for high speed video. As for when it will go consumer...I predict that time will be about 15 years before I can afford one. Also, I am sure that at this very moment Nikon is developing a comparable sensor that will not only do what the Canon one can do, but also make coffee, sort and wash laundry and prevent tooth decay. Any Nikon users care to confirm? :D
  16. Chara moves to help Isha in her fight. Bod continues trying to defeat his foe. Chara - To hit: 5(+2)=7 Damage: 5(+3)=8 Bodyguard - To hit: 10 Damage: 4
  17. Welcome to the fun....& pray for LOTS of Cure spells .
  18. Chara and Bodyguard both continue attacking their current opponents. Chara - To hit: 10(+2)=12 Damage: 5(+3)=8 Bodyguard - To hit: 2 Damage: 3
  19. Bod will move ahead to attack one of the new creatures entering the room if possible. Attack: 5 Damage - 4
  20. Chara guesses that Tiron is trying to distract the bugbear so maybe she can get at its back. To hit: 11+2)=13 Damage: 6(+3)=9
  21. Chara sees Tiron's warning and, if necessary, silently retraces her steps far enough back to signal the next nearest party member by holding up one hand as Tiron had done. Once somebody acknowledges that they saw her signal, she will return to watching Tiron for further signals or to cover his retreat.
  22. If you still need another sentient being, I'm game. Generally I play people of the goblinoid type, but I'm flexible....except I don't do drow.
  23. Chara gives Tiron a healthy head-start (about 15 feet) and then follows silently after him with a knife in one hand and her other hand ready to draw her sword.
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