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  1. "Good plan", Chara says. "Somma that light magic maybe do the rest of yous some good too."
  2. Still here...just working a LOT of O.T. and in-between swamped with domestic type stuff.
  3. "They speak Goblin.", Chara informs Isha. "But you know how it is. They not the ones running things down here. They just hired thugs"
  4. Well...Spike is really my name...unless you are the Government. As for my title, I'm really a gender-noncomforming deity of all baked goods and all goblinoids, regardless of their comeliness....but that took up too much space.
  5. Oh wow talk about synchronicity. (NOT the Police song/album), I was working out at the gym this morning and China Girl came on the CC radio. My trainer and I began discussing just how hott he was in Labyrinth and how now I need to find that movie on DVD..or if I can't get it on DVD get it on Blue Ray and sell a kidney to buy an HD TV. But seriously...HOW sexy is it when he says "Oh baby. Just you shut your mouth" at 3:07 in?
  6. Yikes I thought I had replied already. Sorry about the delay.
  7. Chara nods, then allows Tiron to take the lead so that she can watch their retreat for any followers.
  8. I hadn't even noticed. Back before the dots, post ranks had cool names like Instigator and Rabble-rouser and such. Kinda sad to see those have gone, and rather sad and ashamed I had not noticed that they had gone. (edit) Oops..nevermind. I see those titles still are out there. So many people have custom titles in this topic but I finally saw a few Rabble Rousers and Enlightened folks.
  9. I can't wait to see your (or her) pics. I remember the day I got my DSLR I was absolutely snap-happy. I was running around the house taking pictures of all kinds of things...minis..flowers..clouds...the cat...anything that wouldn't run from me first. I hope both of you have a great time finding out all that it can do for you.
  10. "I could go.", Chara whispers to Tiron, and if there are no objections, she will go with dagger readied.
  11. Whew I hope your lady isn't a forum member. Agreeing with Inarah..apologize and let her pick out a mini that she feels represents her. Not all ladies like being compared to dwarves...or orcs. :) And seriously, if she really slapped you, there might be more at work here than one mini faux-pas. You might need to have a long conversation and work some things out.
  12. "Good plan", Chara says, and is actually glad for once that Body Guard didn't volunteer to stay behind.
  13. Chara will follow behind Shad, letting him do the trap-finding.
  14. Chara stands guard at the other door while Isha investigates.
  15. "Hows about we go see that door on the way out like Isha says.", Chara says eagerly. She then looks to Body Guard, who had taken a fair beating the day before. "You up to it today? You doing good and I don't wanna see you dead down there" OOC I don't know how much damage relative to HP Bod has taken. Is he below 1/3 his max HP at this time?. If so I'd rather Sam take his place and let him watch the horses up top.
  16. And here I thought they had finally made a holiday in honour of Rebecca Black
  17. Nah Chara's not gone off her twig yet. BTW Haldir is the moon full in-game?
  18. Chara had slept fairly well that night, even though she had spent a fair amount of time lying awake contemplating all the fun she could get up to with a cloak such as the one Isha had let her use. She thought about how she almost wished Golden Hammer was still around just so she could mess with him a bit. She also briefly considered some tricks to play on Body Guard, but decided against it. He wasn't such a bad guy really, and would probably approve of Chara playing jokes on Golden had the crabby old gullydwarf not gone rogue on the party. "Maybe we try and find how that ogre got in...or where them zombies keep coming from?", Chara says to Elmo, or rather asks him. The party had not hired her for her ability to form strategies, but Not-Sam did not need to know that right away. It was almost as if the potter's son actually respected her leadership....or maybe he was just really scared of half-orcs. She wasn't really sure which it was but didn't want to shatter his misconceptions either way just yet.
  19. "Good plan." Chara says with a toothy smile of gratitude. She gives the cloak a light shake lest there be any spiders still hiding within its folds before she pulls it round her shoulders. "I'll try not to stink it up, .... and thanks."
  20. "Sam, I didn't know you could cook.", Chara says as she catches her first whiff of supper. She silently counts the horses and is glad they all appear to be present and intact. "Did we miss anything while we was gone?" If there is any good daylight left, Chara will carefully poke around the immediate area for a good place to stand watch. If it has gone fairly dark, she won't stray as far and certainly won't do any climbing or go too near the water's edge. If there is such a thing as frogphobia, Chara might be coming down with it. She pauses frequently to listen for froggish noises. Body Guard has had a pretty tough day and just wants a bowl of supper and a place to rest. He's too tired even to follow after Chara, and is downright scared of Isha after seeing her defend herself back in town at Thug-Club. He discreetly asks Sam to wake him when supper is ready, then finds a spot not too far from the fire to have a short nap.
  21. "Good plan", Chara says with a tired nod. "So...first watch for me then? I could eat a horse" Chara starts toward the door leading back toward the ogre-room, pauses, and adds, "Not that I ever ate horse before...or least I don't think I ever did."
  22. I don't know why I love this (the theme music) and others hate it. But it is what it is. http://youtu.be/UqUzeoYTDFE
  23. "Cory's got a good plan", Chara states, not that she entirely understands it, but she knows she doesn't care to walk back across that bridge unnecessarily. "The more walking there and back again we do, more chance we get jumped. I can stand lookout first...after I get something to eat."
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