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    Sounds like a fun project, and from a photography standpoint I'd love to see how you do this. I'm considering picking up an intervalometer for timelapse. My camera can do it while tethered to my computer, but that just makes the whole operation bulky and ties up my computer for too long.
  2. For the present, he doesn't have internet service. :( Pity too. The interwebz need more Ben.
  3. Our group has done a few tweaks to move away from the "race as class" philosophy of S&W to fit our group's needs. Like others say, it's just a toolkit. What you do with it is up to you. My S&W character the last 2 times I was at ReaperCon was a half-orc cleric. Also, because the book makes NO mention of any particular world or culture to limit a player or DM's imagination (or as stated so nicely in a comment earlier 'make players lazy'), the rules can be wrapped around whatever setting, be it historical, fantasy, modern or post-apocalyptic. Dang. Now I want to play some post apocalyptic S&W. Oh...and Doc Bedlam, you should have a look in the 'The Gathering' forum. You'd like play-by-post. You're one of the few weirdos I know that is more verbose with a keyboard than myself.
  4. I know of a good candidate. At least he seems interested in S&W, I'll ask and see if he's keen on some PbP.
  5. Here's the part where I chime in and ask "Are y'all hiring?" SOMEBODY's gonna have to pack all that plastic..right?
  6. What Inarah says, plus this. What makes this a good game (or a bad game, YMMV) is the DM and to a lesser extent the players themselves. Making rulings on the fly is encouraged. During a typical game session, the rulebook is hardly ever seen and the essential character stats can fit on an index card. A DM might ask a player to roll a die and not even tell him why he's rolling, or tell him if he needs a high number or a low number. A player might be asked to make a map of the dungeon as the party explores..and the fights they encounter aren't always going to be fair fights. It's okay to run away and live to fight another day. And if a character dies, it takes five minutes to create a new one.
  7. I've always looked like my various avatars. :) PS I remember the original request for Reaper to have a convention. It was good ol' Mike_TLH. Haven't seen him around in a while, but I sure remember him from first RCon when we kind of "lost" somebody. LOL
  8. I joined 23 October 2003, but my husband Steve (The Old Man in the Mountain) had been here since 12 August 2002 with me lurking over his shoulder. Of all the things I remember about "back then" ....? HAS it been that long? I remember the early days of the Sandbox roleplaying part of this forum and the ubiquitous inhabitants thereof. I also remember all the fanfare when certain members (Y'all know who you are) earned their 1000-post credentials. My husband was heard to say "How can anyone have enough time to post that many times?" (with his 2,709 post self)
  9. I was kind of wondering the same thing about LE now that Bones have come along. IMO they have a place in the market with people who just need a few minis and don't want to be bothered with buying paints....but they're not really a bargain for the more serious mini gamers now that Bones have entered the arena. The money saved on even a few Bones affords you a few pots of paint OR enough extra money to pay somebody to speed-paint them for you. Best of all, they don't contain any lead, and they don't bend or break if dropped. AND they don't weigh a lot. Having lugged an orc army all over ReaperCon 3 years ago looking for an opponent, I can truly appreciate the value of a plastic army. PS I prefer to think of goblins as a part of the Orcazoid species.
  10. On a somewhat related note, there used to be a novelty company that made among other things a series of fake but very official-looking envelopes with fake return addresses and everything to make coworkers/housemates believe that the recipient was involved in a scandalous paternity suit or had tested positive for some horrible new STD or had sent away for a catalog of mail-order brides ...you get the idea. One of my friends years ago got sent one while in college. It made for quite the conversation.
  11. How do you find out who the markers belong to? When I click on one, it just pops up a window for me to add my marker in the same location.
  12. I saw a macro ring light in action at a tabletop gaming convention two years ago. You probably can do fine without one if you're just going to be taking "studio portraits" of your painted minis, but if you ever go to a minis or gaming convention and want to get good well-lit photos of other folks' minis without having to spend a lot of time setting up and tinkering with lights or awkward remote flashes, you'll want the macro ring.
  13. Having helped a few other friends shop for cameras and accessories, I find it helps to know how far you want to go with your photography. If you plan on getting a DSLR, you will inevitably want to buy more lenses. While most people agree that Nikhor lenses are superior to Canon, they are also generally a bit higher in price. As for the camera body, it almost seems to be a matter of personal preference with Canon and Nikon users. People who have used both seem to agree that Canon works better for people with smaller or more agile hands. The one advantage that the point-and-shoot compacts have over DSLRs is that they usually come with a super-macro mode, whereas with the DSLR to get true super-macro closeups you will need to buy a rather expensive lens just for that. But don't worry. With typical 12mp to 15mp resolution in modern low-end DSLRs, you'll be able to get a good high-quality image using the usual 18-55mm "kit" lens that usually comes with a DSLR body. You just have to back up a bit and zoom in. Don't let a 10-sec timer discourage you too much from what otherwise might seem like a good deal. For around $15 you can get a wired remote shutter release cable to fit whatever DSLR you choose. Also, some P&S cameras come with remotes. You will eventually want a tripod though...and if you get the DSLR I cannot recommend enough that you buy a good dedicated camera bag to protect your gear. And if you get the DSLR and want to be like just about every other DSLR owner, you should strongly consider getting the 50mm prime lens as your second lens. It's relatively cheap at around $110, and is perfect for portraits. (edit) Just to give the little Canon Powershot 8480 its due respect, it can take the picture below, and my $700 DSLR can't.
  14. I'm guessing gaming things are your biggest pitfall? If you have a lot of gaming stuff that you no longer use, consider trading some of it in either at your game store (if they allow it) or go online and check out Noble Knight. Steve has traded in tons of older games to NK for online credit..but they also do cash trade if you're really strapped for cash. Then take a look at where the rest of your money is going. There's not much you can do about rent/mortgage, utilities, insurance and other stuff really. But take a look at things like your internet service, phone and cable. There might be a plan that will save you money if you're not coming anywhere near your usage limits. There's also plenty of ways to save money on food. Not eating out as often or at all is a big one. Learn to cook. It is not only a rewarding pursuit, but a great way to save money. Buy bulk groceries instead of convenience-packaged single-serve items. Pack a lunch for work rather than visit the drive-thru or vending machines. This will also eventually lead to improved health. Shop your local thrift store. There's no reason to be ashamed to wear secondhand clothes, and Goodwill is not the disorganized castoffs sale some people imagine it to be. They have housewares and furniture also, all cleaned, checked and in some cases reconditioned....and their foundation puts good people to work. And finally, like others have said, set yourself a goal and start a piggy bank. For the first two weeks, at the end of your day, empty all your coins from your wallet into the jar and see how quickly it fills up. If you find the jar isn't filling up quick enough and you're not walking around with an empty wallet, for the next two weeks try adding every $1 bill from your wallet to the jar at the end of your day. Two things will happen. You'll fill up a jar quicker than you imagined, and you'll find that in order to avoid turning your larger bills into food for the piggy bank, you will change those impulsive shopping habits.
  15. "Never seen undead?", Chara asks. "They slow, but hard to stop. They keep coming even if you cut off their heads...so I cut off their legs too...." She recalls for a moment a story she heard about some other half-orc whose name she can't rightly remember, and then throws in one additional detail that might be helpful. "...and some healers can pray 'em away...but where's the fun in that?"
  16. Instead of "sanity points", call it "hardness factor" or "real nerve". For the most part, sanity points made sense in CoC ...except that IMO once a party has encountered Dagon and almost killed him deader'n Elvis with a 50mm cannon (yes, it happened like that), running up on a few Deep Ones should lose some psychological impact. So...an Isiri character is going to be a little harder to rattle up than your typical human agrarian type. PS still haven't DLed the rules, but still interested if there's a slot. Got any aversion to hafforcs? ;)
  17. Chara readies her sword quickly and steps ahead to protect those she believes to be more fragile than she...which is pretty much everybody except Bod and maybe Shad.
  18. The first time I can recall watching the Olympics was Montreal 1976. I loved gymnastics and diving, but the closing ceremony is what I remember best. I missed the 1980 games (wasn't the ONLY one either), but watched LA 1984 hoping it would live up to the games in '76. It came ---close---but no cigar. The boycotting had spoiled the punch enough, and watching the American athletes jumping around in their tacky Sears track suits during the parade of nations left an even worse taste in my mouth. Still the competition was fun to watch...especially getting to see Mary Lou Retton compete. THEN the Olympics came to Atlanta and that pretty much capped it. Before I had only begun to think of the event as getting-a-bit-too-commercial. After ATL I concluded that the competition and most of the nations that participated were of little to zero interest to the Olympic Committee and that the host cities seemed to be cursed to subsequent plagues of rioting (Sarajevo, Seoul, LA?) So now we have London....and for all the stereotypes of the English as a culture of high tea, God Save The Queen and stiff upper lips, the opening ceremony looked like MTV and Las Vegas got together and had an idiot child. I am only thankful that the Olympics "brand" has not yet tainted Special Olympics.
  19. Will there soon be Mississippi Mud and Georgia Clay?
  20. I know from having tried to collect a WL orc army that big-and-beefy equals high-priced and could totally appreciate why so many newcomers to the game chose scrawny elves. This should be good for the game from an orc perspective.
  21. Chara shrugs at Isha's musing. "When you live in a big place like this, some rooms gonna get run-down. Some rooms gonna sure get real run-down when you got an ogre living with you. The locks is to keep the whole place from getting ogry." Chara says the word 'ogry' with the sort of tone and expression that should lead everyone around her to think she speaks from personal experience.
  22. "Any one of yous want to have a go with this lock?", Chara asks, than adds "Door looks new, not like the others." She steps aside to let somebody else try the locks.
  23. I'm interested, though I need to have a look at the rules. Whether I play or not, it will be nice to see a game set in Taltos on this forum again.
  24. Chara has darkvision too. At one point Bod had a torch, but he dropped it aside before we all fought the ogre.
  25. Chara does what Isha asks her to do..edging quietly along the northern wall toward the western corner mostly looking for arrow slits or peek-holes, herself not being a complete stranger to dungeon ambushes. "Think they'd least try to keep this place up. I sure would." She continues along trying not to let her new interesting thoughts distract her from searching. If nothing turns up before she reaches the northernmost door on the western wall, she will stop there and have a listen as well as a sniff.
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