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  1. Just corrected the image links that somehow changed. Very soon more adventures.
  2. I've just corrected the dead image links. I don't know why it happened... Soon more of Thalia.
  3. The flying one from the Armor Wars set? At least it looks like that one to me. Thanks !! That's the one.
  4. I don't play Gruntz, so I can't tell you the differences. I play FUBAR and I like it a lot. Both are very easy to play and remember. Both are very fast to play. But there are differences as these rules focus much more on the cinematic effect of things and the chaos of combat. They are also much more crafted to the campaigning aspect of the game. And I love the uncertainty of the activation of the squads. If you can, do give them a go.
  5. Thanks, Brother Jim. The girl is Aurora from Heroclix.
  6. The Priest rose again and hid better from view. "45" took a girl down. Later she would spend some time in the hospital... In the ruins, the S'snorr showed their accuracy and sense of battle. Another Psigirl was knocked down and two others ran away. The S'snorr kept shooting. And one more girl fell. This one would take less time to recover. Things were going pretty bad. And one more girl fell. Was it Billy a bastard that couldn't keep his squad safe? And finally the blue girl died. But Kinnison's squad had delivered accurate suppress fire and the pseudo-reptiles started to loose ground. One of the Psigirls - Lassara - did hold the line alone, killing several lizards with her psibolts. The last cyborg and the lizards decided that the best part of valor was in fighting another day... The meeting was finally possible... Nearby, the Girls weren't at all happy with Billy boy... Kinnison's crew made a deal with "45". And ensured that he kept his word inserting a little information code in his system... Lassara acceptd Kinnison's offer to join the crew. He didn't have psi powers, but he had pain killers of the best kind.
  7. The Game System: This Scenario was made to test the "No Stars in Sight" system new rules "In Sight". A skirmishier version of the game, smaller than NSIS but using more miniatures than Five Parsecs From Home. It worked pretty well. I've played it with my wife, but I'll be able to play it solo in the future. Prologue Time: 2234.11.23 Kinnison and his crew arrived Ochara in the Shullerd System. Beneficial Atmosphere type, small settlements some distance apart. The colony is concentrated in one region of the world. Moderate biosphere. Wide spread plant life with large variety of animals. Planet in natural state. It has not been the subject of any terra-forming efforts. Alien plants are common. Factions: Merchant coalition and Resort Corporation. No central power. The Merchant Coalition has a private Police. The main revenue is made by Health Tourism. The air and water are beneficial to Human's health. Problems: Faction War. Infiltration by external faction (Shrught Mining Corporation). The mining corporation brought the S'snorr, promising them land if they scared the Resort people away. The Actors in the Scenario Sashary Ghoum - One of the Merchants Coalition leader. Wants to talk to the S'snorr. Wants to make a deal with them so that the Mining Corporation looses influence. She will not fight and needs bodyguards. The Enemy: "45" and his Cyborgs - Some say that there is no real Artificial Intelligence. Those who say that never dealt with "45". He's here working for the Mining Corporation. The Enemy: The S'snorr - Centuries ago, an Unity Spaceship fell in the S'snorr's planet. They tried to claim it. The Spaceship protocol of self destruction failed. The primitive S'snorr reached the stars and in the process destroyed their planet's ecology. Now they are wanderers. They were given the deal of colonizing a part of Ochara, if they could expel the previous colonizers. Some of the S'snorr don't trust their benefactors. These do. A S'snorr warlord against a S'snorr Priest. The Allies: Mercs - Billy Thorn and The Psi Girls - Billy Thorn is a Psi with a very nice power. Around him, other Psies don't feel the terrible headaches that psychic powers unleash. And he prefers the beautiful sex around him. He's a Mercenary with many talents but little regard with the life of his girls. Until now he's been lucky. He subcontracted Kinnison for this gig. The Allies: Kinnison and the Crew - They arrived Ochara running away from the Unity, trying to fix their broken ship and looking for a job. Kinnison was already acquainted with Billy Thorn. The job was there and although it smelled bad they really, really needed the money. The Job: To escort and protect the "suit" to a meeting with the S'snorr Priest and strike a deal with him. Kinnison and his crew would protect Sashary Ghoum while Billy and the Girls would cover them. The Priest was there, all right... But he wasn't alone... Someone was ready to go a long way to cancel the deal... It started really bad. "45" was a hell of a shot. He had orders to kill the priest if he could and he tried to do it immediately, but the S'snorr was only knocked down. Billy made the Girls move quickly, trying to gain the upper ground. But the S'snorr and the cyborgs weren't going to let him get away with it that easy. Billy was a good shot... And one of the Cyborgs ate the ground, spilling oil and sparks.
  8. There are no unbalanced Hurricanes, there is death in the shores of the morning. "I'm scared. I fear that you'll leave one day and that I will never see you again." There were tears in her eyes as he finished dressing his uniform. How terribly he wanted to comfort her, but lies he never told her. He cleaned his throat to speak clearly. "The Laughing Gnome will bring me back in one piece, my love." She was the one who had invented his plane's name. The Laughing Gnome. And it had stuck. Every pilot in his squadron, the mechanics, the squadron Leader, they all called his Hurricane by that name. And sometimes, as he throttled up its engine, he could almost hear the gentle laughing of his plane. But not now. Not today. Today his plane was roaring a challenge against the German fighters, turning and evading them, trying to sidestep them and reach the bombers with their bellies filled with can-stored death. He banked hard to the right, went down a thousand feet and delivered a long stray of bullets against a double engined bomber. It opened up like a flower of light, the screaming of a seagull. Then he felt the bullets raking the Laughing Gnome and a painful punch in his body, a spear of lead and gunpowder, and then his lover's face covered the sky in front of him. For a moment there darkness followed. And then the Laughing Gnome roared at him. Challenged his will, mocked his weakness, reminded him of his promise. And he fought the pain, he spat the blood on off his lips and he focused again. A second had passed by? Three seconds? The beautiful grey sharks were still following him like hunters leading a prey. He kicked the stick hard left, then right, then left again forcing the enemy fighters to guess, to loose their tight formation and then he dove hard only to appear behind one of them. One shark wasn't fooled by this. The other took the bait. His eight parallel machine guns screamed in delight. Eight angels of destruction. Eight fingers of death. The enemy fighter took it all and down he went. A trail of smoke and fire appeared like a line drawn in the sky by a child. Then again the Laughing Gnome was shook by bullets of machine gun and cannon. Too close. But this time pilot and plane were as one. He cut sharp in his enemy's way. They crashed against each other. His propeller making a terrible work of vengeance in the German fighter's tail. And then both went down into the Channel. Fellow enemies, pilots, friends that could have been. He saw the German's parachute open and he was glad of it. His conscience was fading. He tried to lift his plane's nose so that he could crash land in the waters of the Channel. Darkness was pressing in, against his will. "Don't go to sleep, my love", he heard her voice. And the laugh of his plane, keeping him awake, his hands on the stick, sweat coming down mixed with blood and will. He finally lost conscience. For a short time. For a long time. Eternity didn't come. He was being pulled out of his floating Hurricane by two British seamen. "You were lucky", one of them was telling him while they were taking him to the patrol boat, "your plane was still floating when we arrived. And you made a damn good landing, I'll say". He raised his head painfully. The Laughing Gnome was now sinking. He wanted to scream. "Save him! Save him, please!" But darkness called on to him again. In the hospital, only his love, embracing him, knew why he was crying.
  9. The dawn sun rose and didn’t catch him by surprise. As he dressed up his combat uniform he drank his last tea. The sun was blood red as it was proper. His last doing, his last effort to protect his home was a desperate one and - he thought - probably pointless. But fate was set and duty would be honoured. He met the others in the airstrip. They were all silent and circumspect when they drank the small bowl of sake. Their leaders had betrayed them all and further disrespect was made as they bolted the canopy of his Zero fighter so that he couldn’t repent and jump away. As if he would... They had told them that the Americans were weak. It was false, the Americans kept fighting when they were losing and now that they were winning they were returning in kind previous injuries suffered. Now all that was left to him was the will to make such a sacrifice that the Americans would prefer to negotiate peace. But he knew that the American resolve was strong. And he wondered how would they react to this extreme attacks. He would never know. The heavily loaded Zeroes rose, their engines crying with effort in the morning light. He looked around and saw their escort squadron behind and above. They went up as seagulls, gaining altitude slowly before the clash against the mighty American fleet. He lost a moment looking at the paint peeling from his fighter. He knew it better than he ever knew a woman. Its lines, its quirks, the sound of its engine... Now, like desperate lovers they would meet together their final fate. The anti-aircraft gun bullets pierced his Zero’s left wing. A pang of fear and despair consumed him for a moment. He froze as the American destroyer grow under his sight. Then his mouth formed silently a word. Banzai. And the word grew in his mouth louder and louder and louder as it pushed away his fear, as it pushed away his dreams, his life, the wife he would never have, the children he would never nurture, the house he would never build. Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! “Why?! Why do they do this?!†Cried Johnson again. “It works.†Replied Robertson. He scanned the debris and the waters around him to look for survivors. “What?! Are you crazy?†A white plane wing with a red roundel floated for a moment and then was swallowed by the ocean. “No. I’m not crazy. A man died and took with him a warship. It’s a good trade, I would say.†He kept scanning the waters. He didn’t want to look at Johnson’s face again. “Why?! Why do they do this?!†Cried Johnson again. Robertson wanted so much to punch him in the face
  10. The Old Clock-Work Poem There is no pain among the dead. No time worries the souls forgotten. Only fire will consume dry old bones. There is no pain among the dead. There are no dogs barking in the yard. There is no laughter of happy children. The attic is empty of boxes of games. No time worries the souls forgotten. Nothing that decay doesn't tame. No eyes cast a gaze ever so sad. What can grow in the dusty orchard? Only fire can consume dry old bones. That's why the dead are hidden in humidity For them we're all forgotten to one thing... Meat for those that nothing will ever feed.
  11. Shichinin no Samurai (Seven Samurai) Der Himmel Uber Berlin (Wings of Desire) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Magnolia Blade Runner
  12. Lisbon, Portugal, Iberia, Europe, Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Known Universe. But I could leave anywhere. I'm an exiled.
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