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  1. I had pretty much decided to sit this one out after backing the first three, but that Count's Castle is really tempting...
  2. What are your goals for painting? If you're aiming for getting figures done and ready for play (table-top), I think this guy looks great and is ready to go. If you're trying to level up your painting to more of a display/showcase quality, then as ub3r_n3rd said, I'd focus on using shading/highlighting to increase contrast. A few things that pop out at me on this guy: The weapon/armor doesn't look shiny, and metals need high reflections. You can look up either NMM (non-metallic metal) or TMM (true metallic metal) for some techniques for improving metalwork. Both are fine, and the cho
  3. I agree, those look terrific!
  4. Have you seen Jamey Stegmaier's blog* over at Stonemaier Games? He has an absolutely massive amount of information available, gleaned from personal experience from his various Kickstarter'd board games. He covers his experiences on everything from how to design the campaign, stretch goals, worldwide shipping and fulfillment, backer communication, etc. It sure doesn't hurt that the games he's developed are actually fun too. If I were ever to start a board game destined for Kickstarter, his blog would likely be my primary reference. * No link included as I don't want to break any comme
  5. First hero complete...Nibbles! This one was a gift from my sister for my birthday, so he moved to the front of the queue. For the heroes, I intend to leave the bases a simple solid color, so that they stand out more on the game board from the monsters. I think a brown looks better than solid black (although I may need to darken this brown a bit). I haven't completely decided yet; I can repaint the base easily enough.
  6. Here are two CAV Dictators I finished painting up, in honor of the CAV Kickstarter fulfillment completing (...never mind I've had these since the early Ace level shipping....) I figured a pair of Dictators would be a good starting point since that's what the quick start rules calls for, and the Dictator is easily one of my favorite CAV models. I have a real hard time photographing orange/red like this. For some reason, my camera tends to blow the color out too much. Oh well, you'll have to believe me the shadows/lining are a bit more pronounced in person.
  7. Got mine yesterday as well. Completed inventory last night; just a few packing errors (2 minis with 2 left arms and a missing right arm; missing the same 2 ryoshi as everyone else). Initial impressions are similar to others: - Lots more 'fiddly pieces' than the old original 8 wave 1. The Dictators were examples of perfect multi-piece assembly that were both easy to put together and repose. Most of the new ones have a lot of pieces, and as Doug said, it makes inventory trickier. - Interesting to see how my reactions to the designs changes with the pieces in hand. Some of the ones I
  8. Did you end up receiving your order? Yep.
  9. I definitely drew the short straw on this one. My order isn't scheduled to arrive until tomorrow. I got my shipping notice literally an hour before they announced US shipping was complete. Hopefully karma will have my back and I'll be an early shipper on KS4!
  10. Wow! Thanks to the judges and SamuraiJack for their time and effort, and to all of the participants. There were a lot of great entries, and I'm honored by the recognition. Thank you!
  11. I know exactly how you feel. My caverns sets are languishing in unpainted glory for similar reasons. At this point, I'm too excited for city builder, and will end up painting them first. Poor caverns are going to sit unloved for awhile longer. Sounds similar to these? I love that paint scheme, and am similarly torn between an earthy style and something like this. Aw, thanks. Don't give me too much credit on the ice caverns; they are trivially simple. But yes, they were the clear caverns, NOT normal dungeon grey. There's no way what I did would look good over dungeon gray.
  12. I didn't regret going unpainted for the first two, but this time... The factory did a phenomenal job on the painting.
  13. Yep, exactly the problem I had. I've also used brush on Liquitex gloss and/or matte, and that works, although it has a slightly tacky feel I'm not fond of. My next test is probably going to be a brush-on of some kind, followed by a light coat of Dullcote.
  14. Thanks all! Yeah; I thought about trying to do something about it, but it wouldn't be simple gap filling since there's so much texture going right over the seam. I figured I would need to, but no, I didn't even do the typical dunk in hot water thing I do with most Bones. Maybe I got lucky, not sure. I did use a knife to cut the bottoms and flatten them out a bit. They were fairly wobbly initially (and you can tell in the pictures they're still not perfectly flat) but they stand well enough on their own now. Thanks; the trick on this mini is focusing on the face. Alm
  15. Thanks for the input; seems no one likes the brown edging idea. Who am I to argue then! Completed 2 more figures today...the Sisters of Pain: These two were a bit of a challenge, as they are covered in what I consider some of my weaker painting areas: female skin, hair, and cloth (red in particular). I'm reasonably happy with the results, although the red blending is not as smooth as it could be, and I think I lost the highlights a bit too much while glazing red back over the lighter colors. I'm happy with the hair, although it's really well sculpted on this model w
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