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  1. The original goal was to find something to inspire me to paint. It was a miniature skirmish game that did it. I finished three models and added highlights to eight others. So I have a team of 11 and so far this month we have managed two games, at lunch on a picnic table we can set up with terrain. Which led me to the next project, a terrain piece centered around the Reaper Bones Dumpster (80035). And while digging through my very old paints I found some of the Reaper paints that had little skulls for agitators. Those need to be on the terrain somewhere.
  2. Think I better start on my Halloween diorama with the pumpkin theme. Starting with Halloween Knight and a pumpkin golem.
  3. The thing is that to play a game you need someone on the other side of the table. There are no other players available in my neck of the woods. Even after the restrictions lift on meeting places my player group wants other games. So I guess I will take my scenario ideas and tie them into a game our local players will play, D&D, Mordhiem, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer, Monolith Conan or something along those lines. Checking my Warlord stuff did get me painting again, at least.
  4. Added a set of dice to an order of minis and paint, because I love dice. Enjoy the color, green and the container. I have only played Call of Cthulhu with them so I can verify that there were no problems with the d10 and persentile rolling.
  5. It took a bit but there is a Reaper set of lesser elementals that could be made into living spell effects I think I have these somewhere in my collection. Or for the burning hands look a large spider painted in a fire scheme (that's my plan, unless some other miniature in the bits jar makes a better fit). Lucky me I pulled the Living Lightening, so I guess I have to use it.
  6. I ordered the Reaper Paint and Take box along with a few extra miniatures last month. I have paints, brushes and miniatures. There is even time to paint. I guess I don't have excuses this time. Petey, Pizza Dungeon Dragon at the very least. https://www.reapermini.com/search/04003
  7. I am going to resurrect this thread, briefly, as there is a bit of John Carter news here. Won't go into the movie, which I liked but …. There are many good and some bad rules here. I took some advice from this thread and used a mix of Basic Role Playing and GURPS ideas, and a group of appropriate miniatures from my collection. I wasn't getting many interested players. Then along came D&D 5th edition and I was drawn back into that system . Thought I was done with Barsoom. However, I joined the Kickstarter by Modiphius for a 2d20 version of John Carter of Mars (a year or so back). I got the game and I have been able to run it a few times and I really do like the 2d20 system.
  8. Thanks for the link! Free is my favorite price. And the information on how to play the game online will give me some happy reading for the next few hours.
  9. A dungeon crawl game was something I was thinking of as well. While digging in my files I found a work in progress "Vampire Hunters". I was using an old TSR Game called "Vampyre, the Game of the Hunt for Dracula" as my inspiration It becomes a bit more of a focused tabletop game than an open skirmish but I believe I have the time to finish it. And it can inspire some miniature painting as well.
  10. Being locked at home has allowed me time to clean out a box or two or three, in the garage. I found my Warlord Rules along with the Dark Heaven Apocalypse Rule book. I plan to use the Warlord rules again to set up some garage battles for my son and me. And this time I will be able to field completely painted warbands. I know the game doesn't get much love, but I enjoyed it. I tried to playtest halflings back in the day but could not interest any other players. I wish the Dark Heaven world-setting had some more detail as well (I have the original Taltos setting and the Northlands). I had a brief visit to the Taltos Region while running my D&D campaign a couple years back, but after that I locked this stuff away. The idea here is to offer homebrew or alternatives to the rules and maybe discuss some additional settings. I was working on some Modern Zombie apocalypse stuff once. There was the WWII Zombie stuff which I did not see played. I have read through the rules that went with the western figures. If it seems that there is interest here I will share some of the experiences. My son is home now as well so I have a play tester. I will be looking to tie an old game from Dragon Magazine called DINO WARS into this experiment as well.
  11. Alternate rules for the Warlord system
  12. With the enforced at home time I have cleared up my hobby space and now I hope to paint some figures from the new Black Bones line. The skiff and the raft first followed by the big fish. This will be used in my ongoing D&D campaign, when we get started again.
  13. Planning on completing a diorama inside a pumpkin. Pumpkin golem, pumpkin horrors and maybe a vampire to paint.
  14. Not a short haul by any stretch but Black Sails is a pirate epic (of the R-rated kind). I have completed most of the voyage with the scurvy dogs that make up the crew of the show and will be setting course to finish season 4 tonight. There is a few older movies that fall in at less than 2 hours--Against All Flags maybe. Or Dodge Ball if all ye want is the lingo.
  15. Aye! Welcome aboard shipmates! May you find fair winds and following seas!
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