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  1. Planning on completing a diorama inside a pumpkin. Pumpkin golem, pumpkin horrors and maybe a vampire to paint.
  2. gwangi32

    Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019

    Not a short haul by any stretch but Black Sails is a pirate epic (of the R-rated kind). I have completed most of the voyage with the scurvy dogs that make up the crew of the show and will be setting course to finish season 4 tonight. There is a few older movies that fall in at less than 2 hours--Against All Flags maybe. Or Dodge Ball if all ye want is the lingo.
  3. gwangi32

    Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019

    Aye! Welcome aboard shipmates! May you find fair winds and following seas!
  4. gwangi32

    The Adventures of the Havelock Echo- Campaign Diary

    Nice! I like the intrigue aboard the ship. And next Dinosaurs! I have been running Tomb of Annihilation games for Adventurer's League recently and I enjoy Chult. Great photos as well!
  5. Haven't painted in months but I have worked on my D&D campaigns. They are stable, so now (on Talk Like A Pirates Day) I believe I will dig out some of the Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea in my collection and paint at least three to go along with the Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Along with the Dreadmere Fishing Boat I just bought. And like many others I need to clean up my desk.
  6. Paint one character for a planned RPG event. It has been a long time since I painted.
  7. Dug through my collection to find five monks and one stone golem to paint as the villains for my D&D campaign.
  8. Nice!! I really like the color scheme, and I am very impressed by the detail in painting the eyes. I have that model and I loved painting it. I used it in tabletop wargames and left the howdah empty for heroes to ride. Looking at your model it occurs to me that Hartha would look good in the Dinosaur Races for D&D campaign.
  9. gwangi32

    January 2017 Goals

    It has been months since I considered painting any miniatures but, with the New Year, I plan to get things done. First I began separating out and selling the minis I will never paint. Next I used the money to buy 2 ONI (Bones 77472 and 77486). These two are at the top of the painting list.
  10. gwangi32

    May 2017 Hobby Goals!

    Working on a Crocodile Man (DHL 2763) and Slithe Queen (DHL 2902) for an exchange with a friend. The exchange is for a sculpted amulet that will part of a Call of Cthulhu game. I have my work cut out for me!
  11. gwangi32

    December 2016 Hobby Goals

    I am half way to getting my painting table clear of junk. Job one is to get rid of the junk. Then I will paint a necromancer to play the villain in my first D&D session of 2017.
  12. gwangi32

    November 2016 Hobby Goals

    With the Holiday coming up I hope to shake things up and actually paint on a sharkman, a giant or a paladin; whichever figures in the next scenario. My success with running a game of D&D has cut into my painting time.
  13. gwangi32

    Reaper Radio

    Many neat suggestions as I develop a new playlist for the spring. I have had many people offer me music over the years and my list will include a selection of different sounds. As an example here are some that will be on the list: How Dare You by Steaming Satellites Sleepwalk (live) by the Stray cats Wherever I may Roam by Metallica The Shire by Saxon Moon No One is to Blame by Howard Jones Avalon by Roxy Music Battlestar Galactica Theme by Bear McCreary Ghost's and Stuff by deadmau5 Nessun Dorma by Manowar And I will look through the list of music I get from this thread and buy a couple new tunes for the Painting in Spring playlist.
  14. gwangi32

    March 2016 Goals

    Haldir, I hope the trip to the Oregon Coast worked. Portland is nice, but the Coast is enchanted. Some years ago, when we lived in Seattle, my family and I took a trip down to Cannon Beach, it was absolutely inspiring! Nothing to compare down here in SE Texas. As for me, I finally cleared the way to my painting table, which was a big step. Then I messed up a figure in an experimental session using pens and washes. My plan is to get some zombies done and get started on a vampire for the Curse of Strahd campaign I am running.
  15. gwangi32

    February 2016 Goals

    The month is half over but I want to set some sort of goal. I think I will work on three of my partially finished Crusader Figures and finish them for my D&D campaign on Friday. I am looking to have some Clerics and Acolytes appear in the next session and I prefer painted to bare metal or plastic.