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  1. aku-chan

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I'm definitely throwing more at this then I thought I would. I've pledged for:- The Greek Expansion, the Storm Giant and the Rune Wights. From the core set I'm hoping to get:- Both Kid Hero sets, the Dark Elves, the Trolls, the Female NPCs and the Witch, so far. (Plus there's a few minis I like from the starter bunch, but I don't think that gets split up). Plus I've already got a handful of stuff I want to get at retail (Sea Ogres, Earth Scion, both Onis and the Spider-Lady). And now I've looked at everything, I'm once again tempted by the Dungeon Dwellers Expansion...
  2. aku-chan

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    My old Nintendo 3DS came with some basic AR games, that's about as much as I've done with that sort of tech.
  3. aku-chan

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Three or four inches past my shoulders. I don't cut it that length, it just doesn't seem to want to get any longer.
  4. aku-chan

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    It's a shame Fire Scion looks so much like the existing female version, otherwise I would've put in for the set, even though I don't like Water too much. Oh well *Puts Earth on the 'Buy at retail' list*.
  5. aku-chan

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Lets see, Mash is a (currently) discontinued Guild Ball mini, the plant lady is part of the Warhammer: Underworlds - Ylthari's Guardians set and the gnomes are Reaper's Deep Gnome Heroes set.
  6. aku-chan

    Slimux and Mulch WIP

    Thanks! Progress:- Managed a better close-up piccy! Finished off the Imp with highlights of 1:2 Ochre Yellow/Orange Fire and 1:2:1 Ochre Yellow/Orange Fire/Iraqi Sand, with Sky Blue eyes, Iraqi Sand claws, teeth and horn plus Dead Flesh bumps.
  7. aku-chan

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Currently on the painting table I have:- Mash, extreme death-sport enthusiast:- Mulch, giant demonic snail:- The Glade Witch, magical plant lady:- And Alice and Harold, gnomes for hire:- Some are more further along than others.
  8. aku-chan


    I use Imgur, it's served me well so far and is fairly easily to use.
  9. aku-chan

    Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    And now it is here! (It's pretty NSFW though, lots of giant naked people) Liking the look of the encounter system, even though it'll probably just go in to the big pile of game parts I'll never get to. But if Poots keeps putting out updates like this, I won't have anything to complain about any more.
  10. aku-chan

    Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2

    Finally managed to get mine today. Lovely minis, but holy carp were mine badly packed, was honestly very surprised none were broken. I also got the weird little swordswoman bonus mini.
  11. aku-chan

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I don't think so. There's things I seriously dislike (heights, crowds, people, spiderwebs) and some of them can bring on panic attacks (definitely crowds and people) but I think they're still a long way from full-blown phobias.
  12. aku-chan

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Greek Exp keeps looking good, only up to three minis I don't like (Hydra, Lion and other Cat). At this point, Part three could be a total failure (although I hope it isn't) and it would still be worth getting.
  13. The companies are Black Sun (I think) and Broken Toad. If you go to Broken Toads Facebook page they've got renders of busts of those weird Dark Crystal vulture things.
  14. aku-chan

    Slimux and Mulch WIP

    Progress:- Having trouble getting the camera to focus on a close-up of the stick, so you'll have to make do with this long distance shot. Painted the wood parts of the stick (Leather Brown > Brown Wash > Yellow Ochre drybrush) with the metal bits in Oily Steel. Made a start on the dangling imp, he's a basecoat of 1:2 Yellow Ochre/Orange Fire plus a Sepia Wash so far.
  15. aku-chan

    The Plus Sized Five

    Progress:- Finished off the wood in his paddle (1:1 Parasite Brown/Ochre Yellow > Sepia Wash) and his helmet horns (1:1 Ochre Yellow/Iraqi Sand > Iraqi Sand > Sepia Wash). Did his wrist wraps (Leather Brown > 1:1 Leather Brown/Iraqi Sand > Brown Wash). And then did his top. Started by basecoating the panels either Scarlett Red or Sick Green, shaded both of them with 1:1 Scarlett Red/Sick Green, then highlighted with either 1:1 Scarlett Red/Ochre Yellow or 1:1 Sick Green/Ochre Yellow, glazing with a thinned base colour and finally reapplying the highlight to the green bits. They then got Iraqi Sand stitches.