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  1. I don't take them off at the door, but I don't wear shoes around the house, I've got a comfy pair of slippers instead.
  2. Piano. I've recently started following a lady on Youtube who plays one and it's given me a new appreciation for the instrument . I'd go with evening, I get tired too easily to be a night person anymore.
  3. I was never much of a going outside person to start with, so nothing's changed for me.
  4. Yes. I find it very difficult to keep still, so I always have some sort of boogie going on, even if it's just nodding along to the music in my head.
  5. Started a new miniseries called Curfew. It's an odd genre mash-up of illegal road race/zombie outbreak (although they're technically more like ghouls), it's also utter, poorly written, nonsense. But it is very entertaining so far.
  6. Watched Justice League - Apokolips War last night. Wasn't sure I'd like this one as I knew going in that it was pretty depressing (And downbeat superhero stuff isn't normally my thing), but, strangely, I ended up liking it a lot.
  7. The surprise workmen have finally shown up to fix the neighbours water leak. Unfortunately, they really were a surprise, they had turned off the water before we knew they were here, so no chance to stockpile any. A day without tea? Unthinkable! (I was also most of the way through today's aerobics workout. Let me tell you, a packet of wetwipes does not make a decent replacement for having a shower ).
  8. I'm in the same boat. I love the minis (I quite like the game as well but don't really have the space to play it), so I know if I got a refund on the Kickstarter I'd just end up buying most of it whenever it hit retail anyways. But it's turning me into the sort of forum poster I detest the most. The ones who are forever popping up in threads to loudly complain about how terrible something is, stubbornly refusing to just cut their losses and move on to something that doesn't aggravate them so much.
  9. I wish you could get that Beastman Shaman separately, guess he'll have to go on my retail release wish-list. I also, somehow, didn't realise the Earth Scion was female.
  10. Just when I think I'm out they pull me back in, looking forward to freaking out the occasional visitor by prominently displaying the Ivory Dragon. It's somewhat hilarious that a two hour rush job update would be much more interesting than one he's spent days/weeks agonising over. Probably due to the fact he didn't have time to waffle on about how hard he's working. Pity it won't last.
  11. I once startled a deer while taking a dog for a walk, I wasn't in the countryside or anything so I've no idea where it came from. Either the Sea Giant or the Brinewind Doxies.
  12. aku-chan


    Thanks for all the comments and Likes everybody!
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