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  1. I do like the idea of the landing gear being an actual giant hand.
  2. Of course, might as well just talk over the phone otherwise. (Admittedly, I've never done one of these on-line meeting thingys so there's a distinct possibly I have no idea what I'm talking about).
  3. After much toing and froing, decided not to get the new Age of Sigmar starter set and pick up the handful of stuff I wanted off Ebay instead (I was in that weird spot where I wanted enough that neither option stood out as the best):- Valkyrie, Knight with Bird-Hound (Not sure what the Bird-Hound thinks of his master wearing his big brother as a cape), Mounted Orc Knight, Orc Banner-bearer, Orc Shaman with Apprentice, Orc Knight with Apprentice.
  4. Yeah, today was the day England was supposed to come out of lockdown, but that Delta variant is proving to be a stubborn little thing. So another 4 weeks to go, hopefully.
  5. Sounds like my front door. When I had to get mine fixed after the lock failed, the man explained to me that the whole multi-lock mechanism thing relies on a little plastic peg that just snaps after so much use, but the whole unit needs replacing because that's how things are designed these days.
  6. I'll have to think about the first two wishes, but I'll definitely hold the third in reserve just in case I need to banish the genie and undo any horrifying consequences that my other wishes cause.
  7. Thanks! I wasn't planning on doing anything more with my skellies, I tend not to weather my minis (I always worry I'm going to make a mess and ruin them). How would I dirty them up, just drybrush a bit of brown on the edges of their capes?
  8. Builders finished early (Yay!), so everything is unpacked and I can take piccys of skeletons:- If/when I get the whole squad painted up they should look rather nifty. And here's Jelsen:- There's a face somewhere in between that hat and upturned collar, should be "fun" to paint.
  9. Weird. I'm bored, so I was having a browse on Ebay looking at minis when some caught my eye, looked a bit closer and realised that they used to be mine.
  10. Like I said, don't know how true that statement actually is (It just got mentioned a lot when the town was trying for city status back in 2000).
  11. Ipswich (The one in England). There's definitely been something here since Roman times, it's before that you enter dubious boasting territory.
  12. Thanks! A bendy brush! I will have to see if I can find one. Finished my skeletons, no piccys yet though as everything is packed away at the moment (We've got builders in for a few days). Also rolled for the next mini, fate was determined I paint another skeleton (I rolled the Guard Captain, the Guard Sargent and even the Hanged Men AKA Dangly Skeletons) but wasn't in the mood. Finally I rolled a 1, Jelsen Darrock - Grizzled Vampire Hunter, who I will start next week when everything settles down.
  13. Yay! I've been waiting for those! Hmm... It may be time to actually order something instead of sticking it on my wishlist, it's getting rather long.
  14. Supposedly my town is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited settlements in Europe. No idea if that's actually true or not though.
  15. Yes, it's the price I pay for being easily distracted.
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