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  1. I've discovered I can't touch chilli peppers anymore, I prepped one for a curry paste a couple of days ago and my fingertips are still sore. I also broke my food processor making said curry paste, make sure you read up on potential product defects before you buy things guys!
  2. The main two things at the moment are:- Cutting back the bramble patch again before it re-generates too much, I'm waiting for the weather to cool down a bit more before tackling this one. And redecorating the kitchen and bathroom. Not sure what's going to get me moving on this (I hoped I'd be able hire someone to do it instead, but no luck), I'm just too used to the mankiness at this point.
  3. Double update day woot! The sword sheath is Leather Brown > Leather Brown/Iraqi Sand > Brown Wash with (Bronze > Brown Wash > Bronze > Polished Gold) decorations and a (Scarlett Red > Scarlett Red/Ochre Yellow > Brown Wash) handle and tied strap thingy.
  4. A quick drybrush of her base later and she's done:- https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96899-44123-frost-giant-heroine/
  5. Presenting the Frost Giant Heroine from Reaper. Not my best work, I'm still not great at getting all the mold-lines off these PVC minis, plus I was painting her to help work through some issues I was having so she's a bit on the rough and basic side. Was still a lot of fun to paint up though, I'll have to get the other one done now. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  6. Did the cloth part of her cape in Hexed Lichen, shaded with Hexed Lichen/Pure Black (I also used this on the inside of the cape), highlighted with Hexed Lichen/Ghost Grey and Hexed Lichen/Ghost Grey/Off-white and glazed with some Purple Wash. Get that sword done next.
  7. "Would you like chips with that?" I did watch Sunday's episode of One Piece through "unofficial" means if that counts. Getting unnecessarily hot and sweaty plus the horror of mowing the lawn.
  8. Yep, he just seems to be having so much fun making his vids that they're infectiously cheerful. Always up for more wacky cover artists.
  9. There goes my productive evening, watched far too many Youtube vids of a guy performing metal covers of random songs. Not sure why as I'm not really into metal.
  10. Thanks! Finished off her boots by giving the fur a Sepia Wash and then using the base colours as a highlight. Next, they got Oily Steel metal heel guards, and little decorations that I think are feathers (they're a base coat of Stormy Blue/Pure Black, little striations of Stormy Blue/Ghost Grey and then a Blue Wash). I never got around to putting any Primer on her base so that's the next job.
  11. Hair! It's a base of Stormy Blue/Pure Black with highlights of Stormy Blue/Ghost Grey and then a Blue Wash. The hair ribbon is a base of Scarlett Red with highlights of Scarlett Red/Ochre Yellow and a Brown Wash. I think I'll finish her cape next.
  12. Finished off the base with Olive Green vines, Bronze Green leaves and Scarlett Red/Off-white berry things. Awil-sin, as a scout he can normally be found patrolling his forest home looking for signs of intruding outsiders or Beastman aggression. And with the final two minis already moved to a new thread, this is the end of this one.
  13. Went grocery shopping at the big supermarket today which I always find oddly enjoyable. I just like wandering up and down the aisles, picking up stuff that's not on the list. This time I got a couple Tex Mex meal kits, one makes taco bowls, the other crunchy nacho wraps.
  14. Always been a fan of The Arcadia:-
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