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  1. No pics, but years ago I put together an etched brass kit of the pirates airship from Ghiblis Castle in the Sky. Unfortunately I didn't do a particularly good job of putting it together and the glue failed on one of the wings, unbalancing the whole thing (the engines were solid lumps of metal and a lot heavier than the rest) so it toppled off the shelf and smashed into a billion crumpled pieces. Couldn't be fixed and it was kinda too expensive to buy another one.
  2. Not quite sure why I keep looking at boardgame Kickstarters, but I stumbled across this one that starts on 24th June. It's for a reprint of the base game from their previous Kickstarter:- And a pair of Expansions:- Looks very JRPG influenced, which is what has me interested. They've got a draft page up at the mo, with more info, playthrough videos and stuff:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/succubuspublishing/772262949?ref=854027&token=fd1cf2b1
  3. I don't really pay much attention to who sculpts what minis. *Hangs head in shame*
  4. Not really, I just paint stuff, although 99.9% of the time it's a human.
  5. No. As much as I like painting, I find it a real struggle most of the time and I can only imagine it would get worse if it was my job. I would love to assemble plastic minis for a living, but I doubt I'm fast or competent enough at it to earn a wage. I'm also doubtful it's a service people would actually pay for.
  6. aku-chan

    Awaken Realms Etherfields

    Can anyone comment on the quality of their minis? This is the second of their Kickstarters I've been tempted by, but I'm always weary of what boardgame minis will actually end up looking like.
  7. Been watching a rather odd movie called Dave Made A Maze. Basically, this unemployed dude gets bored while his girlfriend is away for the weekend and builds a cardboard box fort in their living room, which turns into this huge paper-craft dungeon with booby traps and origami wildlife. It honestly wasn't much of a film, but the set design and stuff was rather good.
  8. aku-chan

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Tried to put some minis together this evening, but I think my super glue has died, it's being even less useful than usual. Of the two I did get assembled, one has already fallen apart when I nudged my desk
  9. aku-chan


    Mantic do a Centaur Chief and a Centaur Set. Although, having never brought any Mantic stuff, I can't comment on the quality.
  10. aku-chan

    Veteran Spigot

    Thanks for all the comments and 'Likes' everyone!
  11. aku-chan

    Veteran Chisel

    Thanks for the 'Likes' and comments everyone!
  12. aku-chan

    Veteran Chisel

    Presenting Veteran Chisel, a player for the Masons Guild in the game of Guild Ball. This is one of the many Guild Ball characters I don't know much about, although it's surprising she got a veteran version without popping up in any big story lines. Had a few issues with this one (even after painting them I still can't figure out her boots) plus she's yet another Guild Ball mini missing a few fingers. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  13. aku-chan

    Veteran Spigot

    Presenting Veteran Spigot, a player for the Brewers Guild in the game Guild Ball. This mini represents the mid-point of his character arc, where he has realised how much damage the Brewers Guild drinking culture is doing to him and, with a little help from his friends, manages to get off the sauce. Had a lot of fun painting this one, not only is it a really nice mini, it's covered in those fat stitches I love painting. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  14. aku-chan

    Confrontation: Classic

    They do realise how heavy 250 metal minis are going to be, don't they? I must admit though, had they gone for metal from the start, I probably would've backed it despite the other issues.
  15. aku-chan

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Season 2 by Monolith Kickstarter

    Ohhh, the Ventriloquist! I'll have to see if I can pledge for just him.