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  1. Tea, lots of tea. Plus fruit squash and the occasional fizzy drink.
  2. I still use the clippers I got in the old hobby starter kit that I mentioned in the hobby knife question, they work but they're missing some springy bits, so I'll have to replace them one day.
  3. I still want a One Piece mini range. I know there's a 3d printed Luffy (That's honestly, pretty basic sculpt-wise) floating about out there, but I want the rest!
  4. I do have an exercise program I try and follow every day, but motivation is a struggle though, I can only exercise in the mornings but I'm also not a morning person.
  5. Getting very close to finally being Kickstarter free! Received Two Little Mice - Household:- Little late (Due Jun 2023, arrived Aug 2023). Everything looks fantastic (But, as usually happens, it's all been packed away and I haven't looked at it since), since they're not longer under CMON's umbrella, they're no longer doing minis, so I'm not interested in any more of their projects. Westfalia - Tepoi - The Heroes:- Little late (Due Jun 2023, arrived Jul 2023). A nice mini, have backed a couple more Westfalia Kickstarters since. Dead Earth Miniatures - The Scout:- Late (Due Jul 2023, arrived Feb 2024). Really not sure why this one ran into so much trouble, would not back any more of their Kickstarters. Dead Earth Miniatures - The Piscean:- Little late (Due Sep 2023, arrived Oct 2023). This one went a lot better, but I was apparently pretty lucky to get my mini, most haven't yet. Westfalia - Dark Tides:- Early (Due Dec 2023, arrived Nov 2023). They're getting good at cranking these out. Westfalia - The Kobold Dungeon:- Early (Due Jan 2024, arrived Dec 2023). Another well done campaign, I've stopped backing these though as I've yet to actually paint any up. Still Pending Reaper - Bones 6:- Due Apr 2024. I don't really follow the updates on this one, I'm guessing it's running a little late or I would heard something about it shipping soon by now. Trench Crusade - Communicant Anti-Tank Hunter:- Due Nov 2022. This one has run into a few issues (At one point they had to wait 3 or 4 months for their casters to get some more Siocast material in), but things are finally moving. As much as I like some of the concepts they've been showing off I won't back another Kickstarter of theirs though.
  6. Haven't played a board game in ages. I really like RPG-lite ones, but I simply don't have the room for the big, fancy kind, and find the simpler ones a bit meh.
  7. I use way too much Vallejo Scarlett Red, even for pink it's Scarlett Red mixed with white.
  8. Hard plastic. I can sit there for hours clipping the bits out and then gluing them together.
  9. Worked on the lady a bit more Saturday:- Basecoated her trousers (Steel Grey), boots and gloves (Hexed Lichen) and gave it all a coat of Black Wash. Wasn't feeling up to detail work today, so I made a start on Mrs. Death King's armour:- So far, this has been a base of Hexed Lichen, then Oily Steel (I was going to use some Metallic Violet, but it had gone bad and stunk the house out), and then a Purple Wash. How I feel tomorrow will determine which one gets worked on.
  10. I'm not sure what type of blades they are, but I'm still using the hobby knife (And spare blades) I got in a starter kit when I got back into the hobby 16 years ago, so I guess the really common type.
  11. Thanks Gryphon! And thanks for the advice Great Khan Artist! It's taken a lot longer than I hoped, but this thread has it's first finished mini:- Mavaro is all done! He comes from the era where I used to put way too many tiny rocks on my bases, so there wasn't much I could do there. Moving on:- This lady now sports a lovely green waistcoat, although I now see there's a tiny sliver of it near her face that I'll have to try and paint. It's a base of Scurvy Green, shaded with 1:1 Scurvy Green/Pure Black, given a couple glazes of thinned Scurvy Green and then highlighted with 1:1 Scurvy Green/Misty Grey, and finally some Brassy Brass buttons.
  12. I seem to be fairly unlucky, but I'm not chucking dice too often, so I suppose it would average out in the end.
  13. Presenting the Killaboss on a Great Gnashtoof (GW come up with some pretty terrible names at times), he's a leader for the Kruleboyz faction from Warhammer:- Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop, and he's pretty hard to take a decent picture of. Had a lot of fun painting this one, even if it did take me a long time to get him finished. Tried out some of my new basing stuff, I don't think those giant grass tufts will see much use! As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  14. I thought brown shading might be a bit stark as they're only little areas, hence going the sepia route. I might experiment when I paint the other Blacktalons, they have much larger carved shoulder-pads to play with.
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