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  1. I just accepted that I'll never actually manage to paint everything and simply collecting minis is part of the hobby for me. It sounds pretty defeatist, but I've cut down a lot on the ranges I collect, given my collection a good clear out multiple times, and try to paint daily if I can. There's simply no getting around the fact that I'm a very slow painter and companies are going to continue putting out really snazzy stuff!
  2. No I have a letter slot in the front door. It's supposedly just for letters, but flat-ish parcels are regularly crammed though it, if the parcel is disappointingly square they just leave it by the door.
  3. 6 points this week (My Gremlins knowledge helped a lot!), 73 so far.
  4. Yes, I use Vallejo White Primer on all my minis. I'm also slowly using up a big bottle of Black Primer on my bases.
  5. Berliners. Found them in the supermarket the other week, light, fluffy and not too sweet.
  6. Nothing being a nuisance at the moment, even the mysterious animals that used to poop all over my lawn have stopped.
  7. I'd do a new take on Takashi's Castle.
  8. I don't drive, but I didn't like it too much when I was trying to learn. It's not a complete necessity, but being unable to drive does massively restrict where you can go, the public transport network gets very unreliable/non-existent outside of a handful of destinations.
  9. Just the one, it was some kind of red I think. I probably didn't use it, I never venture far outside the dozen or so colours I use on everything.
  10. It depends. I can't think of anything I consider terrible that I'd want to re-watch, but movies that critics/public opinion has determined to be terrible? The list is pretty much endless!
  11. While everyone else is watching the new Dr. Strange movie, I'm watching Spider-man:- No Way Home. Easily the best of the MCU Spider-man films, which I put down to it having almost no high school shenanigans. Also watched The Wraith, a pretty weird take on the whole 'Ghost gets revenge on his murderers' story, surprisingly watchable though.
  12. Progress:- Finished his skin with highlights of Dwarf Flesh/Ghost Grey and Dwarf Flesh/Ghost Grey/Light Flesh. He then got an eyepatch (Pure Black/Stone Grey > Stone grey), beard (Stone Grey/Ghost Grey > Black Wash > Stone Grey/Ghost Grey > Ghost Grey), hat (Scarlet Red, shaded with Scarlet Red/Sick Green, highlighted with Scarlet Red/Ochre Yellow then a Red Wash) and bandage (Iraqi Sand > Sepia Wash > Iraqi Sand > Sepia Wash). Painting his inner robe next.
  13. Bit more progress:- Finished her skin with highlights of Rosy Flesh and Rosy Flesh/Light Flesh. As she's a mage, I cheated on her eyes by giving her glowy Sky Blue magic eyes. I then did her helmet, it's Brassy Brass with a Brown Wash and then highlights of Brassy Brass and Brassy Brass/Polished Gold, then I did the horns in Bonewhite with multiple coats of Sepia Wash covering less area each time. Painting her veil next.
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