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  1. Still plodding along with my couple of November minis, not sure I'll get either finished. It's weird, I thought adding a monthly goal or two would get me painting more, or at least not leaving things unfinished so often. Instead, I've barely done anything this year.
  2. Added a set of pirates, they're rather snazzy, but yeah, seems like an odd selection of minis.
  3. Discovered one of the all-time greatest inventions today, the gilet! Finally, I can keep my body warm and my arms cold.
  4. Another project from Westfalia Miniatures, this time it's to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and is mostly centred around some gender-swapped Lord of the Rings characters (Plus skeleton pirates). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/westfaliaminiatures/the-dark-ten/description I get their argument that they needed to run an anniversary campaign while it's still their anniversary, but I wish they had cleared their backlog first (Although they only have two unfulfilled projects now). Nothing really jumps out at me with this one, I do like the face on old lady Gandalf though.
  5. If I was free to do so I would. Back when I was looking at studying with the Open University (Before the course adviser told me it would be a waste of my time and money), I cobbled together something resembling a Xenobiology degree, I like to give that a try, or something where I studied myths and legends.
  6. Don't think I've ever had Pumpkin pie, so Apple wins by default.
  7. If it wasn't such a massive pain in the bum pushing my Housemates wheelchair through it, I'd like to live somewhere that got a decent amount of snow.
  8. And here's the after pic:- Still got a long way to go. Don't have a single favourite dish, I do enjoy having more soups and casseroles though.
  9. Slightly better week, 3 points for 166 total so far.
  10. Here's a before pic:- Lets see how much changes.
  11. Every day. Nothing fancy, I just pull the duvet over it. Hmm... Nothing springs to mind, maybe the nickname of our local soccer team (They're The Tractor Boys) but I think you really need to know your soccer for that one to work. Not mine, but my Mum had African Land Snails when I was younger. Didn't have them very long though, she got so sad having to freeze all the eggs they kept laying. I'll try to do the weekend bit later.
  12. Mid-month update:- Unfortunately, I'm mostly packed away again. I've left a bit out, so I can do some painting when I feel up to it, but I don't expect to finish anything for a long time.
  13. Recently Received:- Colostle - The Roomlands:- Received on time (Due Aug 2022). Looks good and I'm happy with what I received, but it turned out to not be my kind of thing. Pending:- Aeon Trespass: Odyssey:- Late (Due Jan 2021). Supposedly in the process of shipping, should get it soonTM. Mork Borg Miniatures:- Late (Due Sep 2022). This one has slipped to March/April next year, I think Westfalia have a bit too much on their plate. Household:- Due Jun 2023. Still seems to be on schedule. Recently paid the shipping on this one, not as bad as I feared but still pretty hefty. Reaper Bones 6:- Due Apr 2024. Put in a late pledge for just the 1 mini (Storm Giantess), Reaper know what they're doing by this point, so I've got no worries but I'm expecting it to be a bit late. Герої - The Heroes:- Due Jun 2023. Despite my slight fears about Westfalia being somewhat over-committed at the moment on their other Kickstarters, I backed this one for one big mini. I expect it to end up being a bit late. So, yeah... Despite saying no more Kickstarters I'm still pledging for them, but only in a very small way now.
  14. Tough week, only 2 points and I'm not entirely sure I deserved 1 of them. Up to 163.
  15. Nope. I'd love a bit of dedicated space for all my hobby stuff, but it just don't have the space, so there's bits of it everywhere. Too dang long! A normal sized mini takes me roughly 15 hours (It's 1 to 2 hours of painting a day spread over 10-ish days), my stuff should look a lot nicer considering the time I sink into them.
  16. Both my biological Dad and Stepdad served in the Airforce (USA and UK). Although he never said anything, I think my Stepdad was a little disappointed that I never followed in his footsteps and sign up, but it just wasn't my thing.
  17. At my current rate of painting? Several lifetimes probably. Even if I ever get back to full speed (For me), I have at least 15 years worth.
  18. Only had a handful of interactions with the neighbours over the almost 20 years I've lived here, so while I would guess that yes, they do think I'm odd, I don't really know.
  19. I think the answer to both is the plastic version of Nagash. Although a lot of it is the thin swirly strands that make him "float", so I'm not sure if he's actually all that big.
  20. The 1980's Charlie Sheen classic? Another favorite of mine. That's the one.
  21. I like homemade soup and that's kinda healthy isn't it? Got a couple craft fairs to go to today, tomorrow is a lazy day of hobbying hopefully.
  22. Getting back to this. Astri got a (Somewhat washed out) face. This was a base of Rosy Flesh, then Flesh Wash, then highlights of Rosy Flesh and 1:1 Rosy Flesh/Light Flesh. She's got a very fine scar across one eye that I tried to pick out with 1:1 Light Flesh/Scarlett Red. Her lips are 1:1 Light Flesh/Warlord Purple with an Off-white highlight dot, and a bit more Flesh Wash between the lips. Tried giving her eyes, even on a lady this big I found it a struggle.
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