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  1. @haldir - Another vote for Volcano Orange! It's terrible, I found a store in town that has a giant basement full of secondhand DVD's, I brought about 20. (I would've brought more, but I'd already spent the best part of an hour combing the shelves.)
  2. Once again I've been reminded to not revisit the past. Been watching a few Jackie Chan movies lately, I was really into them during the 90's because one of the TV channels used to show them really late at night, some have been okay, some have been awful, but none have been anywhere near as good as I remembered.
  3. Everywhere around here seems to have left it a little later before putting up the decorations, so I haven't got tired of them yet. I do have a tiny artificial tree to put up, need to discover if we're doing Christmas this year first though.
  4. I've thought about it, they look fun, but I'm not sure I'd cope being surrounded by so many people for long. Longest voyage is either the ferry between Dover and Calais or the one between Portsmouth and Jersey (Not sure which one is longer).
  5. Housemate got hers today, just a sore arm like usual.
  6. Once again my Vallejo Matt varnish lets me down ☹️ I was just going to move on to next mini, but I think I'll have another crack at his cape.
  7. Don't have one this year. Not even sure we're doing Christmas any more.
  8. I tried that one a few weeks ago, yeah it is pretty awful. Did you get as far as the bizarre (and somewhat nausea inducing) first person POV fight scenes?
  9. Watched The Suicide Squad, easily the 2nd best Suicide Squad film, although I'm a fan of all four.
  10. Thanks everybody! The drybrush I gave it doesn't show up too well so it looks rather plain. I think I needed to either use a much lighter colour, or a heavier hand with the drybrushing or both.
  11. Base done, off to show-off:- https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97504-hercules/
  12. Presenting my first finished Bones V Kickstarter mini, the mighty Hercules! I don't get much painting time these days, so he's a little rough and rushed in places, but he's done and he doesn't look too bad. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  13. Thanks! Painted boots, gloves and belts (Leather Brown/Scarlett Red > Brown Wash > Leather Brown/Scarlett Red > Leather Brown/Scarlett Red/Bonewhite with some Oily Steel studs). Just the base to go.
  14. Thanks to Facebooks wonky algorithms I was almost two days late to seeing a post about Twisted putting out a limited pre-release of a pair figures. Luckily, both were still available:- Cleo and The Human Torpedo.
  15. Yawn... Why did I think getting up at 5am to check out Kingdom Death's Black Friday sale was a good idea?
  16. Black Friday got me bad this year (And it isn't technically here yet!). Been on a bit of a Mailfaux binge, from one place I picked up:- Rasputina's Crew, Wacky Necromancers, Misaki's Crew, Marcus's Crew, Basse's Crew, Big Game Hunters, Smugglers. And then from Wyrd themselves I got:- Brine and Bones, The Wild Ones, Miss Feasance, Miss Fire, Miss Anne Thrope, Miss Hapen. At least I'm all caught up on Malifaux stuff, at least until I can find Lord Cooper available separately.
  17. There's no specific vintage figure I'm after, so I'd go for something new and unreleased. In particular one of those still unreleased Kingdom Death figures I've been waiting years for (And presumably still have quite a lot of waiting to go).
  18. Finally painted his leather sandals! A base of Red Leather with Red Leather/Off-white highlights and Bronze studs, finished with a Brown Wash. Just got the base to do and he's finally done.
  19. Thanks! Moar Purple! She now has Orchid Purple > Black Wash > Orchid Purple > Orchid Purple/Chrome shoulder-pads. Boots and gloves next.
  20. I have a really good memory, but only for really useless stuff like Simpsons trivia.
  21. I've been enjoying it so far, not sure if they can get everything sufficiently wrapped up in two episodes though.
  22. I prefer hard plastic minis as I really enjoy putting them together, but I have no preference when it comes to actually painting them.
  23. An actual hobby room with a permanently setup painting desk and maybe a table where I can leave in progress board games set up is all I want at the moment. Once I have that then I can start dreaming bigger.
  24. Lots of little bits done. Pistol handle (Parasite Brown > Brown Wash), Dials (Bonewhite with Pure Black needles and a Brown Wash), Rope (Cork Brown > Brown Wash > Cork Brown/Off-white), Cables (Ochre Yellow) Knobs (Scarlett Red > Brown Wash > Scarlett Red > Scarlett Red/Off-white) Glowy backpack thingy (Magic Blue/Off-white > Off-white with a little tiny bit of Magic Blue), Flight-suit joints (Hexed Lichen > Hexed Lichen/Ghost Grey > Black Wash with Oily Steel studs). Shoulder-pads next.
  25. Painted up his archery equipment. The middle bits of the quivers are Magic Blue, the arrows are Magic Blue/Off-white with a Brown Wash, and the bow is Parasite Brown/Off-white with a Brown Wash and a highlight of Parasite Brown/Off-white with Bonewhite straps. Definitely painting his leathery bits next, they're the only bits left!
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