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  1. Nope, didn't know there was one. Giving in to my inner child today and buying myself a kiddies STEM project thing for Christmas just because it looked so cool.
  2. Sadly not. Nor did I become sidekick to a superhero, why can't life be a little bit more like the movies?
  3. My old housemate. Now she's changed we don't get along like we used to. Not yet, it's still unseasonably warm.
  4. Feeling extra fat and lazy today, walking to the shops I got passed by the same jogger 3 times ☹️ I, of course, did the sensible thing and brought a jumbo sausage roll and a banana milkshake for lunch.
  5. Probably. My daytime park walk didn't offer any clues as to what they were up to. It'll have to remain a mystery.
  6. I love a nice bit of KFC, haven't had any in ages though (Housemate finds it too spicy). I don't really eat anything from the big fast food chains any more, they all seem rather expensive for what you get these days, I'd much rather wait a bit longer and get something nice delivered.
  7. Went for a night walk last night. When I was going past the park, there was a fire truck and a bunch of firemen in full gear just standing round in the dark. Going to take a walk in the park later, see if I can figure out what they were doing.
  8. Yay! Progress:- Did the rest of the metal bits. Some are Leather Brown > Brassy Brass > Brown Wash > Brassy Brass > Brassy Brass/Chrome, others are the same but with Bronze. Gotta finish off her pistol and backpack next.
  9. Progress, woot! Did all the metal bits (Leather Brown > Bronze > Brown Wash > Bronze > Bronze/Chrome). Now I'll do the leathery bits.
  10. I'm actually pretty good at keeping the fridge tidy, there will be a few random jars of stuff in there that'll be a few months old, but nothing terrifying or gross.
  11. No. I've been interested doing the exchanges, but I know how easily distracted I get and I'd hate to sign up only to lose interest.
  12. Charity shops really need to start charging more for DVD's, at 25p each I'm basically buying anything that looks mildly interesting. Today I picked up The House With A Clock In It's Walls (Which actually isn't a bad film if you like Jack Black).
  13. My daily routine never changes that much, I'm just wearing a sweater more often.
  14. Had some Oily Steel on my palette, so did the steely bits (Pure Black > Oily Steel > Black Wash > Oily Steel > Chrome), plus her face mask got one Scarlett Red eye and one Magic Blue/Off-white eye.
  15. Continuing to do little bits of painting as life allows me and I've finally finished his toga. The toga itself is Ghost Grey/Off-white > Grey Wash > Ghost Grey/Off-white > Off-white, while the trim is Steel Grey with the pattern picked out with Black Wash. Not the neatest of jobs but it looks okay. Leathery bits next.
  16. Very nice, great job on the shield!
  17. Dang it Monday, I thought we had an understanding...
  18. Looking forward to you working on the Northumbria stuff, they have some neat minis.
  19. I've got my eye on you Monday, you better not have any shenanigans planned after the weekend I've had (The ongoing Housemate Saga is going poorly).
  20. Nothing planned. I would like to get some painting done, but life stuff keeps getting in the way at the moment.
  21. The housemate and I are big trifle fans, but it's just easier to buy the little, individual ready made ones.
  22. Thanks, but I think he looks rather rough, my painting skills seem to be a bit lacking lately. Made a start on Yrkill. Painted up her flight suit so far (Blue Violet/Ghost Grey > Purple Wash > Blue Violet/Ghost Grey > Blue Violet/Ghost Grey/Off-white > Purple Wash).
  23. None. My step-dad and I used to regularly battle each other with Scrabble and Monopoly etc. but that was almost 30 years ago at this point.
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