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  1. Yeah, I hope he stretches out the time limit on the complete packages, there's still 2 minis in the desert set and most of the undead and jungle sets to be sculpted. I don't mind if he takes his time, they're looking like lovely mini's, but I do want everything I pledged for eventually.
  2. He was already awesome but now he's beginning to look very epic.
  3. Thanks for the comments. I'm seeing some good justification for his beard here. My own take on it is that he's a terrifying spectre with a ghostly, flaming beard rather than an actual skeleton. I can just see a guilt-ridden Dwarf waking up in the middle of the night and finding this guy looming over him, "Why did you run away and leave me to fight on alone? Those Orcs ate my faceeeee......"
  4. Looks like my decision this morning to spend my money on some Bones instead of backing this worked out well for me. No way would I have been able to stick to just a few heroines.
  5. And another one is finished, The Skeleton I'm not too fond of his beard (both in concept and the paintjob I gave it), but I think the rest of him turned out okay.
  6. Man, those amazons look cool. Anyhows, decided not to back this one in the end. I looked up that UK retailer they mentioned and, unless they significantly up their prices in the future, it's cheaper to just wait for them to hit retail.
  7. Damn this Cleric and his fancy clothes! I couldn't quite figure out how to do his beard from the highlights down, but I did manage to paint something that looks okay. His beard is now a basecoat of Vallejo Warmgrey, a wash of Brenonne Blue, reapplied the Warmgrey and then a highlight of 1:1 Warmgrey/Linen White. I then started on his inner robe with a basecoat of Vallejo Sick Green, the little diamonds on his coat were painted the same colour. I started to get pretty fed up with working on him at this point, so I've decided to put this guy aside for now. That brings us to the next Dwarf in the queue, the Miner:-
  8. Nuts! I was all excited this morning, now I've realized I got the date wrong and I have to wait until tomorrow.
  9. For us UKers they've added some reduced shipping pledge levels. Although, sadly, not for the Demigod set I want.
  10. Repainted the Skeleton, decided to not have a second crack at OSL, he'll go in the finished thread once I've painted his base. Made some progress on the Cleric:- Finished his fabulous solid gold shoulderpads. I painted the gold in my usual way but I think the bit of braid could use another coat, its looking very brown in the piccys. The purple was a base coat of Vallejo Hexed Lichen, with a highlight of 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Linen White. I'm having second thoughts about the purple though, the dragonfly motif on the shoulderpads isn't showing up too well. Then I made a start on his beard, but my shading doesn't look right. It's a basecoat of Vallejo Warmgrey with a shadecoat of 1:1 Warmgrey/Brenonne Blue. Any idea where I went wrong?
  11. 'expletive deleted' 3 new Kickstarters at once trying to have their way with my wallet. I should be ignoring this, but suddenly my life doesn't seem complete without a demigod set. I'm going to have to do some financial juggling over the next week I think.
  12. I want to get a few of those demons, especially that fly one in the stretch goals. I'll have to see if I can free up some cash.
  13. FINALLY! Now to wait patiently until Monday afternoon.
  14. At least we can play 'Guess the Kickstarter exclusive mini' until it launches. My guess is the one with the Mickey Mouse eared helmet.
  15. Yeah, I'm hoping that now I have basic layering skills I can come up with something that looks vaguely gem-like. Still leaving that bit until last though.
  16. A little more progress. I got a little lazy and finished him off with mainly basecoats + washes. His trousers and sleeves - Vallejo Sick Green + Brown wash. Hammer handles and leg wraps - Vallejo Ice Yellow + Sepia wash. Furry bits on ankles - Vallejo Warm Grey + Brown wash. I made a nice reddy brown for his belts out of a 2:1 mix of Ruddy Leather/Carnage Red, highlighted with a 2:1 mix of Oiled Leather/Carnage Red. ...And then I ruined it with a ham-fisted attempt at OSL, so chunks of him will need re-painting. Putting this setback behind me, I started on the Cleric:- His skin was painted the same way as the Dwarf King, except with the highlight layer I used a 1:1 mix of Vallejo Dwarf Skin/Linen White. I think this new way worked better. His coat has a base of pure Carnage Red, with a 2:1 mix of Carnage Red/Ruddy Leather in the folds and a few tiny highlights of 2:1 Carnage Red/Sun Yellow.
  17. I don't have anything from my earlier forays into the hobby, I've gotten in to (and dropped out of) mini painting about 4 times over the last 20 odd years. But from my latest go at it, I've got this:- All the way from Christmas 2009, a Games Workshop Corpse Cart. They're so bad even my camera didn't want to focus on them!
  18. I wish the comment's had a quote function, I don't mind going the long way round to access creator's-only comments, but I hate trying to figure out what question is getting answered.
  19. Sadly the troll was a Kickstarter exclusive.
  20. I'm still amazed people can actually find the eyes on Stonehaven's male Dwarfs, never mind paint them. You did a great job on him.
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