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  1. At least we can play 'Guess the Kickstarter exclusive mini' until it launches. My guess is the one with the Mickey Mouse eared helmet.
  2. Yeah, I'm hoping that now I have basic layering skills I can come up with something that looks vaguely gem-like. Still leaving that bit until last though.
  3. A little more progress. I got a little lazy and finished him off with mainly basecoats + washes. His trousers and sleeves - Vallejo Sick Green + Brown wash. Hammer handles and leg wraps - Vallejo Ice Yellow + Sepia wash. Furry bits on ankles - Vallejo Warm Grey + Brown wash. I made a nice reddy brown for his belts out of a 2:1 mix of Ruddy Leather/Carnage Red, highlighted with a 2:1 mix of Oiled Leather/Carnage Red. ...And then I ruined it with a ham-fisted attempt at OSL, so chunks of him will need re-painting. Putting this setback behind me, I started on the Cleric:- His skin was painted the same way as the Dwarf King, except with the highlight layer I used a 1:1 mix of Vallejo Dwarf Skin/Linen White. I think this new way worked better. His coat has a base of pure Carnage Red, with a 2:1 mix of Carnage Red/Ruddy Leather in the folds and a few tiny highlights of 2:1 Carnage Red/Sun Yellow.
  4. I don't have anything from my earlier forays into the hobby, I've gotten in to (and dropped out of) mini painting about 4 times over the last 20 odd years. But from my latest go at it, I've got this:- All the way from Christmas 2009, a Games Workshop Corpse Cart. They're so bad even my camera didn't want to focus on them!
  5. I wish the comment's had a quote function, I don't mind going the long way round to access creator's-only comments, but I hate trying to figure out what question is getting answered.
  6. Sadly the troll was a Kickstarter exclusive.
  7. I'm still amazed people can actually find the eyes on Stonehaven's male Dwarfs, never mind paint them. You did a great job on him.
  8. I see. I guess this happens to a lot of projects, they just don't blog about it.
  9. So I gave the beard another go:- I officially hate painting white. After a dozen attempts to get neat highlights, I gave up. I might try again, but I don't see myself doing a better job anytime soon. While waitng, repeatedly, for his beard to dry, I not only managed to get the rest of him basecoated, I also made a start on the next guy:- The Cleric. This one's going to be tricky, I need to learn to paint gems. (I'm also making a start to my Malifaux stuff, I'm getting a little tired of Dwarfs already).
  10. Here's the next Dwarf, The Knight:- She didn't turn out too bad in the end.
  11. That's another addition to the want list. I wonder what Raging Heroes did wrong? Considering the stuff I've seen being Kickstarted, I find it difficult to imagine what would get a project rejected.
  12. Thanks, I tend to feel the same way about offering advice. The idea behind doing the beard colours that way was to give it a sort of inner glow, but I don't think I'm creating enough depth. I'll try it the normal way round, see if it looks better.
  13. Very nice, love the face and hair.
  14. Ghost-beard!!! The steel parts got the usual two drybrushed highlights, the brass had a drybrush of Vallejo Brassy Brass and then one of 1:1 Brassy Brass/Pearl White. The bony bits got another coat of Vallejo Bonewhite and the skull itself got an extra highlight of 1:2 Bonewhite/Linen White. This went a lot better than it did last time. His ghost beard was basecoated with 1:1 Vallejo Andrea Blue/Linen White, washed in Linen White and then I reapplied the blue/white mix. What do people think of the beard? I know it still needs a bit more work, but I'm not as sure of the concept as I was.
  15. Nothing wrong with liking the Wraithknight, I really like it too. It's just a pity they feel they need to charge so much for it.
  16. Ah I see, I was being a bit thick. That does look good though, I'll have to try again in the future.
  17. Following MonkeySloth's suggestion, I washed the Knights armor in Vallejo Hexed Lichen:- I think I did it wrong, because I'm not seeing much of a difference. But I do like the purply tone the red has now though, so I'm not going to fiddle with it. She just needs the base doing and then she'll go into my finished Dwarfs thread. The Skeleton has had a bit of work done as well:- The metalwork has been basecoated and washed (Honed Steel + Black wash, Vallejo Brassy Brass + Brown wash) as have the skelly bits (Vallejo Bonewhite + Brown wash).
  18. I meant no offence with my mention of 'crazy fans', I myself backed Kingdom Death's kickstarter pretty heavily (couldn't resist all those pin-ups!). What I meant was, unlike other successful tabletop game kickstarters, Kingdom Death didn't rely on a lot of free stuff to attract pledges, it relied on a fanbase willing to spend a lot of money for (hopefully) good figures. Prehaps 'dedicated fans' would have been better.
  19. Makes sense. Although I would have to argue that it was crazy fans, not economies of scale, that made the Kingdom Death one so successful.
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