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  1. Man, I really should have looked past the whole Maelstrom issue and backed this, those are some very nice mini's.
  2. Did a little bit more to the Knight:- Making a start on the metallics, put down coats of Honed Steel, Antique Gold and metallic red (a 1:1 mix of Honed Steel and Carnage Red). Not too sure if the red works, it doesn't look like I thought it would.
  3. I like it, looks like it's going to be hard to base though.
  4. Finished off the King:- I've finally solved one of the problems I was having with layering, instead of fully loading my brush with paint, if I just load up about a third of it, then it doesn't flood out all over the place as soon as the tip touches something Now I just need to blend the layers better, but I think that will come with practice. Anyways, I just need to do the King's base and then I'll make a thread for my Dwarf's in Showoff. I'll be putting my earlier Dwarfs in there too, would people like piccy's of their backs or should I not worry? Also made a start on the Knight:- She's been lined, had her eye's done and I've bascoated some of the metallic areas (Walnut Brown for steel, Oiled Leather for gold bits). If I can get it to look right she's going to have Gold and Metallic Red armor.
  5. Yeah, since I've started using drybrushing more I try and get it done first so I don't ruin everything else.
  6. Wow, some great stuff here, I especially like the Strain monsters.
  7. Yeah, rather glad I won't have to face that sort of temptation. If Adam's got things sorted in China, I hope this means we'll get piccys of the plastic prototypes soon, I'm dying to see how they turn out.
  8. So it'll be late Aug/ early Sep before I see my Bones, could be worse. Then I've got a couple of months before the waiting game starts again with Kingdom Death: Monster, yay
  9. Looking go so far. Vallejo and Reaper paints mix fine, or at least they have so far, the Vallejo just tends to need extra thinning.
  10. Did more work on the King:- Finished off his beard with drybrushes of 1:1 and then 1:2 Rainy Grey/Pure White, the shading is prehaps a bit too subtle (it certainly doesn't photograph well), but I think it looks good. Tidied up a few more areas, painted his beard bangles in Antique Gold, added Ashen Blue highlights to his tabard, did his bandage in Vallejo Ice Yellow with a Sepia wash and basecoated the back of his shield in Walnut Brown and any leather bits in Ruddy Leather. Just need to finish off the brown parts, fix any mistakes I find, do the base and he's done! So its time to choose the Dwarf, and the dice have chosen:- The Knight (Female).
  11. I'm trying to get out of the habit of relying on washes to do a lot of the hard work for me. The details do show up a bit better in real life though, he's being stubbornly unphotogenic for some reason. His face did seem lose quite a bit of contrast when I varnished him, I think I was a bit heavy-handed with it. The Nurgling just wouldn't work from the start, no matter what I mixed in I always seemed to end up with the same shade of blue.
  12. Very nice. I agree with you about the thighs, they're really weird looking.
  13. Been working hard on the King today:- Got the metal parts finished. Since my attempt at learning fancier metallics failed dismally, I'm back to using ye olde Washing and Drybrushing. The Gold parts were basecoated in Reaper Antique Gold, given a brown wash, then a drybrush of Antique Gold followed by one of New Gold. The Silver parts were basecoated in Honed Steel, given a black wash, then a drybrush of Honed Steel followed by one of Polished Silver. Now his skin is finished. It was basecoated in a 1:2 mix of Reaper Ruddy Leather and Vallejo Dwarf Skin, then given a highlight of pure Dwarf Skin and then a layer of 1:1 Dwarf Skin and Flat Flesh. And this is as far as I've got on his beard, its a basecoat of Rainy Grey with a wash of Ashen Blue. Next painting session its getting another coat of Rainy Grey and then one of Rainy Grey/White, but I'm not sure that will create enough contrast, should I have made a darker wash?
  14. After spending far longer than I ever have on a single mini, Festus is finally finished:- (Unfortunately he's proving very difficult to photograph decently, hence only the two piccys.) He's the first mini that I've applied all the stuff I learnt from the first two L2PK's too, and while, in hindsight, I should probably have chosen a simpler figure, I think he turned out okay. Comments and criticisms are most welcome.
  15. Thanks. Yeah the Bard is easily one of the best paintjobs I've done so far.
  16. While digging around, looking for my next project, I noticed I still had a lot of my Stonehaven Dwarfs to paint, so I'm getting them finished off. That should keep me busy until my Bones arrive! Here's the guys and girls I've already finished:- Warrior (plus bonus Troll) Rogue and Druidess Mage and Bard Here's the rest of the gang primed and ready (minus 1 guy who I'd previously primed in black and is having a scrub down):- And finally the one I'd been working on:- The King
  17. Very nice, I can't decide if the blue dress or the green and gold dress is my favorite.
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