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  1. That's so cool. I used to have a few of those Miyazaki model kits, but after I spent months putting together an etched brass version of the Tiger Moth from Laputa, only to have it fall off a shelf and shatter into a million pieces, I lost interest and got rid of them.
  2. Great bit of freehand on the shield.
  3. I'm rather depressed by all these people doing a much better job with Kit 1 then I did
  4. Thanks for those! As I guessed, I had the basics right but there was a lot more to it.
  5. That two water pot idea sounds good, but I'm already struggling for space on my little fold-up table, I wanna proper painting desk! My love of Kingdom Death pin-ups disqualifes me from the other topic.
  6. I haven't decided what to do to the Dwarf's cloak yet, I made a mess of his shield so he's stuck on 'The Shelf of Half-Painted Minis' until I rethink his color scheme. On to Festus:- I learnt a few things: Glass painting is an actual hobby, so Googling for a tutorial on painting a glass effect doesn't really work, and I need to look closer when prepping my mini's, the vials on his belt are a mess of moldlines and things. Painted up his medallion (Vallejo Brassy Brass + Brown Wash), Chains (Vallejo Oily Steel + Black Wash) and the vials (Basecoat of Vallejo Warm Grey, then a blob of light Orange, Green or Yellow and then a glaze of Reaper Pure White). Bit disappointed I couldn't get that glass effect I wanted, but the bottles should look good once they get a coat of shiny varnish. Now his main body is finished, I can move on to his backpack of grossness!
  7. For your first mini, you're off to a very good start.
  8. Yeah the Monk looks good. Not too sure where Laurana went wrong, layering is something I'm just starting to tackle myself.
  9. Your chibi collection is looking great. I keep meaning to pick up SDE, but other shiny stuff always distracts me.
  10. I made a wash out of Reaper Leaf Green, don't think it was dark enough, but it has brought out all those ridges better. I painted up his apron, its a mix of Reaper Ruddy Leather and Vallejo Heavy Goldbrown. Made a little mistake in one area, where what I thought was apron turned out to be skin, but its not too noticeable. Just his chains, medallion and vials left, then his main body is finished. I'm going to try and find a glass effect tutorial, make the vials nice and fancy. While I was waiting for bits to dry, I had a bit of drybrushing practice on a Dwarf Kings fur cloak. I think I'm getting the hang of it. What do you folks think?
  11. I don't have that light touch you need for drybrushing, so there's very little basecoat left in the gaps I'll make up a wash, see how that goes.
  12. Luckily after 4ish years of being in the hobby I still only have a small cardboard box of unpainted minis. Although, despite my best efforts, there always seems to be the same amount in there.
  13. So I painted his toenails (Vallejo Heavy Golden Brown) and the leechs (Reaper Ultramarine Shadow), with his skin totally finished I moved on to his tentacles. While painting up his tentacles, I realized they're actually three giant leechs that he controls with his mind. His title makes so much more sense now. These were basecoated in Vallejo Hexed Lichen and then drybrushed with a 1:2:1 mix of Hexed Lichen:Vallejo Warlord Purple:Reaper Linen White. Drybrushing isn't my strongest suit, so they didn't turn out too great. I finished them off with spots of Vallejo Dead Flesh. I've decided to finish off his body first before moving on to other (more interesting stuff), so next I'll be painting his apron.
  14. Never noticed the statue head on Kallys base before, she just became even more awesome!
  15. It took me ages to get around to watching the Donna season, because I didn't think I'd like Catherine Tate as a companion, but I thought she turned out to be one of the better main ones of nuWho. Still tend to prefer the side companions though, I wish there had been a few more episodes with Donna's Grandfather.
  16. Decided to leave his skin purplish, the colour is growing on me and it sounds like it would have taken a lot of work to reach a Dead Flesh tone. Wish I could remember where I got that skin recipe from, I'd like to know where I went wrong. Added a drop of Reaper Rainy Grey to my last skin layer for a final highlight, and then painted his various blemishes (Reaper Rampage Red for holes, Vallejo Dead Flesh for lumps). Just got some toenails and leechs to paint and his skin will be finished. Then it will be on to either his imp, or his tentacles.
  17. Following some sage advice to practice what I've learnt from the the first 2 'Learn to paint kits', I dug this guy out of my box of unpainted mini's:- Probably should have chosen something simpler to practice on, but he's the biggest unpainted mini I have at the moment, and I thought larger would be easier. Here he is primed and lined, still not sure if I'm doing this lining thing right, it disappears once I start slapping the paint on. And this is a far as I've gotten with his skin. Unfortunately I've hit a snag, I was following this paint recipe I vaguely remember reading where you have a purple shade, dead flesh mid-tone and grey highlights. I started with a basecoat of 1 Vallejo Hexed Lichen to 2 Vallejo Dead Flesh, and followed up with layers of roughly 1:4 and 1:6 Hexed Lichen to Dead Flesh, but I'm still no where near a point where I can apply a pure Dead Flesh layer, let alone start on the Dead Flesh/Rainy Grey highlights. So I'm not sure where to go from here, any suggestions?
  18. Sounds like I'm using the same stuff, it keeps my paints moist anyways.
  19. A great looking mini, and you're off to a very good start painting wise.
  20. Is 'Parchment Paper' American for 'Baking Paper'? Because that's what I use and now you're all making me think I put my wet palette together wrong.
  21. That's a rather good idea. I think I'll take a break from my Kit journey, get a bit more comfortable with layering and then try Kit 3. To the cave of unpainted mini's!!
  22. Yeah, I still need a lot of practice with highlighting. I've been thinning my paints down as per the instructions (sometimes even thinner), but I haven't really gotten the hang of painting them yet. I'm pretty certain my first go at NMM is going to be a disaster, but I'm just very impatient to try it out.
  23. I couldn't face trying to do this kit with just the brushes it came with, so I 'borrowed' one of the size 0's from a later kit. You're doing well so far, all I'd suggest is going over the chainmail with the black wash again, really work it into all those little holes.
  24. Thanks for all the support guys! In the end I extended the highlights on her boobs a bit, but left her tummy highlights alone:- She's almost finished now, just her base (and necklace, which I forgot about until I took this photo) to go. There's not much of it to see in this shot, but I used that Liquitex Airbrush Medium to thin my Antique Gold, best stuff ever! Next up, I want to see if you really could do Kit 3 at this point, so I'm going to attempt to paint one mini from it now and then do the other after I've finished Kits 4 and 5.
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