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  1. Nice to see things moving forward. I'd be interested to see examples of Valiant's work, who else uses them?
  2. I think it's still a better choice for miniature games though, the way most of the miniature projects work with mutiiple pledge levels, stretch goals and add ons is a much better fit with Kickstarters system than indiegogos pay now set up. Oh yeah, Kickstarter is so much better than Indiegogo for this type of thing (they'll, hopefully, reach a much larger audience too).
  3. I wasn't rating his eyes too highly because he's got no pupils (after 7 attempts I gave up). I'll try darklining around his various belts and straps. I miss being able to sploge brown wash over everything, it made this sort of thing easier. I'll also break out my Milliput when I base the next mini, see what it looks like. Does that Testors stuff come in a non-spray version? I don't really have room for spraying things.
  4. Couldn't beat you to the update this time. It hadn't clicked before that since they're a French company, they really shouldn't be using Kickstarter. I'm feeling a little stupid now.
  5. He's finally all done:- I know his eyes are terrible, and he's a bit too shiny (I'm still fairly new to using that brush-on sealer stuff, or any model varnish for that matter). But are there any other areas I need to work on? I'm very open to suggestions
  6. Took a little longer than planned, but her clothes are finished:- The highlights on her vest are coming up very harsh in photo's but look good to the eye, so I'm not sure if I should fiddle about with them or not.
  7. Between Reaper's own scroll through vid and your piccys I'm seeing very few warped mini's, it warms the heart of this very lazy person.
  8. Got a bit more Sorceress painted:- I made her hair highlight a bit too bright, so I went over it with a bit of thinned basecoat, and that seems to have blended it in nicely although I think I need to re-apply a few lines of shade. But overall its turned out much nicer than my usual blonde hair formula of Vallejo Ice Yellow with a Sepia wash. Her clothes are just basecoated at the moment, should have them finished tomorrow.
  9. Oh no! A dreaded double post! Finally got over the worst of my cold, so its back to painting:- Considering how alien this method of doing skin is to me, I don't think that's too bad for a first attempt. I need practice though, lots and lots of practice. Also gave Tsuko a second skin highlight and he looks better for it, forgot to take a pic though.
  10. Poor Jody! I don't mind waiting or metal mini's, but I already spent a bit too much pledging for the complete plastic set, so I don't know if I'd be willing to pay for more shipping charges or a resin upgrade. Guess I'll just have to wait and see what options come up.
  11. I ordered the Liquitex stuff in the end, I wanted to pick up some brush soap (gotta learn to take care of my brushes if I ever want to upgrade to the fancy kind) anyways, and the artshop had both.
  12. Good stuff, the eyes are really well done.
  13. So that's where I've been going wrong! Once I've got over this stupid cold and my painting mojo returns, I'll give it a try.
  14. So that's why the pen option never worked right for me, I brought a Micro pen. One dot would cover the whole eye!
  15. RAAAGGGGGEEEEE!!!! Why is my Tsuko the only one where I can't see the highlights Looking good so far BlackDuck.
  16. Yay! A couple of months from now I should be getting mine then.
  17. Reading through that thread it sounds like the Liquitex stuff is a cocktail of all kinds of things, so I think it's that or nothing.
  18. Do you know if something like Vallejo's Matte Medium would work just as well? I can get the Liquitex stuff, but Vallejo products are just easier (and cheaper) to get.
  19. Yeah those things are a nightmare to try to paint neatly, and his hairbands were even worse! Yeah, Reaper did a really good job on selecting the mini's for these kits. Every bit of them seems to teach you something, or builds on things from the previous kit. Almost done! I went back over his belt and shaded it down again with the base grey, and painted up his weapon. Now I just need to fix up where the gold escaped (I hate painting with thinned gold, it seemed to lose all its sparkle unless I was really heavy-handed with it, but then it goes everywhere, of course). After that I'll finish off the base and post a finished pic. Then it's on to the dreaded Sorceress mini! I'm not as frightened of painting her as I was, the Monk was slightly easier than I thought he'd be and I feel I did a decent job on him. So hopefully it'll work out with her too.
  20. Sorry for the double post, but there's been a tiny bit of progress on the Kickstarter front. The banking issues are mostly resolved, so a few more days and their KS should go live, plus more art:- Best character concept yet IMO.
  21. Went back over his skin highlights again, I think I can see a difference, in places, maybe. Also painted his fancy trousers, had real trouble hightlighting the grey parts, I certainly need to redo his belt completely.
  22. I'm in the middle of painting one of my all-time favorite mini's, Bushido's Puppet Master:- And looking at that, I've realized my version has one arm in the wrong place
  23. Keep it shiny! Makes it look all crystally and stuff.
  24. My L2PK adventure continues in a new place! Here they are all primed up. I'm going to do the Monk first, as he seems like the lesser of 2 evils at the moment. Learning from my Man-at-Arms last kit, I did his eyes before basecoating (still don't get how anyone manages to paint eyes, I'm beginning to suspect they use witchcraft). I also lined him at this stage, not sure if I did it right (unfortunately I don't have a picture of him lined, I dropped my netbook while sorting out my photo's and it killed a few of them). Then on to his skin:- Looking okay so far, but I'm having trouble seeing where I've highlighted his skin, am I doing it wrong or is it supposed to be really subtle and my stanky old eyes just can't make it out?
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