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  1. My L2PK adventure continues in a new place!




    Here they are all primed up. I'm going to do the Monk first, as he seems like the lesser of 2 evils at the moment.


    Learning from my Man-at-Arms last kit, I did his eyes before basecoating (still don't get how anyone manages to paint eyes, I'm beginning to suspect they use witchcraft).

    I also lined him at this stage, not sure if I did it right (unfortunately I don't have a picture of him lined, I dropped my netbook while sorting out my photo's and it killed a few of them).

    Then on to his skin:-




    Looking okay so far, but I'm having trouble seeing where I've highlighted his skin, am I doing it wrong or is it supposed to be really subtle and my stanky old eyes just can't make it out?

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    I like the messy cross, it looks hand-painted. Not every soldier is going to have a beautifully-emblazoned shield.



    And the truth is I preferred the original look of the shield.


    There are 2 elements to criticism of a work, technical and composition. We should listen to both, doing so leads to improvement. However sometimes for composition the answer to criticism is "not for this miniature it looks how I want even if others disagree", this is because composition is subjective. Oh there are well established principles of design that make good guidance, but as with all such things sometimes its how you break the "rules" that is more important. So always stop and ask yourself if you are happy with the composition as is despite criticism of it.


    Very true.


    In this case though, his shield was messy because I decided to break out my rather poor freehand skills at the last minute. The second version was always how it was meant to look, minus the green border.

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  3. Nicely done, and I agree the shield needs a touch up.


    The base could use some work. In the future, unless you're going to leave the sides black, put primer on them just like the figure, so that your paint adheres. Paint the top side of the base the color of your gravel or flock (brown or green.) Then when you put stuff down it won't show so badly when there's gaps. It's easier than trying to get paint in the cracks afterward.


    Drybrush some of that tan color onto your sand, like you did on the armor.




    Yeah, I'm a very lazy baser (it's only recently that I started filling in any leftover slot gaps).

    I've never thought of priming my bases though, I've already finished my Rat's base, but I'll try that out (and your other tips) on the next one.


    A tiny update, gave his shield a touch-up:-



    That's as neat as I get, sadly.

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  4. Not bad. One thing I would do is add a border on the cross, something to set it off more from the blue on the shield, and clean it up a tad. Otherwise, good job, and hope to see more as your painting develops. (l2pk 2 next?)


    Thanks, I think I'll give it a try. A red or green border might look nice.

    Nope, next is the giant rat (who's almost finished), then comes Kit 2.


    Looks great! For stuff like that cross, or anywhere that you have to be super neat where two colors are next to each other, I like to keep both colors on the palette. Put the white down, then go back in with the blue and clean up the edges. If you need to hit it with white again (I usually would, I'm super sloppy) then just keep hitting it with white or blue as needed to clean it up.


    It's a pain in the butt and not easy at all! That's why I do so little freehand :)



    Yeah, freehand isn't my strong point, but I should have tidied it up, at least a bit, before taking any photos.





    Almost done.


    I went off script, and used some Vallejo Warm Grey and Bonewhite on the stones and skull, just needs to have a quick drybrush. Once the rest of the base is finished I'll move him to the Show Off section.



    Now the fun starts. I've more or less reached my current level of painting already, so everything from this point on will be new and terrifying.

    So prepare for my journey through Kit 2 to mainly involve me epicly screwing up.

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  6. My Man-at-Arms is having his base finished at the moment, when he's done I'll pop him up in the Show Off section.


    So, its Rat time!




    Stage 1 'Fur' complete.

    Using what I learned on the last mini, I put on more layers for the base coat (4 I think), thickened up the brown wash (I'm now using a 1:2 ratio instead of 1:4) and then brown seems to have worked better this time, or fur is just easier to paint than boots.




    Stage 2 'Skin' almost complete.


    Really pleased with how his skin and boils turned out, his ears aren't done yet because I had already packed my browns away at this point.

    Not sure why the ears weren't covered in the fur instructions, but I will not question the infinite wisdom of Reaper.

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  7. While I've grudingly accepted that the future is digital, until I can stream or download any film or TV series I want, no matter how obscure, I'm keeping my DVD collection.


    On-topic: - Pretty much every SimCity review I seen has said it could be a good game, but not until a simple traffic jam can no longer destroy your city.

  8. Another day, a bit more painting done:




    Stage 3 'Metal' complete.


    Needed a couple of attempts to get this right (trying to drybrush with thinned True Silver turned out to be a bad idea), but I'm still not too happy with his helmet.




    Stage 4 'Final Touches' complete.


    The Walnut Brown wash just didn't seem to work, is a ratio of 1 paint to 4 water too thin?


    Just need to finish off his base then I can start on the Rat.

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  9. Hope no one minds me dragging this thread back out into the open ::):


    While I'm not a complete newbie when it comes to painting I thought I'd start the long L2PK journey with Kit 1, to get some practice in all the stuff I tend to skip (like thinning paint and doing eyes).




    We're all primed up.


    I'm not sure if I like Reaper's Primer (I'm used to Vallejo's liquid plastic one), but I'm certainly switching from black to white primer in future, I can actually see what my mini's look like!




    Working on the Man-at-Arms first, stage 1 'Skin' complete.


    Only changes I've made to the instructions so far, I'm using a size 0 brush from a later kit for most things and since I need to learn how to thin my paints, I've upped the paint to water ratio to 1:1 for basecoats and 1:4 for washes.


    His flesh tone seems lighter than the instruction version, and I need a lot more practice with eyes, but looking good so far.




    Stage 2 'Cloth' complete.


    Thin paint apparently makes me a neater painter, but it takes a lot longer to get anywhere.

    I don't seem to have reached the same level of contrast as the instruction version, not sure if it was my wash or dry-brushing, but he's still looking okay.


    Hopefully I'll get a bit further tomorrow.

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    I finally recieved my L2PK's this morning, pretty blown away by what a deal it is, look at all the stuff you get:-




    Only negative I have is the misprint on the back of the packs, tempting me with a kit that does not exist is not nice, especially such an awesome sounding one!

    can you get us a image of that?, You have my curiosity for the moment.


    Sorry, I've already thrown all the packaging away.


    Basically on all the packs there's an advert for the other kits, including Kit 6 - Intermediate Level Special Effects. I've never seen it mentioned before so I assume it's been discontinued, they just never got around to changing the packaging.


    I'm grabbing one if it's ever released again though.

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