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  1. 19 hours ago, Corsair said:

    I should have said to make sure you get the latex caulk, not silicone, the silicone will not take paint where the latex will.


    Will do!








    Past's is Ochre Yellow/Iraqi Sand > Sepia Wash > Ochre Yellow/Iraqi Sand > Ochre Yellow/Iraqi Sand/Off-white.

    Present's is Scarlett Red/Ochre Yellow > Brown Wash > Fire Orange/Ochre Yellow (With a couple brushtips of Scarlett Red) > Red Wash.

    Future's is Stone Grey/Ghost Grey > Grey Wash (This didn't work very well) > Stone Grey/Ghost Grey > Purple Wash > Stone Grey/Ghost Grey.


    I also tidied up Past's eyes as best as I could, plus fixed the bit of Black that got on the side of Future's nose.


    Next up will probably be making a start on Future's dress since she's mostly one colour.

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  2. On 12/11/2021 at 11:20 PM, Corsair said:

    If you get latex epoxy caulk in the tube, squirt a little around the base. The stuff is easy to work with, just drag a toothpick through it to make your planks.


    I will have to look in to getting some of that.





    A little late but they all have skin now!


    Past's is Rosy Flesh > Flesh Wash > Rosy Flesh > Rosy Flesh/Pale Flesh.

    Present's is Dwarf Flesh > Flesh Wash > Dwarf Flesh > Dwarf Flesh/Pale Flesh.

    And Future's is Elf Flesh/Pale Flesh > Flesh Wash > Elf Flesh/Pale Flesh > Elf Flesh/Pale Flesh/Off-white.


    They all got eyes (They're a mixed bag, but I'm going to have to go back in and fix Past's, they didn't look quite that bad in hand!)


    And they got lips. Both Past and Present have Scarlett Red mixed into their final skin highlight, while Future uses Hexed Lichen.


    Next is hair.

    I'm thinking blonde for Past, red/ginger for Present and some sort of silver/grey for Future.

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  3. Catching a bit of a 1970's version of A Christmas Carol while channel hopping today reminded me that I still had these gals to paint:-




    I was planning on extending Presents base with putty but mine had dried up (Plus I'm not sure I would've had much success reproducing that wooden plank look anyways), so she's going to look a little weird (Although she already looks a little weird in her pirate cosplay).

    Just waiting on them to dry, and then, hopefully, I can start painting them tomorrow.


    Won't get them finished by Christmas, I'll probably still be working on them well into January, but I should be able to finish them eventually.

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  4. 13 hours ago, Olaf the Stout said:

    I never doubted it wouldn’t deliver. They still kept producing updates showing that the various stages were progressing. It was just way behind schedule. It would have been a very elaborate con if they didn’t deliver.


    You're more optimistic than I am!

    I didn't think it was a con, but they did seem to be at the mercy of issues beyond their control (like having to remove all the guns from their artwork, just as stuff was about to go into production) and closing down their games department mid-project didn't ease my worries.

  5. Got my booster jab yesterday, unfortunately it effected me like my first jab did and I'm going to be feeling pretty lousy for a few days.

    Which sort of makes sense as this was my first dose of Moderna (I think), previously I was on team Astra Zenaca.


    Totally worth it though, I'd much rather be icky for a few days then have Covid mess me up like it has my Housemate.

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  6. 2 hours ago, TGP said:

    DEC 2

    Christmas decor: …Are you tired of seeing it yet? About how long have the stores near you been festooned with forests of little trees? Do you have a tree up of your own?


    Everywhere around here seems to have left it a little later before putting up the decorations, so I haven't got tired of them yet.


    I do have a tiny artificial tree to put up, need to discover if we're doing Christmas this year first though.

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  7. 8 hours ago, TGP said:

    DEC 1

    Is going on a cruise something you’d consider doing? If you’ve never done that, what was the longest voyage on salt water you have ever made?


    I've thought about it, they look fun, but I'm not sure I'd cope being surrounded by so many people for long.


    Longest voyage is either the ferry between Dover and Calais or the one between Portsmouth and Jersey (Not sure which one is longer).

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  8. 12 hours ago, Rigel said:

    I'd say maybe go over it with a good matte finish (except the metals) and then a touch more matte drybrush?

    Great work on those paws especially!


    Once again my Vallejo Matt varnish lets me down ☹️


    I was just going to move on to next mini, but I think I'll have another crack at his cape.

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  9. Thanks everybody!


    17 hours ago, Evilhalfling said:

    well done!   

    I Like the way you painted the lion head and the club.

    the lion skin on the back less so,  but not sure why.



    The drybrush I gave it doesn't show up too well so it looks rather plain.

    I think I needed to either use a much lighter colour, or a heavier hand with the drybrushing or both.

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