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  1. No going out for me at the moment, so no piccys. But if I could, I would probably take a picture of the abandoned toilet block in the park across the road. Might sound like a weird definition of spooky, but it's been abandoned for over twenty years at this point, the trees are taking over and is half lost amongst the undergrowth. Even on a bright day that little bit of the park comes off as surprisingly creepy.
  2. Thanks for all the 'Likes' and comments everyone!
  3. Presenting the Chubby Lamplighter, along with his friends Skinny Lamplighter and Lady Lamplighter (who I haven't painted yet), who are part of the Jedza set from the game Malifaux by Wyrd Games. Despite loving Malifaux figures I stopped buying them because they just look so awful when I paint them up, but after seeing this set being unboxed on Youtube I had to pick them up. Not my best work in general (I think I spent more time reattaching the incredibly fragile dangly bits on his staff than painting him), but much better than I usually manage with the Malifaux range. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  4. Thanks! Painted his pet eel (I found something called a Leopard Eel on Google), the skin is Iraqi Sand/Yellow Ochre with Bonewhite highlights and a Sepia Wash, it also got Bloody Red eyes and markings made out of dots of Saddle Brown with Pale Yellow centres. Now I've gotta paint his robe.
  5. I don't think I've ever brought a pumpkin, I do like eating pumpkin seeds though.
  6. I handle all the meds so no concerns on that front. Unfortunately I don't have the means to video what's going on, but I will try and document it in case that helps. Hopefully, everyone is right and it's just the infection causing this, but it's all new to me and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm not coping too well.
  7. Thanks! Thanks for the input! Yeah, it looks like not planning out her colour scheme in advance didn't work this time. I have another version still to paint, so I'll try and apply the lessons learnt on this one to that one. Thanks! Yeah, I'm pleased with her face, even though I had trouble with her mouth. Thanks! Yeah, that might have worked, I should really stop being so lazy with my basing.
  8. Well that backfired spectacularly:- I guess the lesson is just don't try helping people.
  9. I thought today was going too well, currently waiting on an ambulance...
  10. Presenting Calculus, she's an alchemist from the Alchemy Guild wielding some sort of alchemy flute, she was made by Steamforged Games as part of their discontinued Guild Ball range. Not too happy with this one. Her face and hair came out okay, but it went downhill from there, couldn't even do a decent job taking piccys. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  11. Felt up to doing a little painting today, unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten how since last Friday, so things are a little messy. Basecoated his cape with Magic Blue, tried shading it with some Magic Blue/Pure Black but it didn't look right (I used this for the inner side instead), so I hit it with some Black Wash before highlighting with Magic Blue and Magic Blue/Sky Blue. The edging was done with Ochre Yellow and a Sepia Wash. Next up will either be his eel or his robes.
  12. No. I like hearing scary stories but I'm no good at telling them myself.
  13. Thanks for the advice! I'm trying to stay calm, but it's got me really freaked out at the moment.
  14. Survived a trip to the shops, we have food now! (The housemate and I were good and masked up, so we didn't freak anyone out when we coughed). Stumbled across something interesting on Youtube this morning. It's basically a series of little faux documentaries about Batman as a real-life 1920's crimefighter (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEbvRBdyIfQvuvBlkW_8Ez3zFrhCBNveK).
  15. Nothing too interesting, mostly hoping I feel well enough to go shopping before we run out of food (both the housemate and I are full of flu). Although, if we can handle the excitement, we might go feed the ducks on Sunday.
  16. Finished off the bony bits with highlights of Iraqi Sand/Bonewhite and Iraqi Sand/Bonewhite/Off-white, and the metal bits with highlights of Bronze and Polished Gold. The lantern windows were done in Pale Yellow and Pale Yellow/Off-white with a Sepia Wash to tidy up the edges. While the crest of the backcrest is done in Fire Orange/Ochre Yellow with highlights of Fire Orange/Ochre Yellow/Off-white. Next up will be getting his cape painted, when I stop coughing (Still full of flu).
  17. Been re-watching Mahoraba - Heartful Days because someone finally put it out on DVD after all these years. Nowhere near as good as I remember it being (I would've been very surprised if it was), but it's still a fun series and it's nice being taken back to the early 00's, when life was simpler and the future was still bright and full of infinite possibilities.
  18. Thanks! Very minor progress (I'm full of flu at the mo'). The helmet and back-crest are Iraqi Sand/Bonewhite with a Sepia Wash so far, while the face-guard and dangly lantern are Bronze with a Brown Wash.
  19. I'm not one to watch specific films for holidays and such, but if we're talking scary films it's a tie between Event Horizon, The Cabin in the Woods and The Thing.
  20. Painted up his rags with Steel Grey, highlighted with Steel Grey/Ghost Grey and hit with a Brown Wash to grunge them up. Then I painted the base Leather Brown, drybrushed Iraqi Sand and then a Brown Wash and he's done. A skeleton freshly awakened by the eldritch energies that permeate Silverton, doomed to wander the dark, forgotten parts of the city forever. Made a start on my first Sea Elf by painting his neck with Elf Flesh.
  21. Nope, don't decorate, as I've said before Halloween just isn't a thing around here. (It did show signs of becoming a thing a few years back but it quickly fizzled out.)
  22. 'Tis the season! Unfortunately he's the only Undead I have in this batch. Thanks! But the Vallejo Dry Rust Wash is doing most of the work, that stuff is awesome! Hit the sword hilt with some very thin Verdigris. Also painted his gravestone, it's a base of Cold Grey, drybrushed with Ghost Grey and Medium Olive and hit with a Brown Wash. Finally painted his bones (Iraqi Sand > Brown Wash > Iraqi Sand/Bonewhite > Iraqi Sand/Bonewhite/Off-white > Sepia Wash) and then had to do it again because I missed a shoulder-blade. And my Brassy Brass came in so I could finish off my Warrior Lady's shield was highlights of Brassy Brass and Polished Gold:- As a young girl, Sorcha chose to follow her sister into exile when she was cast out from their barbarian tribe. Life was hard but it forged her into a warrior who now leads a small but well respected band of mercenaries operating out of Witch's Finger.
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