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  1. 'Tis the season! Unfortunately he's the only Undead I have in this batch. Thanks! But the Vallejo Dry Rust Wash is doing most of the work, that stuff is awesome! Hit the sword hilt with some very thin Verdigris. Also painted his gravestone, it's a base of Cold Grey, drybrushed with Ghost Grey and Medium Olive and hit with a Brown Wash. Finally painted his bones (Iraqi Sand > Brown Wash > Iraqi Sand/Bonewhite > Iraqi Sand/Bonewhite/Off-white > Sepia Wash) and then had to do it again because I missed a shoulder-blade. And my Brassy Brass came in so I could finish off my Warrior Lady's shield was highlights of Brassy Brass and Polished Gold:- As a young girl, Sorcha chose to follow her sister into exile when she was cast out from their barbarian tribe. Life was hard but it forged her into a warrior who now leads a small but well respected band of mercenaries operating out of Witch's Finger.
  2. I'd like to play something that required wearing a ton of prosthetics and FX make-up, like a Hellraiser Cenobite for example. Unfortunately, in the extremely unlikely event that such an opportunity actually arose, I'd probably be too nervous to take them up on the offer.
  3. Don't give out Halloween candy, it's never been much of a thing in these parts. If I'm receiving candy though I'm partial to any sort of nut/chocolate combo (particularly Peanut M&M's).
  4. Thanks! The grass is covering up a big thumbprint, I'm still not very good at making stamped putty bases.
  5. With my Warrior Lady having a time out, I made a start on the next one:- A skellington! So far I've painted the sword blade (Leather Brown > Dry Rust > Fire Orange drybrush), handle (Leather Brown > Leather Brown/Bonewhite > Brown Wash) and hilt (Bronze > Brown Wash). Once the wash is dry I think I'll try to do a bit of verdigris on the Bronze bits, so they're not so shiny compared to the blade.
  6. I've still got a couple episodes of Visions to go. Not quite sure why I'm determined to finish them, I've found most of them to be a bit boring.
  7. Yeah, I think the show doing pretty much it's own thing was a wise choice. 4 episodes in and I'm still really enjoying it.
  8. Thanks! Ran into a bit of trouble on this one. Painted the shield Hexed Lichen with a Brassy Brass trim, unfortunately I ran out of Brassy Brass so I can't highlight it back up after its Brown Wash. So I quickly did the base, it's just a pile of rubble in Cold Grey, drybushed with Ghost Grey and given a Brown Wash, and set her aside until my paint arrives next week sometime.
  9. Presenting Alfredo "The Dandy" Francini, a low level mobster with a love of brightly coloured clothes, he's part of the Scylla faction from the now defunct (I think) game Wolsung by Micro Arts Studio. This guy has been sitting in my 'to be painted' pile for far too long, so I worked on him for the last couple of weeks in between other projects. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  10. Late to the party as usual, but I've started watching The Boys. I'm not a big fan of the original comics (they come across too much like angry fan-fiction for me), so I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying the show so far. Now to see if I enjoy the rest.
  11. Had to give someone directions today, I think they were less than impressed with my inability to tell left from right without checking my hands first
  12. Painted her boots (Red Leather > Brown Wash > Red Leather > Red Leather/Iraqi Sand with Leather Brown soles), then she was finally finished enough so I could glue on her shield.
  13. Probably the Angel of Death from the second Hellboy movie:-
  14. Painted her loincloth (Scarlett Red, shaded with Scarlett Red/Dark Green and highlighted with Scarlett Red/Orange Fire), her belt and dagger sheath (Leather Brown > Leather Brown/Iraqi Sand > Brown Wash), Brassy Brass belt buckle, Bronze dagger hilt and Iraqi Sand handle. I also did a bit to the inside of her shield.
  15. Most fictional settings I'm a fan of would probably be an absolutely terrifying place for the average person. So, even though I'm not much of a Trekkie, but I'd probably have to go with the Star Trek universe, it seems like a decent place to live most of the time.
  16. Thanks guys! Painted her noggin-basher. The handle is Oily Steel with (Iraqi Sand > Off-white > Brown Wash) wrap, while the head is Brassy Brass, shaded with Brown Wash, highlighted with Brassy Brass and Polished Gold and a final coat of Sepia Wash. I also used a mystery green mix that was on my palette on the little rune thingy around her neck.
  17. Gah! I had stuff to do but ended up spending the evening playing Hungry Hearts 2. Who knew being a little, old Japanese lady solving peoples problems with your home cooking could be so addictive?
  18. I do still have 1 or 2 Kingdom Death resin minis in my collection, so it's probably them. Although I'm not sure how rare they are.
  19. It does resemble something a bunch of cosplayers put together for fun doesn't it? I still want to watch it though, if it ever pops up outside of Netflix. But if they're struggling to adapt Bebop, I wonder how they're going to handle something really anime like that live action version of One Piece they're supposedly working on.
  20. Painted her armour. It's just Oily Steel with Bronze edging and Leather Brown elbow/knee joints. Now I need to figure out how to paint her other metal bits without it all blending together in a metallic mess.
  21. Not sure, it was the mid 90's so probably one of the Games Workshops Chaos Champions of that era. I probably did buy it (I had a few) and paint it (badly) but I don't have any of the minis from my earlier attempts to get into the hobby.
  22. I wish I could get that much painted in a month! The chubby Fishman is my favourite.
  23. I've discovered I can't touch chilli peppers anymore, I prepped one for a curry paste a couple of days ago and my fingertips are still sore. I also broke my food processor making said curry paste, make sure you read up on potential product defects before you buy things guys!
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