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  1. 2 hours ago, Inarah said:

    Nov. 20 - 21 weekend question: 

    How would you describe your dream hobby/game room? 


    An actual hobby room with a permanently setup painting desk and maybe a table where I can leave in progress board games set up is all I want at the moment.


    Once I have that then I can start dreaming bigger.

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  2. cDslFba.jpgtrvKvUx.jpg


    Lots of little bits done.

    Pistol handle (Parasite Brown > Brown Wash),

    Dials (Bonewhite with Pure Black needles and a Brown Wash),

    Rope (Cork Brown > Brown Wash > Cork Brown/Off-white),

    Cables (Ochre Yellow)

    Knobs (Scarlett Red > Brown Wash > Scarlett Red > Scarlett Red/Off-white)

    Glowy backpack thingy (Magic Blue/Off-white > Off-white with a little tiny bit of Magic Blue),

    Flight-suit joints (Hexed Lichen > Hexed Lichen/Ghost Grey > Black Wash with Oily Steel studs).


    Shoulder-pads next.

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  3. zaWSgyr.jpg


    Painted up his archery equipment.

    The middle bits of the quivers are Magic Blue, the arrows are Magic Blue/Off-white with a Brown Wash, and the bow is Parasite Brown/Off-white with a Brown Wash and a highlight of Parasite Brown/Off-white with Bonewhite straps.


    Definitely painting his leathery bits next, they're the only bits left!


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  4. 3 hours ago, Corsair said:

    Fill in Quizzle for today:

    Did you watch the eclipse yesterday?


    Nope, didn't know there was one.


    3 hours ago, Inarah said:

    Nov. 19: What made you smile this week. 



    Giving in to my inner child today and buying myself a kiddies STEM project thing for Christmas just because it looked so cool.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Inarah said:

    Nov. 16: What is your favorite fast food meal or drive-thru treat?


    I love a nice bit of KFC, haven't had any in ages though (Housemate finds it too spicy).


    I don't really eat anything from the big fast food chains any more, they all seem rather expensive for what you get these days, I'd much rather wait a bit longer and get something nice delivered.

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  6. 5 hours ago, Inarah said:

    It's national "clean your refrigerator" in advance of Thanksgiving day. 




    Nov. 15: What's been in your fridge the longest? 




    I'm actually pretty good at keeping the fridge tidy, there will be a few random jars of stuff in there that'll be a few months old, but nothing terrifying or gross.

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  7. XIS4S9t.jpg


    Continuing to do little bits of painting as life allows me and I've finally finished his toga.

    The toga itself is Ghost Grey/Off-white > Grey Wash > Ghost Grey/Off-white > Off-white, while the trim is Steel Grey with the pattern picked out with Black Wash.

    Not the neatest of jobs but it looks okay.


    Leathery bits next. 

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