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  1. Didn’t paint it all. Some prepainted minis
  2. Nope. Was high level game/suicide...lol
  3. 27 years on the job and counting Seeing if it uploaded this time...
  4. Kind of what the pandemic has been for people
  5. The Chieftain, Kings and Jarl meet with the drow to make devious plans. I imagine in my mind the Storm giants declined later. 73548229_giantsmeeting.jfif frost giants.jfif Fire Giant King and retinue.
  6. Oh this bad boy is going to be a war machine in my game!!! Wow I wish they had a Howdah that you can take in and off it
  7. How big is the mammoth compared to a regular human sized mini? can you share a pic please? Great job on the mini!!!!!!!!!!
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