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  1. I am here on saint simons island, GA with lots of time to paint! Back home to Texas July 30th! 18 months coming to get back
  2. I am a dry brusher and paint for play so …
  3. Did some cops to go with the set
  4. Yes…I painted all of them as black people on purpose. We are doing a campaign of Luke Cage/Iron Fist in Harlem against gangs and the serpent society.
  5. The vampire arch enemy of Van Richten
  6. Inspired by pics I saw on the forum. So thankful people post their pics to give me ideas!!!!!
  7. Just in case you want to cheer on fellow D&D and general gamers Matt is number 68 and Connor is number 66.
  8. Finally met the reaper guys! What great people! I brought my nephew Matt Farniok that is OL for the Dallas Cowboys to play with us and to meet the reaper guys. Cons are so great to make new friends! Pretty best to find out that a group of the dallas cowboys already get together and play D&D at their house!
  9. Funny story - my son was backstage at a concert a few months ago in San Antonio and took video walking around. I noticed who he was walking with and said “hey you got to meet Chuck Norris!” He said “who?”. I have failed as a parent because he didn’t know who he was. My son said he thought he was just some old guy and had sat and talked to him for an hour! I immediately made him get online and watch his movies!!!
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