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  1. Gangrene…my intent . Skin rotting
  2. You are the wolf person…I used to train cats.
  3. Todays haul of painting for Marvel game
  4. Also some atm machines but I figured wouldnt out ATM or cash words on them to multi purpose them as computers or something also. Resin prints can be hard to paint for me!
  5. Some pics from our Keep on the bOrderlands game. Maps by Jon Pintar (free on his website! They are amazing!!!)
  6. Thanks guys! Having fun with them
  7. Animated cloaks I am adding as treasure in the caves of chaos. The cloak on the left is a cloak of flying with a 4 hr daily limit and it also is intelligence with an older English woman accent. It is lawful good. It also can send messages mentally to one person the wearer has met before within a 1 mile range. The other cloak is a cloak of fire. It has has two charges daily for burning hands and one fire wall. It is neutral evil. It has a French obnoxious accent, it lies , it actually can grab small items and steals giving the items as presents to impress the wearer and also intelligent and can speak to the wearer and the other cloak which each cloak and each wearer can hear the conversations which is annoying because they HATE each other. It tells the other cloak it is just an Uber cloak and that it really just a bath robe and that it’s name isn’t Aerial but Gertrude after the creators mother. The neutral evil cloak is names Targos.
  8. ThaNksfor all your support guys!
  9. So putting you are LGBQT friendly more or less is saying that you won’t treat them differently from others in the game or warning others who may have a problem that their might be LGBQT in the game if they do have a problem? I think I understand. I do t go out of my way to make gay couples or other lifestyles in a game myself but if players play it that way then I definitely don’t care if they do. Heck I have a hard enough time from not killing everyone in a TPK to care! Lol!
  10. Just didn’t know why peoples sexuality was being advertised for an RPG to play. Like i would never post looking for heterosexual friendly D&D game because it wouldn’t make sense. If these other folks are being attacked then I could see posting it. I purposely don’t talk to post politics because I have been kicked out when others just looked up my social media and saw mine. I didn’t even tell them or give a hint of it so I can empathize. Sometimes it really is a weird , sad and crazy world.
  11. I guess I am old but genuinely interested why people post and ask if games are LGBQT friendly? Don’t know if I did the acronym correctly. Are there unfriendly LBGQT games? I would think there would have to be a huge problem with them if everyone is putting it in their postings. Are people showing up and being attacked playing D&D? I run games and was wondering if it because the people asking are wanting me to make sure the games are sexual? My games really don’t get into sexuality enough to warrant questions about it. I personally don’t care who you have sex with or whatever if you are a player in my game. We don’t discuss that stuff. I am married 22 years and sex with my wife just doesn’t come up at our games. I steer away from “screwing” in game because it’s all around distracting and seems weird and wastes time. I care more about the people playing with us just not being jerks. Discuss personal private stuff, politics and sex stuff when we are done and you have left my place and spend time having fun. Just my thoughts.
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