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  1. On lock down so have been painting more of course
  2. Anyone notice the reaper cave bear on fox news app in reference to stock market? Neat!
  3. Heavy cardstock. I did each level of all three lairs! Now there is a free software called PosteRazor that does it for u!!!
  4. Laid out the map 1”=10’ for the first of the against the Giants campaign I am doing. Just threw some minis on it for kicks
  5. Well... my sixth one is done! Bring on rift of the Frost Giant Jarl for my players!
  6. Thanks! And I agree very therapeutic! I watch Sci-fi movies and paint minis a lot.
  7. Haven’t gamed in a while so to curb my withdrawals I make set ups
  8. Hey! I am so glad you caught that!
  9. Thanks! A great gaming store in San Antonio called court of gamers sells 3D printed stuff that is awesome!
  10. Sounds good! Thanks for input! I paint mainly to get them in use at games. But try to do some detail to make them look half decent. Each one takes about 30 min to Hour
  11. Vallejo paint called oily steel got it at Hobby lobby in car models section
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