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  1. Thank you! The base is actually coconut shell - I learned about this from the Den of Imagination (http://www.denofimagination.com.pl/2012/11/basing-with-coconut.html). The icicles are plastic fork tines that I heated up and stretched out. It took about five forks to make those few icicles - they kept going wonky. :D
  2. I used to paint (i.e., "ruin") miniatures with enamel paint back in the early 80's when I was 12 or so, and recently rediscovered this hobby. I'm trying to "not ruin" them now. This is the tenth miniature I've done since I've restarted. It is the product of reading a *lot* of online material (CMON gets a special shout out here). I sure wish I had these advice resources back in 1982! I believe this is my first Reaper mini (I've at a dozen or more waiting), and so wanted to share it here!
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