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  1. I just broke and ordered three of Uncle Billy's racks, though from a different Amazon provider: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0052FZ3CI/ They are a few dollars cheaper, both in value and in shipping (the latter is most true if ordering multiple items, might not be true if only ordering one). I've a full set of P3 and going on a full set of Reaper, and the chaos has become untenable. I'll post picks w/review once I get them and organize
  2. That kind of looks like the right deal right there, doesn't it? The price, look, and plus the fact that it doesn't require a bunch of glue and silliness to assemble all seem to suggest a thumbs up.
  3. I made that article appear by casting a spell with my third eyestalk!
  4. The reason it appears small is that the article is literally an image; a PNG to be precise. Therefore browsers try to dynamically resize (smaller) to make it more "viewable". Since it's an image, it actually should embed right in a post just fine - let's try that:
  5. You're telling me! It's terrifying, actually.
  6. FRP Games had a single "Classic Browns" with the much acclaimed Walnut Brown for $6.90. BOUGHT. ... Along with seven other triads that were also $6.90 each. The wife is going to kill me. Does anyone have any suggestions on hiding paint collections?
  7. Thrym's alt link looks promising, though. I think it may be a mobile link and looks funky - here's the same product on the 'main' site: http://www.amazon.com/Universal-Holder-designed-shaped-engraving/dp/B0013TO2O2 And it's even cheaper than the first device linked! Looks like the same exact thing as well. Can't find a manufacturer name on it, but it looks identical (I even counted the holes).
  8. I admit to brush licking before I put it into paint, and not after. It works. I offer that this is not cheating at all. It's just another means of applying ink to the target. I think the only true "cheats" are applying photochop cleanup on a photograph of a miniature after the fact, or other such shenanigans. There is nothing wrong at all about using micron pens. It's ink on a point!
  9. Now I'm suffering from survivor's guilt. I did find Sears also sells them, but outlandishly marked up. 48 bucks! http://www.sears.com/se-859uph-60-holes-universal-part/p-SPM7266818608P
  10. To add: I've been using Elmer's Glue to stick mini's on top of empty vitamin bottles. This works but sometimes they fall off (once right into my wet pallet - thankfully hitting water and not paint). I also have to peel off the glue when I'm done with the mini, which can occasionally take a bit of paint off of its foot or base, if I wasn't careful when gluing. This looks far, far, far better in all ways.
  11. Amazon had three left in stock; I bought two. ONE LEFT.
  12. This thread is a conspiracy to get me to buy another triad! ... And it's working.
  13. I have a single bottle of ruby red that seems to have that problem. I do shake it, but the paint is "weird". Its viscosity is thick, yet the pigment is thin. Coverage is *terrible* and I tend to have to do five or more coats, and that is unthinned paint. If I thin it even a little bit, it's pigment level is so thin that it's not really usable. The only saving grace on the first post is it tells me that this could just be a bad bottle, though that so many paints going bad is a terrible thing to happen all at once. For the record, I've used a number of the colors that you listed mrbspaintjobs, and found them to work great. It really does sound like a particularly devastating instance of paints gone bad.
  14. Thank you everyone! This was one of the first minis I bought when I started the hobby up back in October. I've a special affection for old school AD&D monsters, and 'mind flayer' was one of the first things I asked about when I found my FLHS.
  15. As was said in another thread by someone else: "Yar! I'll suck your brains out!" I *think* this guy is done though I keep futzing with him.
  16. It suddenly occurs to me - do slugs normally have teeth?
  17. Yup, these things: http://www.amazon.com/Sakura-30062-6-Piece-Pigma-Micron/dp/B0008G8G8Y Available in .2 mm! The ink dries fine with primed metal minis; haven't tried them with bones, but I think they'd definitely work if they were primed, and maybe even if they were not.
  18. Has anyone hear tried Micron pens to help them along? I think it's quite fair to use (just another means of applying ink) and it seems the fine point would be easier to control. I actually just bought some but haven't used them with eyeballs yet. :p
  19. I tried the Michael's Gloss early on and found it really heavy; though maybe I was just using it wrong. It was so glossy that it seemed off even after putting a matte varnish on it. I've been using the P3 brush on stuff and really it seems adequate. I generally just do a plain matte coat and dodge the gloss step entirely.
  20. Reaperbryan does have a solid point; it's more about the journey and not the end. That said, it does still help to simplify other aspects of your life in order to make that journey run a bit smoother. Just creating a little workspace for yourself can help immensely. I had a cluttered old desk by my computer desk that held a TV and other random junk that I'd toss on it. I ended up donating the old TV (realized I never watch TV while on the computer anyway) and cleared off the desk, and now it's my little miniature corner. That, plus using a wet palette, has helped a ton. I can literally sit down and paint a bit if I only have ten minutes to spare. Being able to leap right into painting with little fuss really does help stepping into and out of painting very easily.
  21. That's actually pretty darn adorable - for a slug.
  22. Well done! And gives me a good idea of how to base my pirate Mind Flayer similarly. :)
  23. I actually just learned this one the other week. For some odd ball misconceived reason, I tried to reinforce a part in assembly that had Gorilla 2-part epoxy on it with a bit of superglue. I think maybe I was getting impatient with the epoxy's "five minute" (more like ten) drying time and was hoping to hold it together with superglue. Anyway, some of the epoxy got on the superglue brush, and - in my frustrated hurry - I didn't adequately clean it off before putting the brush back into the superglue bottle. I learned that the interaction between superglue and 2-part epoxy is a little bizarre. The entire bottle of glue turned into this (mostly) useless gluey jelly. It probably wasn't that much epoxy, but it was enough to turn the superglue into something like a jellyfish. So - don't do that!
  24. I actually came close to committing this error this evening.
  25. "Don't put your cup of coffee right next to the cup of water you use to clean your paint brush; you're bound to eventually make one of two possible mistakes, and both are unpleasant." I learned this recently. There must be other random tidbits of wisdom out there. Share!
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