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  1. Thank you all for the helpful comments. I'll have to try the white glue with sand method until sometime when I get cool texture gels and such. That was my first ever attempt at basing, and I literally went into the backyard for the sand :P I see that metallic paint is not enough to give the impression of plate metal, so I will go peruse the forums for painting tips on how to do that. I think the actual mini has either bare legs and arms or is wearing tights, but I've seen some pretty impressive stuff here, so someone knows how to trick the eye.
  2. Yeah - I know shiny is a no-no, but there was only glossy clear coat sealant spray in the garage, and I stink at highlights, so I cheated with the shiny to give highlights. And Ely, well when she wore that armor, was shiny :P
  3. After a year away from the habit...er...hobby I dusted off my little stash of Bones and my craft paints and brushes and painted this mini up as a birthday present for a friend of mine. The colors were chosen to match her EverQuest character, a female bard in full aqua plate armor. It was only after I finished that I discovered she'd changed the boots and gloves/gauntlets to black. Ah well. Since the inspiration struck rather close to her birthday, this was a sort of speed paint over a couple nights. Without further ado - the bard: I seem to have lost skill, or beginner's luck - the face is the worst I've done yet, albeit only my third... She looks like Ronald McDonald. Edit: I have to confess that the highlights (especially on those shiny buns) are from the flash reflecting off the clear coat, NOT from any skill of mine in highlighting... I think I need to peruse the forums for basing info - I could not get the sand to stay on top of the bottle cap to save my life. I think I was using superglue. And when I went to spray the whole thing with a fixative clear coat it blew off half of what I managed to get to stay put. Argh! Comments and criticism encouraged and appreciated.
  4. It's not skeletal, but I must buy this anyways! I can't resist!
  5. It was a lot of fun, and I'm sad it's over before the end.
  6. Merillee prepares to bite the ankles of anything Oberron grapples to the floor, or, preferably, deliver a swift kick to the kneecaps should the opportunity present itself.
  7. Understand - busy here too. I also think I need to go back and edit my last few posts - Styates' latest reminded me that our weapons are bound. Ooops.
  8. At the mention of undead, Merrillee's knuckles whiten as her small fists clench. She moves towards the door with Oberron.
  9. Merrillee also wakes with a start, a bit confused with sleep. Seeing the knight preparing for a fight, she follows suit, moving slightly behind him, and out of his way.
  10. Merrillee pulls her cloak over her head, closes her eyes, and lets her mind wander over the journey so far, the message from the great wolf, and lastly, a passage from the creed of the Wildwanderer: "Be ever curious, and follow life wherever it may lead." Soon she is snoring gently.
  11. Merrillee opens her mouth as if to speak, but then shuts it again. She is bursting with questions about the Dire wolf and her prophecy, but decides to wait and ask them of the one more powerful who is coming later. She thanks the dwarf, and then gathering her cloak around her, prepares to take his advice and get some sleep.
  12. Merrillee listens intently to the exchange, her eyes focusing first on the strange giant, then the dwarf priest.
  13. Her staff and shield at the ready, Meadhbh follows the group after the old dwarf, further down the hall.
  14. Merrillee slides down off the chair and nabs something off the tray that looks promising. As she sits cross-legged on the floor to eat it, she leans back against the wall and ponders the dwarfs last words to the group. Bird? Vaguely she remembers the young knight penning a message to his superiors and a ... ranger? who said he'd send it by bird, but that was going to a different place entirely, wasn't it? But the ranger was also going to discuss the matter with his mentor, so maybe the two of them had sent another bird to the dwarfs... The human woman's words filter into her musings and the mention of birds catches her attention. Clearing her throat, she speaks up in a tiny voice There was a ranger who happened upon my battle with the smelly kobolds, and the next morning, the young knight arrived at camp. I think I remember the knight saying he wanted to send a message to his superiors and the ranger said he'd send it by bird. He also said he was going to discuss the kobold attack and the news brought by the dire wolf with his mentor, so maybe the mentor sent another bird here? I apologize, my memories are a bit hazy at the moment.
  15. I'm a total slacker, and I apologize. My annual conference trip was extended this year because I road tripped out with friends instead of flying, and even when I've managed to scrounge some bandwidth, I have completely forgotten to check the postings here. I should be back by Monday, hopefully in time to catch up and post.
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