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  1. One of my regrets is always going to small or not getting addons with my Kickstarter pledges. I end up kicking myself every time, but not THIS time! The elephant gun trigger was pulled - 10x set (dungeon gray), then did addons (2x grand staircase, 2x castle wall, 6x dungeon dressing, and 6x chamber of sorrows). Thank goodness for free shipping in the US, cause I expect this is going to be one large package of goodies.
  2. The auctioneering was great, especially with such a large crowd spread all over. It was definitely fun and entertaining! I loved those clocks.
  3. This was my first ReaperCon and I had no idea what to expect, but the results seemed *strange* -- even to a noob. Items I anticipated would go into the thousands went for less than a Vampire box (~600rb). The "design your own mini" only went for 900rb, and the Martin Jones painted Kaldrax dragon was a shocker @ 500rb. The person who picked that up had to be smiling from ear to ear!
  4. I totally missed that thread, thanks for brining it to my attention. It also answered other lingering questions I've had.
  5. I'll be leaving for Reaper around 5:30 from Hilton Gardens Inn if anyone wants a ride (space for 3). Meet up in the HG lobby - look for big ogre with a Minnesota Gophers t-shirt and shorts. Out of state driver in unfamiliar vehicle. Consider yourself warned :) In light of Ladystorm's update, please ignore the above. I haven't eaten since 5am this morning, so I am going to go to grab a bite to eat then head over to the meet and greet later.
  6. BBQ is at Reaper HQ, 6pm?
  7. My only experience with Texas is the few weeks my company sent me to Mineral Wells many moons ago during August. It was not enjoyable.
  8. Denton Texas - I am in you! w00t
  9. I am curious though, many of the swords and staffs were bent. Unlike the metals, these don't bend back into place and stay put. Anyone have a suggestion for straightening these out? I was think of heating with a hair dryer.
  10. Employees probably have nightmares of Vampire box attacks, and maniacal UPS drivers!
  11. As far as miniatures, all I got was the Vampire package. The other addons were just paint and cases.
  12. ....and LOTS of them. Shipment came today in a huge box, although both straps had come off the packing box, all was intact. Bags and bags of bones, dungeon dressing, three cases, and eight boxes of different paints. Christmas in April! Barely had time to sort through it before it was time to start packing for ReaperCon. I picked a few Bones out and tossed them into my paint case. Some of the larger sculpts are really bad elf! I very much regret not getting dragons now. Two minis just made me laugh out loud - the gun wielding pimp looking dude with the giant afro, and the muscle-bound Frankenstein. Nice work Reaper!
  13. Holy smokes, that is crazy awesome! That paint job is fantastic, especially the eyes and corset detail. The wooden stand looks amazing.
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