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  1. Hey Catdancer, Nice little vignette for Halloween! Glad you were able to finish in time! That Witch sure has a spooky face! Coabeous
  2. Hey Catdancer, another great job! I actually noticed her fanny before I read your comment about her boots. Nice touch! Your use of the coral gives it a alien feel that really works. It makes me think of the old si-fi movie "Angry Red Planet" Coabeous
  3. Shrums!!! I like the close up of the Rabbit, you captured the look on his face very well. Coabeous
  4. Those little "details" like the box's, bottles and barrels are what make these little jewels. I have another half finished project where I scratch build and counts as these things That I want to show you. Coabeous
  5. Catdancer, your Jungle Relic Hunter fantasy vignette is as inspiring as all of your work has become to me! Coabeous
  6. Was taking a second look at her today and I still get a kick out of it! I'm gon'na try some of those shear nylons style pretty soon. Coabeous
  7. I like it and your work on the base is hard to beat! Coabeous
  8. I like your beastie and love the way his claws turned out! Coabeous
  9. Great set of legs! More great stockings! Inspires me to finish some figures I started a while ago! Coabeous
  10. Here's another vote for a red light neighborhood/district photo shot! Coabeous
  11. Ceiling tile! I've heard of it but your wip shots really show it off. I'll have to look and see if I can find some around here, it may be just what I need to make WW1 trenches out of! Coabeous
  12. I like'em! Just finished Olaf last week myself! Really like Sigurd, going to your link to see the other views. Coabeous
  13. Saw this the other day and was going to comment but got distracted. I like how you got his face to turn out and I also like the-white beneath his armor, you don't usually see that. Keep'em coming, Coabeous
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