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  1. Little more work on her. Kind of regret using the clear orange on the sheild but its ok. Let me know what you think of her so far.
  2. So this is my PC for a pathfinder game. She is a fighter witch.
  3. This may be a silly question, but when I was adjusting my selections on the pledge manager, it was adding more than the listed amount. Is this normal and intended?
  4. So my wife had an interesting idea for Reapercons going forward. Have a pizza place called The Pizza Dungeon at Reapercon.
  5. This may have been asked before but will Sophie be coming to this kickstarter?
  6. I am wanting to do a simple free hand pattern I want to use brass to represent the holy symbol of the characters deity. I can't really figure out how to represent brass without using metallic paint, any advice?
  7. Ok, so next project that I am going to be doing is this gnoll. I have him washed and had to reattach the arm, filled the remaining gap at least mostly with green stuff. The two green stuff blobs are supposed to be a rock and a skull. Still in the early stages of them, and this is very early in my green stuff sculpting attempts. They are going to be used for accents on the base, if they come out ok.
  8. This is my attempt to paint her. Let me know what you think of her. I attempted to give her magic weapons which is why they are blue like that. She is based with cinnamon, though I need a good way to apply the base where they are standing on it rather than having their feet buried.
  9. Her paintings is pretty much done. How is she looking so far?
  10. Finished basic blocking of colours on this mini, let me know what you think.
  11. Here is a picture of her completed base. I used green stuff to try to construct the stick that's barely visible and then based with cilantro.
  12. Normally I wouldn't revive a topic, I appreciate your comments and the base advice has convinced me to finally try some basing so when I finish that up I will throw up a new picture.
  13. So I really like this mini, but as I was looking at her I spotted a very large gap between her shield arm and her body. This is my first time using green stuff as a filling agent for a large gap. I think it went well overall. Updates on her progress will be fairly sporadic and delayed.
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