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  1. Ok, so next project that I am going to be doing is this gnoll. I have him washed and had to reattach the arm, filled the remaining gap at least mostly with green stuff.


    The two green stuff blobs are supposed to be a rock and a skull. Still in the early stages of them, and this is very early in my green stuff sculpting attempts. They are going to be used for accents on the base, if they come out ok.


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  2. I have been trying to attend Reapercon for a few years now and I always have something preventing me from going. I have essentially two questions. 


    Is it just me or are the Reapercon dates different every year?


    What are the projected dates for Reapercon 2020 so I can get to planning as soon as possible. 

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  3. I am going to go ahead and tell everyone how I did the effect, for those that are following this.


    *This is for pale skin*


    Since it was an old scar I painted her skin as normal, then I took the highlight color and mixed it with just a tiny bit of red. Painting that on the area to establish the shape and base of the scar.


    Then I added white to it to create a lighter shade to create highlights on the scar.


    To finish it off I took some pure white to create some shine spots on the scar.

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