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  1. Looks like you lucked out Doug, and of course the base is only the beginning most likely for my green stuffing. I know I will need a cutter and things to push the stuff I was actually looking at a dissection kit and it looked like it might have everything I needed to get started and they have it at my college bookstore. The biggest thing so far with green stuff for me will be ordering it online all the time (or my local gaming store who has messed up every special order I have made there).
  2. I am thinking about what kind of tools that I will need to sculpt it gonna make a nicer base for one of my minis, try to at least.
  3. This is moderitly ... horrifing I love it nice detailing that helps make those spines shiver
  4. I love the details on the cloak and his umm face
  5. I like how you pulled out the face on the spear
  6. CRIMSON DRAKE Update #38·Jan. 20, 2013· so it seems we have had a slight over look on the Crimson Drake..we wanted to do a pretty large dragon 6-8 inches tall..and each wing the same length the problem is we just discovered earlier its a small pseudo dragon from the book of drakes...so that said we can either A. choose another dragon B. do the same design as a large one C. do the same basic design but slightly change things. such as the tail stinger. for our goof I would do the same pseudo dragon((small version and another larger :) thoughts here?
  7. This looks incredible your speed painting looks better than my take time and do my best ah well gives me something to work towards.
  8. Thank you for the tip I think it looks nice gives it a bit more interest though it may not have been quite what you had in mind I also added a bit of the wash to the bat thingy.
  9. I think the dragon is extreemly well done and the water effect amazing. My only tip that would make it slightly better is for you to refinish the wooden base give it a nice even stain or something that turns it from a simple "yeah its there" base to makeing it look like a display item.
  10. I think that you did very well and there are some nice details on the base.
  11. The art on the shield looks fine to me keep in mind the accual art of shields was so stylized that it was often unrecognisable, that and they had to be able to reaply the hereldry very quickly they did get beat on quite often.
  12. My gameing group has two kids of some of the other members (one of whom is exrtreemly hyper) I took a mini I had painted there once by the end of the night it was all chiped but I mostly paint for fun so I suppose resin would be fine for me.
  13. I have never really painted "resin" minitures before would it be worth it for me to upgrade to metal or should i leave them resin?
  14. I shall consider myself extreemly lucky to be able to attend even one day of reaper con I am limited to the weekend. I would definintly like to attend some classes (school to reaper classes lol).
  15. Time for a photo update this is the acuall progress that I have made
  16. It is time for the eyes dun dun dun. My first real attempt at doing them wish me luck.
  17. I just wish I was that good oh well it will come in time i suppose
  18. I like the zodiacs alot I will be getting one of my sign and one of my girlfriends sign at least. That being said I would love to see the chinese zodiacs done as well I think that would be quite nice and I at least would agian want one of each of the more important signs in my life.
  19. Thank you for the comments I chose the silver spike basicly on a whim to see how it looked. I have never thined my paints before useing them on a mini, one of the brushes i was useing decided to give up the ghost after I attempted to trim in. There are several things I am attempting on this figure.
  20. I really like how the shadeing of her cloak is going so I decided to post what I have C&C encuraged (also must adjust resolution on my cam the files are to big)
  21. What if anythign is the differance between painting an meatal plastic or resin mini
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