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  1. We have that mini. The general consensus in our family is no way that's a cleric, but that's neither here nor there. :;):


    That's a nicely expressive face, but the skin tone is somewhat flat. Have you considered a slight pink tinge to the cheeks and lips? And perhaps a slight shading between and under the lips.

    I know it dosent matter much but Calistria is a pathfinder godess of trickery lust and revenge, in the gods and magic manuel it mentions that her clerics are often scantly clad.

  2. I was browsing the minis on the online store when *gasp* I saw one that I wanted, unfortunately due to issues I cannot buy all the minis that I would like to its so sad. So I looked for a way to save the mini to a wish list or something that would keep them safe so that when I was ready to order I could just hop on it pick a few and go. There was however no such feature at this time, dose anyone else wish that there was such a feature for the reaper online store?

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  3. I am fairly happy with this piece even though it is fairly simple some of the details on it are interesting and I had some fun painting it hope you all enjoy.

    Constructive criticism is welcome, as well as praise.

    sorry about the blury pics




  4. I was painting this one before moveing, some of the paint chiped and I couldent remember the ratio of red and gold for the cloak *sob* oh well restarting her after her soak. Lovely shadeing on the cloak might have been nice with more skin shadeing but thats just me.


    Wonderful paint job thank you for posting it.

  5. I would like to post the photos of some minis that I have painted in the Inspiration Gallery however during a move I lost a piece.


    For some background on the mini it is a multiple mini set spesificly the 03312: Townsfolk: Cultists and Victim http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/sac/latest/03312 the first part that I painted was as I said lost when I moved would I still be able to post the other parts of that set that I have painted?

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