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  1. I am working on my new pc after not painting for awhile, this particular pc has some rather bad burn scarring from having a house burned down around them when they were a child, but I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to paint this on the miniture.

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  2. I am playing in a pathfinder game as a tiny plant based character. The trouble is I am having a lot of trouble finding a suitable miniature for the game. 

    The character is female and well tiny being a foot tall huminoid plant. Anyone have any advice I have found one that might be suitable with modification but I want to see if anyone else would know of any.


    Potential is currently https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/familiars/sku-down/14087#detail/14087_Moth_lt

    the fairy holding the spell book would need to clip the wings.

  3. So I was petting one of my cats the other day and his hair was just coming off in fluffs, he is a heavy shedder. I got the idea about using cat hair in a paint brush. So I went to google and found, well very little. Cat hair is used in oriental paint brushes for "fine detail" according to a website called trueart.info. There is also a Ukrainian painting style that uses cat hair brushes almost exclusively. Now the question I have beyond could I actually make a decent brush is would a cat hair brush be suitable for miniature painting.

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  4. That is great advice but one of the things that drew me to the anodized metal look was the interplay of colors. Similar to this image. This is from Mission Critical Tools http://www.bladehq.com/item--Mission-Critical-Tools-Chaos-Claw--10950  If I can figure out how to pull the mini off with the swirling interplay of colors then great otherwise I will go with the simulated anodizing sky earth nmm.  I don't know how to fix the glare or give it top lighting since my setup is really rather bare bone right now one desk lamp and that's it. I will eventually add to that with something I can build a diffuser into, or see about getting used stuff the preivious owner is ready to let go of.


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  5. Alright I have done her breast plate mostly as a benchmark for the technique that I am attempting to use the other parts of her armor likely won't have as many colors.  I am using the titanium anodization color set for her armor which is supposed to be anodized.  I need some feedback to see if I am getting it or if I need to improve something other than smoothing out the transitions which I am not quite sure how to do with this one.  Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.  Also the mini is sideways because i don't really have a way to stand her upright without risking damaging her but other than that let me know if the photographs have improved any I know that has been an issue for me in the past.



  6. There have been many requests for better pictures of this mini so that they could have a better look at it I have done this to the best of my ability for now. I will be continuing to improve my photo setup.  Also she needed post repair pics.  I didn't really change anything other than patching her paint and removing the dead plant matter from her.  Also there is a close up of her tattoo though I had a lot of trouble with that pic.  Let me know what you think both of the mini and any improvements to the picture quality if there was any and I wasn't just deluding myself.  (Never again will I take Mini Pictures when I have no time to do so.)






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  7. clumsiness I picked it up after I sealed it and it fell off the think it was stuck to into the yard. After I managed to get all the leaves and detrious off i knocked her shield off and did a number on the paint so I will have to patch all the paint and stuff.

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