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    My biggest critique is the picture quality and background - go check out the Miniatures Photography 101 Thread in Shutterbug sub forum (created by Doug) and try taking pics using those directions to improve the quality.


    Oh and I'd love to see her properly based as it completes the figure, but I love basing so that's a personal preference.



    Yeah that will teach me to take quick photos moments before I have to head to work.  I will be working on my photo setup and camera technique to attempt to counter that problem and start useing a gray background instead of a brown one.



    The shield, armor and face look good.  The sword doesn't quite capture that jade look I suspect you were going for, though.   Like I said, though, NMM is an advanced technique and she'd intimidate the good guys on any gaming table just as she is.  ^_^


    EDIT:  Whoops, my advice might have been a bit premature, it looks like the back of the sword looks better than the front.  Could still maybe use a little more shadow, but if you're looking for more of an acid blade look then it looks pretty good. 


    Yes the sword is supposed to be a blade made out of acid so that was the look I was basically going for.


    Thank you all for the comments they point me in directions that I need to move and improve in the hobby so I really appreciate it.


    Which brings me to baseing I have never really based a mini before and other than just adding flocking and what not I dont know where I would even start. So I think I will improve my painting skills until I feel inspired to create a base.

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  2. Alright it is time for the one of the last photo updates for this particular mini.  Yes the sword is very green it is supposed to look somewhat like crystalized acid.  Other than that I intend to do some free hand tattoos on the side of her head and perhaps a few other things but other than that what dose everyone think of her.





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  3. Alright so I have just about finished the armor save some touch ups what dose everyone think of it also I have painted her face eyes and hair.  I had some trouble with the eye partially covered by her hair as you can probably see and I need to do her lips but that's fine.  So what dose everyone think of the color combinations armor highlights and anything else about this mini I am about to a point where I dread attaching to painted parts of a mini together.  I encourage questions comments critiques and anything else that might be helpful to improving my painting skills.



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  4. Alright I did some more highlighting on the armor and am generally happy with it though I am always willing and eager to listen to advice. About the pictures being on their side I am not quite sure I know what you mean the only one that I saw that looked like it was on it's side was the one where I was trying to show the bottom of one of the flanges on her shoulder.  Previewing this one it looks normal though I might be better off getting a better camera and light setup. The three previous to this photo where I removed the light box it was almost impossible to see the highlighting and since that is what I was trying to show I was having a bit of trouble.  Before I do much more on the armor I think I should do the sword skin and hair.  One think I do see and I can correct is that the more I highlight the less true black the armor seems I think I will just need to go over with black and reassert the armors main color when all is said and done.


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  5. Well one of my current projects has black armor and at first I was thinking of going up through the gray scale for highlighting but would this be the correct way to go or would it be better for me to hit the high contrast areas with a hard reflection and leave the rest minimally highlighted?

  6. Well I did some work on the shield well actually other than the back and arm on the back it is done.  So let me know what you all think of the color choices of the shield I plan to hit the red and green with some gloss finish to bring some shine to it so it looks more like lacquer that they would put on shields.  I will take any advice that you all can throw me.


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  7. For her armor I was going to use a grey scale focused more on the darker side, with hints of blue  "swirling" tormented souls throughout there will likely be hints of red. I plan to paint her skin very pale and i think with red hair. The rim of the shield will match the armor but i havn't decided on the center part or the big round thing.  The sword will be green-ish.  She is the inspiration and model for a theoretical exalted character (demon blooded).

  8. Oh i wouldn't worry to much about your difficulty with eyes, even with the best tutorials out there it will still take time to get better at them.  Dry brushing  can be tricky my advice would be to experiment perhaps do something to pull the studs out of the armor some more.  Just remember two things about painting miniatures: One it is a process and everyone goes through it somewhat differently, and two have fun don't get so caught up in the details or looking at others work that you forget that you are (or at least I am) doing this as a fun hobby.  That would be the bulk of my advice for you.

  9. I have started doing as much painting on the go, on my break at work, as I do at home and let me tell you the plastic bag with the reaper C.U.P. my plastic palette a few paints and the mini in it and carrying my brush case as well (forgot the brush case today got very unhappy). I know there is a better way to do this so lets hear some suggestions preferably without getting two expensive.

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