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  1. Well I neglected to attach the imagis in the last post so let me fix that and also say that this model is built holy smokes.
  2. Alright I decided to attempt a wash using reaper black ink mixed with a touch of MSP SAMPLE the black bluesh one or whatever color it s I wish there was a better way to id them. Oh well I decided as a move towards a standard measure I would yous a cap full of water from a 16.9 oz bottle of water. Well that turned out to be a bit much water I realized as it flooded two of the cells in my pallet still other than needing to perhaps give it another wash (or a few more) it didnt turn out to bad.
  3. I am sure that this has been asked before but when and where can we purchase the tickets for this. Whenever I go to the con portion of the reaper store web page I just get the reapercon 13 stuff.
  4. Yeah I didnt have my files or a hobby knife so I trimmed the spines off with my pocket knife. Now I just need to clean it up abit before painting. Though the model isn't quite as wolf like as I would like.
  5. I shall attempt to do this have the idea and am working on the conversion right now
  6. First up is the reaper hell hound bone. Yes the first pic is from the reaper site I forgot to take one before moding so I inclided it for reference. Without further ado I give you reaper hellhound as fenrir.
  7. Well I decided to do a single big wip thread for my stuff. Don't know how often it will be updated but heare we go anyway.
  8. I hear you on the feeling like forever since I painted anything. Of course in my case my girlfried insisted i box everthing up "so the kittens wouldnt damage them, just while she moved my desk" oh well. Those zombies looking goodand the Tre zombie seems to have lots of personality.
  9. I have a brilliant IDEA. Reaper writer 2014 we continue what we were working on for NaNoWriMo 2013, or something new, and as we work we share with each other here on the board.
  10. Yeah I got kittens and work and everything else.
  11. Yeah at around 2500 words I don't think I will amke it particularly since I have the "wait for it wait for it... ok he is engaged in something now is the time to demand attention from him" type of significant other and to the total number of two dogs and two rats we have added two kittens to the list of pets (only the dogs are on the lease and known about by the landlord) all indoor pets by the way.
  12. Don't you mean masochistic dave sadistic is when you are giveing the pain.
  13. Also I would like my feedback from the judges. Also silly question will tue results be posted here or in the other thread?
  14. All my minis are display pieces. I don't really play many miniture games and I don't know many who do either so I have no need for a whole lot of similar minis. Nor do I currently DM so I don't need a whole lot of npc minis so I paint them because I enjoy it and am slowly improving. I don't get a lot done because I have to work and a clingy girlfriend. (Hard to paint with one hand)
  15. I am eagerly awaiting the results of this contest but as I have an insane amount of patience I am willing to wait
  16. My speech teacher told me the story one of the jocks in one of her previous classes knocked himself out demonstrating the importance of protective equipment in sports. (I used a cup becuase I want the sport to be somewhat ambiguous)
  17. Is it bad that one of the stupidest acts in my story likely throughout the whole thing is based almost word for word on a true story?
  18. At the start I was really looking forward to this one, particularly after the librarian i was never going to do more than the pick and choose but after seeing some of the greens of the figs i wanted my enthusiasm died slowly to some degree it is the odd proportions on them like the rouge was even one of the ones whos art i really liked but she ended up so narrow that it looks like she is about to die at any moment. I dont know I have seen their other work and I kind of like it but most of the greens here just dont entice me.
  19. Mine has a sleep mode but that's not good enough for her. Oh well I am sure it will work itself out at somepoint.
  20. I love how you pulled out the smile lines on her face, also nice color choices. I like the base she fits into it well but I do agree with Heisler you don't really find many mechanics dragging gigantic wrenches around meadows.
  21. You aren't alone in not wanting to leap into a conversation that dont seem to concern you Catdancer and AnneO' Leary. I'm really bad about not saying anything both here and RL (real life) like this post I thought I shouldn't make it because of the foucus of it but I am anyways. You and I might say its between this and that person but sometimes an outside perspective is just what they need and if you think that someone doesn't want or needyour feedback in their wip or show off thread post anyways that one thingthat you may see and give advice on might just be that one thing that they need to get to that next level in their painting. But to the focus of the imminant conversation if you have a nice mini that you know you won't paint then you might look into the mini exchanges and secret sophie stuff.
  22. Argh there are so many things that are keeping me from writing properly. And now my girl friend wants me to turn my computer off any time I am away from it "not useing it" because she wants to know how much it costs to leave it on all the time.
  23. Same pluse with my girlfriends two dogs it would be a mess and her two rats.
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