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  1. Oddly enouph MissMelons I started useing long handled brushes when I first started and would use that extra length to stablize it agianst my cheek (weird right) but I came to prefer them I have some short handled ones now and I am wobbling between them. I still like the long handled ones though.
  2. This may or may not be a silly question but the bones "Thank you pack" are any of those going to be exclusive to the ks or are any other minis going to be exclusives?
  3. That's ok my story will take place in two very different worlds.
  4. I don't use outlines plot sketches or anything like that I sit create the story in my head and put it on paper
  5. Well Oneboot keep going yeah it might seem to be a boring drag now but if you jump from climax to climax with no build-up or letdown between them then the story becomes flat and boring because there is nothing to catch the reader's imagination. So if you are stumped because youthink what you are writing is slow and boring and want to make it more exiting wait till you d evise it for the first or second time because at that point you will know what you need a bit better and can develop a balanced contrast between the action bits and the places where characters and readers can catch their breath. Imagian a mini painted all bright red its exiting for a moment but then it becomes very boring but if you contrast that bright red with blues and purples even though they don't have the visual impact of bright red the piece becomes much more exiting. Also i never re-read my stuff till I'm done. Keep in mind I am not a pro writer nor even always have good gramer (hush) so take this advice for what you will. Good luck Oneboot and have fun with it. (Added to complete thought) and keep in mind that I am posting this when I could have been writing in my story.
  6. So I discovered!...right before I discovered you'd already added me as a buddy! Yes I am the buddy ninja lol
  7. when I thin I don't use a water dropper i use a brush from my clean water cell in my plalet but I tend to make them very thin
  8. I have joined ant thought to add a few of you as writing buddies then i figured out that I had no idea how to do anything on the site :p
  9. @OneBoot if you have an outlet nearby you can grab one two or more desk lamps for better more focused lighing and if they are tall and flexible enouph you can use them as light sources for your light box. I to am in the my desk is my computer desk reading space writing space craft and painting space as well as my roleplaying setup (looking though rule books and what not) dinner table photo booth blah it gets really cluttered and since it used to be my girlfriends desk it no longer has the roll out keyboard thing. For lighting I have two desk lamps one of the snake neck type and the other of the clamp onto something with a snake neck type. I cant recomend the second one its hard to get the light where I need it and it tends to slip.
  10. OneBoot as far as I am concerned we have both won we did our best and participated in the contest we may not win prizes but we have both won.
  11. I figure that I will place her in the show off thread to get some more feedback about her I tried a few new things with her and over all I am pleased but I would like to hear what you think about her. Yes she was part of my Terrifing fall contest entery. Comments and Critisisms welcome encouraged.
  12. Well this was my first contest and I am happy with what I did though I do wish I had a chance to finish my witch I will be continuing to work on her as time goes on. I definently want to recive feedback.
  13. Sadly due to life issues namly a car accident (I was not hurt but I wont be able to paint for the next few days.) I will not be finishing the other miniture I had planned to enter into this contest. I will continue to work on that piece despite not being able to enter it into the contest
  14. Well the work so far on her sheer stockings is sitting in my halloween contest wip if you want to take a look and let me know how it looks so far.
  15. alright got kind of started though i may have to restart them agian at some point here is the result of what I have done please give me your comments and advice about how her sheer stockings are going.
  16. Well on Elise, The Witch I decided despite the short time period that I would do her stockings sheer I dont know how well I will do thin it but I will try and attempt to finish her in time. The base coat on her stockings is err MSP sample I really wish those things had an acual name I love getting them but its hard to know what to put here or look for without a name.
  17. LOL I really dont think that a bones dragon will help me lear to paint sheer fabric on my very tardy fall contest witch.
  18. So on one of my minitures I would like to attempt one technique but while I have seem some how to videos on it I dont know if I will be able to pull it off to the point I would want to do it on my mini wich is part of a contest entery. So I was wondering how do you practice a technique when the only mini that you can or want to use it on is something that you dont want to screw up wether it is for a contest or just a timeline on a pc that you need to put on the table.
  19. I do like the fact that reaper dose send out sample bottles of paint, I just wish the bottles had the color name on it so that if we really like a color and it gose into production we would know what to get.
  20. Yay I backed the bones. couldent afford the full core set but I got what I could and what I wanted.
  21. Well I have finished my first entery for this contest Miss Gorganzola. I really kind of enjoyed painting her and hope that she looks as good on the forum as I think she dose lol. I used paint to crop the pic down to just the mini and then used micorsoft office pic manager to "auto-correct" and compress the pics for the light box i used a cardboard box that I took the top and side off of. Well let me know what you think about her. I have included quite a few views of her so enjoy.
  22. Alright I am almost finished with madam gorgonzola and I will probribly be makeing them two seperate enterys for the fall contest due to time constraints (I dont know if I can finish the witch properly in the time I have) Also I know a few of the pics are somewhat blury i am haveing to hold a light in one hand and my cell camera in the other. Please help me with comments and advice I know she is on her brocollii base but I think I did it well. As far as I can see aside from any Advice I get she is finished exept for a few very minor touch ups.
  23. I really would like to go to this if there were a way for me to get from my natinal gaurd commitment to this and then back in time to do anything I would.
  24. I have a feeling that that would be a great mini if we could see it better. I know about taking phone cam pics since I use my galixy s3 as my cam.
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