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  1. So my new project for the Terrifying Fall Contest! 2013 Autumn/Fall contest will need quite a bit of all three. I have done blending and highlighting before so that is not that big a problem for me I will just have to keep up with it. I have not really done the other two prior to this project. Though the first mini that I painted up to go with my entery did have some free hand attached to it. I have read some of the how to threads on OSL so I think I will be alright with that unless the sages of the reaper board have any further advice for me. What I want to know in part is what are some ways to make the freehand work I am going to be doing less dificult I will be attempting spiderweb hose for 02869: Elise, The Witch and when I was doing the birds on madam gorgonzola's crystal ball I was haveing some problems with getting the paint to flow cleanly off the brush. (I was useing black ink from reaper) So any and all advice will be aprchiated.


  2. Alright takeing some of the very good advice and putting it to use in painting this step altered the color of her fur and began to pull the highlights on the dress not that noticable yet. I also did some higlighting on the scarf. The red line and "Eye" are my first real attempts at freehand and yes that is supposed to be a stylized eye. I would love any further advice from the community here. Also when my new paints get here I will add a few detials on her crystal ball.



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  3. I don't know I think I would adjust to the better technique so that you can work on it and you can use the coffins as a way to look at your progression. I know that they wouldnt all match but when you next had to do satin say for a compotition or display piece you would have a better handle on the technique.

  4. First thing is first I love your work I am just about to attempt my first real sculpt with GS and looking at your work gives me hope. One thing that I did see was that the trigger finger on your planetfaller comander was outside the triggerwell wich is good that is what they train you to do in the military but looking at the finger it seems to be very akward. I know that it is a bit late to be pointing that out since you finished. I love how balanced the sculpts are when you do them. Oh and a fun idea for the tanks is that in the us mil tankers sometimes make and attach racks to the exaust of their tanks so the can use the exaust to cook food.

  5. Alright normaly I like to keep what I am doing for contests and displays quiet, mostly because it keeps people from finding out I have no idea what I am doing. However I would like a slight critque on a technique that I decided to attempt her little orb is supposed to be showing a distant location I dont know if I pulled that off yet and as I have finished the base coats I would not mind hearing what you think about the over all look of the mini at this point.



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  6. Well to be quite honest I never intnded to paint her as a drow, she is going to be the modle for my exalted charicter. Yes my "camera" is responsible for some things in the pic I use my galexy s3 camra since that is all i have. I have never really lined or washed my minitures though I should start I theoreticly know how it is done, I acutally used wet blending (i think) for the first time on this mini on her skirt. I use Microsoft Picture manager to adjust my pics with the auto correct but thats about it.

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  7. Yeah I cant watch tv and paint at the same time. Oh look at that cool thing happening on the show, look down gasp there is paint all over the mini that was supposed to just be in one small spot and all over my hand.

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