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  1. Well I just finished her and thought I would share how she ended up turning out. I really like how she came out I spent quite abit of time on the red skirt and I am really pleased how that worked. I welcome questions comment and crtiqus. You can't really see her eyes in the pics but I think that they turned out well my best eyes yet.
  2. Sometimes I do but you know what I enjoy it and paint to enjoy, besides I can think of many uses for zombie orcs. Look at your mistakes and accidents another way try to make something of it that makes them unique that is part of the fun of the hobbie for me. Like when I had all but finished my current project and spotted a huge blob of dried glue on her finished hair. Well the whole process of glueing this mini was kind of hellish oh well.
  3. Yeah I am not entering to win or to show off how awsome I am I enjoy painting minis and while I am not amazing at it yet I would still like to stand and be counted amongst the greats. And voteing for yourself is kind of a dick move.
  4. well part of the problem with that is i generally paint the minis first so i was worried about taking a bunch of paint off with the glue
  5. When I opend her up her broom handle was crooked, so I straightened it. Recently I spoted a thin spot, crack on her broom handle right where her hand was so after some debate I added som green stuff to the spot hopeing to fix it. I have smoothed the green stuff out as best i can but it is rather visible the plan at this moment is to paint it like a small leather wrap on the broom handle.
  6. Well this is her alost complete I have a few more touch ups and a sealing to do then she will be finished I like how she turned out. I am a bit annoyed by my slopy glueing (the ruby in her hair).
  7. The bauble on her hair is accually superglue that got umm misplaced. The shoulder that I glued on looks funky as well. So my question is what do you do when you accidlently slop super glue where you dont want it to be. I do not at this moment have my needle file set due to it being lost.
  8. Well I am going to attempt to throw my hat in on this contest. Won't likly win anything other than the pride of saying I have done my first contest.
  9. Thank you for the advice I went ahead and bught some gesso as my spraypainting abilitys are terrible at best.
  10. Well part of the question was if you need a special "primer" or if I'm fine just useing regular paint.
  11. I listen to pandora on the channles of either Hailstrom or classical.
  12. Alright I technically prime before painting my miniatures I paint them white. Unfortunately I realy don't prime in that I just use reaper white paint. I wonder since I really just use the reaper white paint is that even really priming. Also how necessary is priming the minis I haven't really had any problems with it except for the places where I hold the mini. (I bought something to stick the minis on with Tacky.) Also if I handle the mini a lot some of the paint rubs off I'm going to try sealing them. So the question is how vital is priming and what they is the best way to do it I have heard the spray paint method and the paint on one the is also apparently an acrylic gouch that is supposed to do the same thing.
  13. I really prefer painting first that way I don't have so many blind areas while I am painting.
  14. How many of you listen to music while you are paintng and how it affects your work? I listen to music while painting quite often, I have noticed that I become somewhat more irate while enjoying the hobby when I am not listening to music.
  15. Thank you for the advice any other good advice for me in regards with attaching parts of minitures and would you attach before or after you have painted the mini.
  16. I have 03361: Shaeress Nashanneth, Dark Elf Queen and I am having alot of trouble attaching the arm. I am currently attempting to useing G-S hypo cement it dosent seem to want to harden. I am looking for advice so i dont have this problem in the future and so i dont have to worry about bumping it and having the glued part break off.
  17. I have a prepaid card from a refund but it dosent have 100 dollars on it is it possible to use all the money on that card and then the rest of what I want to pledge on another card?
  18. This may or may not be a dumb question better asked elsewhere, but is it possible to use a split payment for the 100 dollar core pledge?
  19. Glueing arms on is alot harder than I expected any advice out there to make my life a bit easyer?
  20. Well I dont know what I can say about the green stuff sculpting other than you are a billion times better at it then me. I really like the idea.
  21. I need to do so many touch ups its not even funny and the story with the blue splattered all over her chest is that i was using some craft paint for blue and it was super thick so my brush control went to crap. Paint has been thined to a useable thickness.
  22. Though I am somewhat wary of posting in this thread agian after so long I would like to show an update on my progress and get some opinions. This is really my first attempt at wet blending of any sort and would like to know how i did with it, i used carnival purple with red ink and water with a touch of blue (oops) to create the shade for the red portion of the dress. I have taken the first step with the boots and the rest of the dress and am likely to use alot of gold on the detials and head-dress as I am painting her for an exalted game that I am in at the moment.
  23. I am thinking of using a color other than that red to do the rest of her clothing perhaps purple, blue, or a combonation but I am not sure. Another big idea decition whatever is to paint her with black hair useing a black base with dark blue and dark purple highlights.
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