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  1. I have put up several wip and show off threads up and I always encorage comments tips and what not. Very few ever make a comment on the work, my question is what is a way I can encurage comments and discution on the minis?

  2. Has anyone else been painting their miniture when they notice a personality or spark within the mini that seems to give it more life than your paint job would convey? Or am I finally going off the deep end and over the cliff?

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  3. Well This is the mini that I am currently working on I figured that I would share it with you all I know which direction that I am going with her and the choice behind the color of her boots is just a bit twisted. Well since she is naked you will have to go elsewhere to see her namely.





    I did not relise that the shadows were so bad when I took the pic I will fix that in the next pic I do of her.

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  4. Thats basicly my mousepad and its from a cardgame, I didnt know how much work I should put into my photo setup concidering I have a M370 by Samsung 1.3 mp Yeah I can try to take another pic with a white background.

  5. Inarah thank you for the advice I have worked on my mixing skills somewhat and have gotten some good results, others were not quite what I was looking for but I think this will be a good oportunity to work on my color creativity. Yes right now we are really streched for money but I still really enjoy working on minis so it will be what it will be.

  6. Now this is not the best pic in the world, I was useing my dads camrea in the move. I was also useing a large amount of his craft paints to fill out my color palet.


    I need to figure out how I am going to do the candle flames, since I dont have a yellow yellow I may go for a non traditional flame.


    comments are extreemly welcome as well as constructive critisim.


  7. I have a very limited number of colors with wich to work, and I am seeking some advice.


    I have

    09716: Fair Skin Tones ($9.85)
    09708: Royal Purples ($9.85)

    reaper white, polished silver and honed steel, golden blond and amber gold, red ink purple ink blue ink black ink, and the promo colors

    from game color glorious gold bright Bronze and polished gold, scarlett red gory red dark fleahstone beastly brown earth and chared brown.


    as you can see I am missing several very important colors now other than the obvious of going out and buying more paint what are some of the things I can do to creat some more colors.

    Mixing is obvious but how would I say take my blue or black ink and thicken it until i can use it as more of a paint than an ink?

  8. I have very few colors of paint and several of the ones I am missing are primary colors and colors that I cant really mix. So I was wondering what alternitives to buying reaper or craft paint I can look at to see what is a cost effective way to expand my palet.

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